PI's notebook cheating husband

A PI’s case book Cheating Husband caught

All of the names have been changed but the story is true.
It was a Wednesday when Vickie called my office. My sexretary, Janet, was out getting her hair done so I answered the phone.
“Harold’s investigations, Harold speaking how may I help you?”
“I think my husband is cheating on me and I want to know if I’m right.”
I explained how I work and how much I charge she had no problem and agreed to come to my office at three that afternoon. I finished up some paperwork and when Janet came back I told her about the appointment at three.
Janet has worked for me for three years now. She is 4’10” and weighs about 200 pounds most of it is in her nice big ass. When I first met her she was separated from her husband. I was fucking her for a month or so when my secretary quit and Janet wanted the job as long as we could still fuck. Janet is a native American woman with great brown eyes and nice tits and an awesome ass. Her dark black hair reached her ass and her smile would melt an iceberg.
“Great another job your going to be busy to fuck!”
“Well we have an hour before she comes and you looks so sexy with your fresh hair cut.”
“Sorry hunny but I started my period this morning so you’ll have to settle for a blow job!”
“Ahh well I guess it will have to do. Unless you want it up your ass.”
“You know I think I’d like that I haven’t been fucked up my fat ass in a while.”
I reached over and played with her tits through her top and bra. She was hot in a hurry. She unzipped my pants and sucked on my cock until it was nice and hard. She took a condom out of the desk drawer and put it on me. I lubed up her ass as she bent over the edge of the guest chair, her skirt pulled way up and her panties way down. I slipped my cock slowly up her ass and she moaned and pushed back. I stroked my cock slowly as she played with her nipples through her top.
“Fuck my ass you pervert! Make me cum like a slut!”
I stroked harder and faster. She came just before me bucking and moaning and swearing . I pulled my cock out and she took the condom off me and tossed it in the waste basket. Then she pulled her panties up and her skirt down.
“You know I needed that today.”
“So did I Janet you have the best ass in town.”
“I’ll be right back I always need to shit after a good ass fucking will you make a pot of coffee?”
I laughed and went to make a fresh pot of coffee.
The client arrived on time she was a tall thin woman with dies blonde hair and no tits or ass. She was wearing what looked to be very expensive clothes and jewelry. She introduced herself and refused a cup of coffee. I could see Janet at her desk sipping her coffee and grinning. She knew that I didn’t like skinny women.
“I’m pretty sure my husband is cheating on me a friend of mine said she saw him with another woman leaving the Colonial motel in Utica yesterday.”
“Did you bring a recent picture of him?”
“Yes here it is. I is his passport photo it was taken last week. Here is his schedule and his business card.”
“What time does he leave for work?
“Usually around 11 A.M. and he come home around 5P.M.”
“Long day!”
“Well he is the boss.”
I recognized him I knew him well he is a lazy, arrogant bastard he was playing around with someone else’s wife I had tapes of them going in and out of the colonial several times.
“What time did she see him?”
“About noon she was going to Herkimer at the time.”
“Ok I’ll see what I can find I’ll take stills and videos and let you know as soon as I have enough for you to go to a lawyer with. How long do you want me to follow him?”
“At least a week I’ll be at my sisters in Denver tomorrow morning and I’ll be back n a week. I’ll call you when I get back please get as much as you can.”
I took a substantial deposit from her and got her cell number and told her I’d call as soon as I had anything.
I also asked her where she lived because if she was away he could bring a friend home. She got a sour look on her face but told me. She also said not to call her she would call when she got back. I agreed and shook her hand before she left.
“That is one angry woman judging by the look on her face. Did she give you a deposit?”
I laughed and showed Janet the check.
“Wow she is pissed off! that’s twice the normal deposit!”
“The funny thing is I caught her husband with a married woman last year they must have settled out of court or she would have known about it. I’ll probably have this thing wrapped up by the time she gets back next week. I think I’ll drive by his office now to see if he is there. I know his car. He could be doing someone in his office but apparently he was seen at the Colonial yesterday this could be easy.”
I got in my van and drove to the man’s place of business and incredibly he was walking toward his sports car with a skinny brunette patting her flat ass. I turned around and headed toward the Colonial and sure as hell he was right behind me. I sped up a bit and parked across the street from the motel and just in time I had my camcorder set up and got him going in to get a key and had my 35mm still camera and took s bunch of stills of him coming out of the office and going in the room with the brunette. They came out about 45 minutes later both grinning and both were smoking cigars! I had it all on tape and film. I also followed them back to their offices. I returned to my office and showed the tape to Janet. She laughed.
“Looks like you have him dead to rights already. By the time she calls you back you should have enough to make a movie!”
I spent the next two days and caught him with the brunette again the next day and on Friday I caught him with another woman again a brunette but even thinner. I decided to try his house on Saturday to see what I could see. He lived out in the country and had already checked the place out. There was a pool in the back yard and I used my bow hunting tree stand to get a great view. I had two 35mm still cameras and a video camera with a great zoom and a parabolic mike. It was very hot Saturday and they didn’t come out until after noon. It was a redhead this time again skinny as a rail. They were both naked and had each had a beer.
I got some great stills and video of them fucking by the pool. The video was almost good enough for a professional porno tape. I zoomed in close enough to see the cum dripping from her cunt. I had to wait for them to go in before I could leave. I left the stand up because it would be another hot day Sunday.
Sunday I got more stills and tape of him and the redhead. She gave him a great blow job then she went inside and a few minutes later I saw her drive away. I got a good shot of her car and plate number. I was just waiting for him to go inside so I could leave and take my stand down but I saw another car pull into his driveway! It was the second brunette. She came around the house to the pool and before you would believe it she was sucking on his cock. They fucked on the diving board. Then he went in the house and she got dressed and drove away. I took my stand down and left.
Lucky bastard I said to myself. He gets more ass than anyone I know.
by the time his wife called me I had more than enough to nail his ass to the wall for her. I not only had over 100 pictures and an hour and a half of video I had the names and addresses of the other women. She gave the stuff to her lawyer and as I understand it got a boat load of money from him as well as the house.
I got a nice check!

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    Nice story sounds like a hot piece of ass.

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