Porn’s Best Kept Secret

The nostalgia was at an all time high at my 1990s themed party at a rented Beverly Hills mansion. There were over 200 guests dressed in the best ‘90s fashion having a great time. Porn stars, nude models, and erotic writers dancing and enjoying the music that took them back to their college and high school years. I love and miss the ’90s, and this was the kind of party to celebrate my era. Clad in my short-sleeved Vintage multicolored Tommy Hilfiger shirt, baggy Nautica denim jeans, and Air Jordan XIV sneakers, I was in high spirits dancing with Monica to the blaring rhythm of Bell Biv DeVoe’s “Poison.”

Monica had on a black bandanna, oversized tee shirt, baggy sweatpants, and matching Converse All Stars sneakers. She moved up and down and around my body, demonstrating she could dance with the best of them. I was showing off my latest dance moves that impressed her. It looked like we had been dancing together for years.

“You have some moves!” Monica said.

“Thanks! You’re a great dancer too!” I complimented her. “I didn’t know you like new jack swing music!”

“I like any music with a banging uptempo beat!” Monica confirmed.

We both laughed as Monica continued swaying to the music. After getting our groove on to Black Sheep’s “The Choice Is Yours” and A Tribe Called Quest’s “Award Tour,” Monica’s busty blonde girlfriend Samantha slipped between us clad in yellow overalls, tinted shades, and a Gap cap.

“Can I dance with my girl now, Maré? You already had your time!” Samantha jested.

“Of course,  go ahead and dance with ‘Ruby Rose’, baby girl!” I replied.

“Thanks!” Samantha chuckled.

I walked off the dance floor and grabbed a bottle of Moët. Then I stood against the wall sucking in the atmosphere. I surveyed the mansion and noticed a familiar face. It was one of my twitter followers, Jay Taylor. She was a tall, slim, pale-skinned beauty with short brown hair. Dressed in a babydoll shirt, black miniskirt, and wearing glasses, Jay Taylor looked like the sexy schoolgirl that horny boys wanted to lose their virginity to in the classroom. I watched as she slipped inside one of the bathrooms. After she closed the door, I slowly eased up beside the door and put my ear to it. I heard her moaning. Clearly, she was masturbating. I felt my dick growing rapidly, wanting desperately to escape the confining material of my denim jeans.

When she emerged from the bathroom, Jay Taylor seemed surprised to see me standing in the hall with a Nokia flip phone and a bottle of Moët in my hands.

“What’s up, Yippie Skip?” I said to her.

Jay Taylor smiled and responded, “Hi. You’re Maré, the King of New York, right?”

“That’s right!” I answered as I greeted her with a kiss on the cheek.

Jay Taylor looked so sexy up close with her dirty girl smile. She stepped closer to me. It seemed like the sexual attraction was building up between us. Her tits were touching my chest, and she smelled good. Her Guilty by Gucci perfume was enhanced by the sharp but pleasant aroma of her girl-sweat.

“Maré, I am horny as fuck now,” Jay Taylor murmured as she sipped my Moët. “Do you know what I was just doing in that bathroom?”

“You were being a bad girl!” I answered.

Jay Taylor chuckled, leaned in closer, and kissed me. “That’s right, King of New York! I was playing with my soaking pussy! Now, I’m all charged up and in need for a big black monster cock! Can you give me what I want?”

I pulled my erect dick out and answered, “What do you think?”

With a smile on her face, Jay Taylor grabbed my dick and stroked it quickly. I loved the feel of her soft hand on my shaft. Then she took my hand and led me to the master bedroom upstairs. I dimmed the lights and stood in front of the large window as Jay Taylor removed her glasses and began stripping out of her clothes. I loved her slim, toned body and perfect tits. I felt like I was in a porn movie as I stared at her.

After taking off my clothes, I sauntered up to her and stuck my tongue in her wet, warm mouth. I could taste the Moët on her tongue. Jay Taylor’s tits felt firm against my chest.

“Now, you’re about to find out why I’m porn’s best kept secret!” Jay Taylor winked.

She lowered herself and began hungrily sucking my dick. I moaned in pleasure. Her eyes were closed as she dreamily performed fellatio. Jay Taylor was drooling and making big, sloppy slurp sounds. She even sucked and tickled my balls with her tongue. Then she turned up the tempo of her oral and manual strokes, which almost made my knees buckled. She brought to the brink of cumming, but won’t let it happen as she stopped blowing me.

“Oh my God, you’re a pro!” I sighed.

“I don’t want you to cum yet! Come here and stick that tongue in my pussy!”

Jay Taylor got in the bed and spread her toned legs. I gazed at her sexy body as I licked my lips. First, I gently licked her ankle and then explored my way upward to the moist box that awaited me. I poked my wet tongue into her moistness and placed my lips firmly around her clit. Jay Taylor giggled and moaned. Then I began sucking and flicking my tongue on her clit. She screamed and moved her body as if she had been shocked. Jay Taylor pushed my face away when she couldn’t take it anymore.

Convinced I was the best cunninglinguist, she confirmed, “You’re the best pussy eater ever! No man ever ate my pussy that good before!”

“I’m the master of cunnilingus, girl!” I said as I licked my lips. “I made numerous women cum multiple times with my magic tongue!”

“Stick that big black cock in me! Fuck me now!” Jay Taylor demanded, her eyes dreamy with lust. “I need my pink pussy stretched! I want to feel your dick inside me!”

“Yes, I’m ready to beat that pussy up!”

I eased my cock in. Her pussy was tight, moist, and hot. Putting my hands on Jay Taylor’s tits, I began pumping her pussy hard. I felt her wet vagina stretching, slowly accommodating my girth. Overwhelmed by an incredible sense of fullness, Jay Taylor flashed me her epic O-face. I began to push into her tiny opening faster, which made her moan and shriek. After a while, I was drilling her deeper than ever. I felt her cunt stretched wide tremendously. It was one of the best feelings ever.

“Fuck me,” Jay Taylor panted. “Fuck me hard! Don’t stop!”

“I’m not going anywhere, baby!”

The bedsprings squeaked as I pounded her harder. Jay Taylor squealed with delight and began grunting louder with each thrust. Her pussy was so wet that my cock slipped out, much to her dismay, and I began to stroke it to keep it erect.

“Oh, I want that black cock up my ass!” She uttered.

Jay Taylor crawled to her small purse and tossed me a tube of lube. She came prepared to get fucked at this party! Then she got on all fours with her smooth ass sticking in the air. After I greased my cock up and squirted lube onto Jay Taylor’s asshole, I wedged my dick into her hole and began banging her. I pumped in and out of her ass hard and fast.

“Oh, I love fucking your ass!” I expressed. “I could leave my cock in your fuck hole all night!”

I looked down watching my dick move in and out of her ass. I reached around and grabbed Jay Taylor’s tits, and squeezed her nipples.

“Fuck me, Maré!” She begged. “Fuck my ass!”

I grabbed a handful of her long hair and banged that ass fervently. I was in a frenzy, fucking her like a sex-craved maniac. Jay Taylor pushed her ass against my straining cock. My balls slapped her ass and the erotic sound was hardcore music to my ears. Jay Taylor’s ass tightened around my cock, and she climaxed with a loud shriek. This triggered my ejaculation and I left a creampie in her asshole.

“Fuck!” I moaned as I rolled onto my back.

Jay Taylor climbed on top of me and happily rocked up and down on my shaft. I gripped her sweaty hips as she squatted on my dick. Jay Taylor gave me the ride of my life. She seemed to enjoy raising herself up and then dropping quickly back on my cock. Jay Taylor bounced all over my ebony pole. Flecks of cum clung to my dick.

“Ride it, baby!” I shouted. “Work this dick!”

“I’m going to cum again!” She announced.

“Oh, shit I’m going to blast off!” I hinted.

We climaxed simultaneously as our bodies shuddered and trembled. Jay Taylor’s white body and my dark brown body seemed to meld into one as we lay serenely stationary. Jay Taylor flashed open her eyes and looked at me with a wondrous, satisfied look.

“That was awesome!” Jay Taylor expressed. “You gave me just what I needed!”

“Thank you for letting me fuck that perfect pussy!” I kissed her. “Porn stars are the best lovers!”

“Sex is our expertise!”

“That’s right!” I agreed. “Jay Taylor, the best-kept secret in porn!”

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