possession part nine

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A stitch is flipped. A light is turned on.
Rebecca finds herself restrained, naked in the sterile room.
She is not alone. A woman, maybe in her mid-forties, is also naked and similarly restrained.
Both have their hands shackled above their heads. Both are straddling Sybians.
The two of them are restrained facing one another, close enough that they could lean against one another.
Rebecca hears footsteps, notices the attendant and what appears to be a sheepish looking young woman following closely behind.
Not long after they arrive He proceeds downstairs as well.. followed by a tall blonde dressed in a leather corset, crotchless fishnets and knee high boots.the two of them watch the submissive and the attendant attach clamps to the restrained women.. Rebecca and her companion feel their nipple flicked then pull as the clamps sink in.. chains connect the women’s nipples to a common point.. what looks like a metal plate with a centered pole.
The attendant slips the first weight on, pulling at each woman’s nipples.
The older woman cries out.. screaming and thrashing her head. She pleads “please, stop!! Please, it fucking hurts, you bastards!”
The submissive reaches for an implement from the table, presses a button for conformation.
The crackle echoes in the tiled room.
When the cattle prod makes contact with her round bare ass she jumps, shaking the weights.. pulling violently at Rebecca’s nipples, still sore from her last encounter.. this feels sililar to the pliers that twisted her, stretching her.
Rebecca grits her teeth, whispering to her companion.. urging her to calm down, wishing she could reach out and slap the fuck out of her.
That’s when the Sybian begin to hum. The nubs rotating inside their cunts as the dominatrix circles the pair.
Rebecca relishes the sensation working her young gash, she grinds slowly as the dominatrix guides her hand up Rebecca’s thigh.. then across her stomach, tight as she tries to control her breathing.. each muscle defined..
The dominatrix tugs at her red pig tails then traces her spine with her fingertips.
The companion, sobbing watches the object of her dominatrix’ favor. How she seems to enjoy the situation. The dominatrix instructs her sub to add another weight.
Once the weight settles it pulls down further between the two women, their nipples stretching out inches, their tits red being pulled to a common point, the two women are connected.. their movements, their pleasure and their pain.
The older woman tries to straighten herself, to spite Rebecca, to cause her pain as she begins to grind into the whirring motor pulsating between her thighs. She humps the Sybian, head tossed back, clearly enjoying that Rebecca’s b cups are being stretched by the weight and her position.
“Is that all you’ve got, motherfuckers?” The older woman asks clearly fucking the Sybian now. “Turn it up! And shove something up that little bitch’s ass!”
Rebecca had clearly misjudged the situation.
Her companion is calling the shots with her big sagging tits swinging the weight, it feels like Rebecca’s tits are gonna rip off..
The companion reveals that her hands are not truly shackled, reaching over to Rebecca, slapping her face, repeatedly.
“Start with number 4″
The companion reaches down for a clothespin and fastens it to Rebecca’s nose, her mouth opens in response.. panting now as she feels the dildo penetrate her ass, four inches around and ribbed.
The slightest amount of lube was used as it is now worked into her shithole. The companion tells her how she is gonna wear her out. Every fucking hole. Her ass and pussy will gape. She won’t be able to walk or sit for a month.
The next time she gets fucked she won’t feel anything less than a fist. As the dominatrix pound the thick rubber dildo up her asshole the attendant begins to shock her with the cattle prod.
Between her pulled tits, her stomach her ass, her arms, the soles of her feet.. and with every strike of the prod the speed if the Sybian increases..vibrating, twisting in her wet cunt.. she can’t help but scream out. Her pussy gushing as she jerks from the shocks and the anal pounding and the weight pulling her tits..
Moments feel like hours, until one by one the weights are taken off, then the clamps, then the dildo.
She catches her breath as the clip is removed from her nose only to be replaced by a bag pulled tight as the Sybian is turned all the way up.
Rebecca screams out, louder than she thought possible. She cums in seizure, gasping for air, eyes rolling back, struggling to maintain consciousness. Once the bag is removed, she hears the companion tell Him, “she will do. I have a list of clients that would pay well to use her. Does she have any skill orally?”
He replies, “she’s quick learner and eager to please”
As they leave up the stairs, the Sybian is shut down.
Rebecca sits straddling the machine, now slick with her juices, her frame arching over.
She breathes, slowly. She raises her head to catch a glimpse of the stairs.
A switch is flipped. The light goes out.

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