possession part ten

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A switch flips. A light turns on. It’s been the same room for some time..sterile, yet not medical. Rebecca lies face up, restrained at the wrists, ankles and midsection. Her hair in pigtails, cleaned and brushed though not by her. She waits silently.. having learned to keep a civil tongue, to make no sound that He does not instruct her to make.
A switch flips. The light turns off. Not this moment, she thinks to herself.
She used to treasure these moments.
Much has changed. Even time itself has changed.

A switch flips. The light turns on. Still the same room, what feels like the same clothes. A small yellow t-shirt, lime green bikini cut panties, and light green socks with pink stripes. Her legs are restrained in stirrups. Straps around her upper thighs hold long massagers near the crotch of her cute panties.
This is not the first time this has happened. There is also a mechanized dildo that usually comes into play.
Rebecca breathes easily, waiting for what’s demanded. Waiting to do whatever she can to please Him.
Footsteps down stairs.. more than one person. Rebecca turns her head slowly to find a woman dressed in a mid thigh length grey skirt, somewhat tight.. black pantyhose and black heels and a loose fitting purple blouse. The woman is being led down into the room wearing a leash that seems to fit perfectly with her shoulder length black hair and glasses.
The woman’s leash is attached to the wall about five feet away. Her mouth is duct taped and she coos quietly before the attendant is about to walk away.
He slaps her along the back of her legs with a thin bamboo cane. Once, then again. She tries to quiet her whimpering.. exchanging it instead for tears.. streaming from beneath her glasses.
There was a time, before the conditioning, that Rebecca would have struggled and cursed. She would have tried to help this young woman.
That impulse has changed.
The attendant walks over to Rebecca’s table, shuffling around between her legs.. moving the machine into position.
Rebecca feels the tip of the dildo vibrating against her panties as well as the massagers that are clicked on before the attendant walks away. He moves toward the corner, wheeling over a rack to the businesswoman.. her slips a needle into her arm connected to a bag hanging from the rack.
The attendant fastens her arms to her body with a belt.
Tears stream downward, onto her blouse as she watches this helplessly.
Within moments her body relaxes, her stance shifts. Only her bottom lip betrays the rest of her body, quivering as the medication takes hold.
Rebecca feels the devices vibrating between her milky white thighs. The crotch of her panties damp, her hips quiver as she tries to hide her perverse excitement. Mostly because she knows better than to cum without his permission.
Still if the attendant were to rip her panties open and insert the dildo inside her wet cunt at this moment she wouldn’t be able to hold back.
The attendant instructs the business woman to bend over as her slips a metal ring around her neck attached to a stand, holding her in position. The attendant slides her skirt up revealing that she has no panties on, only pantyhose. Her tight ass calling out for attention.
Rebecca hopes she will be forced to eat the woman’s pussy through her pantyhose. Maybe they will be forced to duck a double dildo, the scenarios races through her mind.
Footsteps can be heard moving downstairs. He enters the room in a perfectly pressed pinstriped suit and royal blue tie with a crisp white shirt.
Rebecca gets excited as at the sight of him, that has only happened with two people in her life.
The businesswoman, her eyes slightly glazed over, only barely notices that He has entered the room. His hand glides over her tight round ass.. down the back of her thighs.
Rebecca notices the attendant standing nearby, his pants unzipped.. he strokes his thick cock, slapping it in his palm from time to time. She holds back the urge to squirt in her panties as everyone ignores her. It makes her entire body shake, screaming in the back of her mind.
He slaps the businesswoman on the ass once, then again harder. She jumps forward but the collar doesn’t allow much movement. He slaps her again then again using his other hand to pull her by the hair. Drool begins to seep out from beneath the duct tape. She begins to breathe heavily ass her ass gets beaten, she widens her stance, spreading her legs wider.. without a word inviting him to do as he pleases.
He instructs the attendant to adjust the machine between Rebecca’s legs. Walking over with his thick vein-y 8 inches swinging, the attendant slips her panties to one side inserting the dildo inside her. She inhales sharply as her turns up the speed.. it pushes inside her, fucking her, vibrating so hard her body trembles violently. Rebecca turns her head back and forth, resisting the urge to cum as the machine pounds her young wet slit. Every muscle tense, she catches glimpses of the businesswoman having her pantyhose ripped open. He inserts his 7 inches up her ass as he reaches around to work her clit with a vibrator. Rebecca can see the juices streaming down her legs. He cums after only a few brief moments then allows the attendant a turn.
He turns his attention to Rebecca walking over as the attendant sharply inserts his large member between her cheeks. She squeals into her gag, her legs trembling, she squirts as soon as he presses the vibe against her clit.. a long steady stream of discharge as her asshole gets stretched.
He slides his flaccid cock into her mouth. Allowing her to taste the businesswoman’s ass along with his cum. With a single word he releases her..
Rebecca screams out, onto his dick as she creams on the dildo that pounds away.. her orgasm hits in wave after sustained wave.. until she is left clumsy and shivering.
He turns off the machine and other devices moving them away from Rebecca.. panting with a sickly satisfied smirk on her face. That is interrupted by the attendant moving quickly over to spray his hot load in her mouth. That fat dick fills her mouth in two pumps and by the sixth the attendant’s cream is pouring out of her lips.
Pulling out his flaccid sticky member the attendant follow him up the stairs.
There is a click. A switch is flipped. The light goes out.
The passage of time has changed, along with the purpose of Rebecca’s life.

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