Postflight Check (Airline Meals Pt 2)

I awoke later that morning thinking what an incredible dream. I felt an ache in my groin that made me wonder that maybe it hadn’t been a dream after all. A soft snore behind me made me realize that my adventures with Claudine on the airplane were real. I rolled over and sure enough this beautiful black woman was sleeping in the bed next to me.

The color of her body and the curve of her back made my cock begin to respond; in no time I was erect and throbbing. I moved closer to her and spooned my body up against hers, resting my cock between the cheeks of her ass. In her sleep, she responded by lifting her ass up and back, giving me the opportunity I needed. I slid my erection up into her pussy and held it there, feeling the tightness of her cunt squeezing my cock.

The feeling of my cock filling up her pussy was enough to wake her all the way up. “Oh my god, what a way to be awakened,” she said and started to grind her ass into me. I responded to her movement by thrusting my cock in and out of her snatch with a slow and steady pace, matching her movement for movement. I slid one arm underneath her and caressed her breasts as I used my other arm to reach over her and my hand to put pressure on the mound of her pubic hair. I had heard that pressure in this area helps activate the G-spot on a woman. I must have been right because she sucked in a deep breath and spasmed against me. The movement of her grinding became more aggressive, her ass pushing harder and harder against my groin, as she seemed to want more and more of my cock. I accommodated her by increasing the rate and power in my thrust, until she started to cum on my cock. I thrust as deep as I could as she tensed her legs, this caused her pussy to shrink around my erection. The feeling of her pussy squeezing my cock was too much and my semen exploded into her as wave after wave of orgasm controlled us.

We both started to come down from our orgasms and my cock slid out of her as it softened. She  rolled over in my arms and said, “Good morning, thank you for the wake-up call.” Her beautiful dark eyes looked into mine and I kissed her, tasting her dark lips,  catching our breath; we held each other in a tight embrace and lay like that for a while. While laying there kissing, my shaft began to see a resurgence which she felt as it pressed up against her body. She slipped her hand down between us and started to stroke my cock. Once I was fully erect again she sat up to shift her body and straddled my face. I had the most awesome view of her pussy, with her lips opening like the petals of a flower; it was like they were inviting me to come take a taste. She lowered her pussy until it was only an inch or so from my mouth, the smell of her pussy caused my cock to begin to throb with hunger. Claudine then lowered her mouth onto my shaft and started to suck it as deep as she could. I could feel the tip of my cock touching the back of her throat and her tongue moving against my shaft.  I respond by sucking in my breath because of the incredible warmth of her mouth against my cock. I then raised my mouth to her pussy and began to lick up and down her wonderful slit. The taste of her juices mixed with my cum was one of the best flavor I had ever tasted.

Claudine started to work her mouth up and down on my shaft, pressing her lips hard against my skin; she also started to make a humming sound in her throat that gave a vibrating sensation against the head of my dick. I gave back as good as I got by shoving my tongue in and out of her dripping snatch, fucking her as fast as I could with my tongue. I shifted my head a little and started to suck on her engorged clit, this caused her to squeal around my cock and shake her ass with pleasure. I sucked and licked her button until she came on my face, her legs quivering in orgasm. She then shifted her body a little to relive the pressure on her clit; little did she think about the opportunities this gave me. With her body shifted forward it now allowed me to lift my head up higher and bring my tongue up to her puckered asshole. I flicked my tongue against her dark ass and shoved it into her dark tunnel; she squirmed against my tongue and pushed her ass back against my tongue, trying to push it in deeper. I kept thrusting my tongue in and out of her asshole like a small cock, she tasted great.

All during my assault on her pussy and ass, Claudine kept sucking my cock into and out of her hot mouth. She used her hand to massage my balls while she sucked, gently squeezing them as they began to swell toward orgasm. She lifted her head off of my cock for a moment and sucked her finger into her mouth. She then sucked my cock back in and took her finger and shoved it into my ass. As she worked her finger in and out, it became too much and I started shoot my load into her throat. I kept shoving my tongue into her ass and took two fingers and fucked them into her pussy. This was all she could take as she too started to cum and her pussy juice flowed down onto my chest. Claudine finished sucking down my cum and then collapsed onto my body. We both lay like that for several minutes before we could move again.

Once we were able to move we realized that we were covered in sweat and each others’ fluids, so we got up to take a shower together. Once the water was hot, Claudine put on a shower cap (apparently black hair and water don’t mix well) and we crawled into the shower together. I started by letting her in the water flow first; I grabbed the soap and began to wash her body. I started with her back, massaging the suds into her skin until it glistened, I moved down and lathered up her ass and washed down the back of her legs. I had her turn around and started on the front. I washed and massaged her shoulders and moved down her chest, her nipples hardened when I got to her boobs and I gave each of them a little pinch as they stood out. I moved down her abdomen and down to her legs, deliberately skipping her pussy. As I moved up her inner thighs she started to quiver with anticipation of me reaching her slit. I gently soaped and rub her lips and clit and slid a soapy finger into and out of her hole. I then kissed her and let her rinse off.

Then it was her turn, she moved me to the water spray and started to soap my back, moving her hands in circles while working the soap into my skin. She lathered up my butt and moved down my legs until my back half was clean. She had me spin around and started soaping my chest, like her my nipples mine began to get aroused and she gave each of them a little pinch as she cleaned them. She moved down my body to my legs and then moved back up my inner thighs to my groin area. My cock started to grow as she got closer and closer. She soaped up my balls, gently caressing them in her hands like they were a pair of dice. She started to stroke and lather up my erection, back and forth she moved her hand over my cock until I started to shiver with anticipation this time. However, she let go and kissed me as if to say she was done. She smiled and turned around, reached back and guided my cock into her ass, taking the entire shaft in in one easy movement. She reached forward and braced herself against the shower wall and began to fuck her ass onto my cock.

I grabbed her by the waist and matched her fucking motion blow-for-blow, we were both moaning loudly as we fucked each other. She threw her head back and shouted, “Oh God, fuck me harder.” I thrust into her ass as fast as I could until she started to cum, her ass squeezed my thrusting shaft until I released my third load of the day deep into her butt. I held her tight to keep us from fall in the shower and pulled my deflating cock out of her ass with a pop.

She turned around and put her arms around my neck and kissed me, I decided then and there that this was a woman I wanted to keep. We now live together and are engaged to get married. My sex life has never been so good.


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    Terrific! If this is based on a true story, congrats!. If it’s not, it’s still a great story

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