Pursuit and Capture

It was seven o’ clock in the morning and I arrived at the headquarters of Goodfella$ excited. I knew only my hot secretary was on the floor about this time, which gave me enough time to flirt with her. Her name was Bianca. She was a short Puerto Rican with smooth bronzed skin and exotic green eyes. Bianca had long black hair and God blessed her with a voluptuous figure. Bianca wore short skirts and dress shirts that she left one button too many undone to show off her cleavage and skirts.

When I walked off the elevator, Bianca sat at her desk smiling. I saw her blue bra where I stood. Bianca knew she was hot, and did not hide it. She got up and approached me, which had me aroused.

“Good morning, sweetheart.” I smiled. “You’re looking sexy as usual.”

“I have waited for you, handsome. Come on!” Bianca said, as she led me down the hallway.

“Now, this is a great way to start my morning at work.” I replied.

We raced inside the private bathroom. As we kissed, I unfastened her shirt and got a view of her round breasts. I squeezed them and pinched her erect nipples. Bianca kneeled in front of me and pulled out my dick.

“It’s so big; I never suck anything this big before.” She said so innocently.

With a smile, Bianca licked, kissed, and then she inserted my dick into her warm mouth. When I felt her breath on my dick, I leaned against the glossy wall and closed my eyes. Bianca bobbed up and down on my dick, squeezed my balls, and soon deep-throated me. I could not believe she was able to put my entire dick down her throat.

“I’m about to come, momma.” I announced. “I’m going to blast off!”

Then I ejaculated on Bianca’s tits. I lifted Bianca up by her hips and sat her on the sink. I kissed her naval, fell to my knees, and gave her cunnilingus. She moaned how good my tongue was and told me to keep going. Bianca’s body shook and then she climaxed right in my mouth. Her pussy juice tasted like champagne!

We cleaned up, dressed, and left the bathroom. We went in opposite directions and acted as if we did not do anything. The aroma of Bianca’s pussy juices was on me and had my dick erect. I hope that my female workers do not smell the scent!

In my office, it was hard for me to concentrate on my work since my mind was on sexy ass Bianca. I was looking at portfolios of aspiring photographers and models. Their work impressed me, but Bianca’s face kept popping up in my head. Occasionally, I saw her walk past my office smiling, but I was too busy to flirt with her.

I supervised the photo shoot of my new model named Africa. Her dark skin, pretty face, long hair, and voluptuous figure were worth putting on the cover of my next men’s magazine of Goodfella$ for the world to see! She made everybody sweat in the room including the white walls. My young Asian photographer had a great time snapping pictures of Africa. While the cameras flashed, I had images of Bianca making passionate love to me in my head. I felt like I had virtual sex without any computer effects.

I was in an accomplished mood after completing my tasks. I looked at my watch and noticed it was time for me to go home. That moment, Bianca walked in my office with her shirt unbuttoned. She closed the door and blushed like a shy schoolchild.

“Hey, Goddess, I was thinking about you all day!” I said.

“Oh, really,” Bianca smiled. “I had you on my mind too.”

“So what took you so long to put your moves on me?” I flirted.

“Well, I wanted to make sure you really wanted me, and weren’t playing any games.” Bianca said shyly.

“Oh, I see.” I chuckled.

“Come to my house and fuck me like the bad girl I am.” She suggested.

As soon as we walked in her place, we French kissed. Then we popped Ecstasy pills and stripped our clothes off. With fiery lust in our eyes, we raced to the bedroom. I threw Bianca to the bed. My condom-covered dick stood straight out. I climbed on top of her and sank my dick into Bianca’s wet pussy. Holding me tightly, I began working my magic in and out of her pussy.

“Yes, Mar’e, I like it deep!” She cried. “Fuck me harder!”

“I’m going to give it to you just the way you like it.” I responded.

“Yes, I can feel you in my stomach. Oh, fuck me, Mar’e! Do whatever you want.”

Now I was going deeper and fucking her pussy at a frenzy pace. Bianca’s eyes rolled in the back of her head, and I felt her pussy clenched. Then Bianca shrieked her orgasm that could wake the dead. She was breathing hard, and as I gathered up some energy, I felt the perspiration sliding down my body.

Bianca got on all fours, turned her head over her shoulder, and said “Give it to me doggie-style, poppa. I want that big dick up my ass.”

My eyebrows went up at her explicit request. I slowly slide my dick into Bianca’s rectum. I pushed slowly until she instructed me to do it faster. I pumped rapidly, and Bianca screamed in ecstasy. I pulled her hair and gave her every inch of my dick. Bianca cried her pleasure. Then she climaxed. I pulled the condom off and ejaculated on her lower back. I felt light-headed after that intense orgasm. Sex with Bianca was exactly how I imagined.

Bianca gazed up at me with a satisfied look and tongued me down. We kissed like two hot-blooded passionate lovers. She took my still erect dick and led me to the bathroom. As we walked slowly, I kept looking at her curvaceous ass and bouncing tits. We jumped in the shower and had sex again. Simultaneously, we climaxed in perfect unison.

As I was getting dressed, Bianca oiled her nude sexy body. I wanted to stand here for another hour and just watched her move those hands all over her body.

“You’re definitely one of the best lovers I’ve ever had.” I confessed.

Bianca giggled and said, “You’re the best! I never have been fucked like that before.”

“I love pleasing beautiful women. It is my job to do so. Are you cold?”

“No, I’m exhibitionist.” Bianca admitted. “I love showing off my body.”

“With a body like that, I’m not surprise.”

Bianca walked me to the door and kissed me goodnight.

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