Raw, Hot Sex

For a friend that told me they like straight to the point sex, no story line so this is for YOU!!

His hand slips inside of her shorts forcing his way to her pussy. She grabs his wrist trying to keep him from touching her forbidden spot. The struggle turns him on more and more. Moans escape his mouth as he dips his fingers into her always hot hole. Damn her cunt is a never ending fire hole, always wet, hot, and ready. His fingers curve upward searching for her g-spot while his thumb massages her clit. She tries so hard to resist because its wrong, they aren’t suppose to be together but her body giving in with each stroke.

His other hand pushing up her shirt to expose her skin on her stomach, he licks her, tasting her flesh, tonguing her belly button. Her back arches as he finds her secret spot. Her juices flowing the more he fucks her with his fingers, her hips bucking back against his hand. Her moans getting louder and louder, his fingers working deeper and faster causing her to explode, juices squirting down his wrist. He rips her shorts off, replacing his hand with his face, sucking the wetness he just caused to erupt. Lapping up her juices like a dog, burying his face in her cunt.

Sucking and biting on her clit then shoving his tongue deep in her soaked hole. She grabs his head as if to push him in further moaning and jerking to every tongue lash. He rubs the juices that have dripped down the crack of her ass in circular motion at the entrance of her asshole. He slips in one finger then two fucking both holes with his mouth and hand.” Oh fuck”, she screams out begging him not to stop, her body convulses over and over with multiple orgasms. He stands up removing his clothes and the rest of hers flipping her on all fours. He rams his dick in her drenched pussy for several strokes then pulls it out turns her to him and shoves his cock in her mouth letting her taste her own juices on his dick.

He fucks her mouth sending his hard member deep in her throat. She locks her mouth down sucking him hard pulling the cum from his balls letting her teeth scrape down the sides of his hard dick sending him pleasure and pain. She sucks until he blows his load deep in her throat but she don’t stop, she sucks getting his dick harder. He pulls it from her mouth pulls her back on all fours slides his dick inside of her pussy ramming it all the way in. His hands grabbing her hips, digging his nails in and slamming it over and over.

She sucks his dick with her pussy. He drips hot candle wax onto her back and ass using it for a guide to take his knife and carve his initials in her flesh marking his territory. She screams out with sensations of pain and pleasure as he licks the blood from the engraving. He pulls his dick from her pussy and shoves it in her ass, no warning, burying to his balls. Raping her ass hard, he grabs her shoulders, forces her legs a little wider and sinks his cock in deeper. Her body squirms, her pussy throbbing, she cums so hard squirting liquid sweetness all over her and him causing him to nut deep in her ass.

He pulls out replacing his dick with his mouth sucking his cum from her. They collapse, both doze off for a bit. He is awaken to his wrists tied to the bed post, him lying on his stomach and something wet dripping in the crack of his ass. Her hand massaging the warm gel into his ass, she slips on her two headed strap-on, one end inside of her pussy and the other awaiting him. He feels the head pushing against his hole. She begins to open him and slide her fake cock into his ass, sliding it all the way in fucking him like he fucked her.

He screams out from the pain then begins to enjoy the fuck she’s giving him. With each thrust inside of him, shoves the one in her deeper and deeper. Her nails digging in his flesh drawing blood as they rake down his back. The invasion of his asshole causes cum to erupt from his untouched dick squirting everywhere sending her over the edge, she fucking cums hard on her fake cock, her body convulsing causing the strap-on in him to stir deep in him making his orgasm even more intense. She pulls out, slips down taking his sensitive cock inside of her mouth sucking the last drippings from his balls. She unties him lays back exhausted from the sex games they play, she looks over at him, “Pay backs a bitch”!


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