Ridin' That Train Pt.2

Ridin That Train Pt. 2

After just a couple of minutes she again stops and goes back into the kitchen, and soon returns with a tumbler full of ice cubes. ” Now just sit back and close your eyes” she says. I did and I have to say that it wasn’t an easy thing to do for very long. She picks up where she left off, only now…she has a mouth full of Ice cubes. I dont know weather it’s the sensation I’m getting from the ice or if it’s the thought of this beautiful woman going to such great lengths to pleasure me, but within a couple of minutes I begin to feel it again…and Oh!…Dear Lord!!… and this feeling seems to be 10 times stronger that I’ve ever felt it before. This feeling, … it starts waaaaay down deep and slowly creeps it’s way upward with the intensity and power that a Runaway Locomotive must produce at top speed. Suddenly I’m wracked with pleasure so massive and intense that you have to experience it, because there are just no words to describe it. I never knew this sensation existed. I come so hard that I thought the top of my head was going to come off. She tries to swallow it all but there is just so much she has to pull her luscious lips from me. She moves her hand up and down my shaft as I continue to shoot my load all over her and everywhere else. I came so hard that I was surprised. I had no idea that I could shoot that many times.
With a slight grin on her face she says “I hope that makes it feel better.” I simply nod as if I’m in a drunken stupor because I simply cannot speak. when she adds…”Because we’re going to finish this up right.” With that… she climbs up in my chair facing me. Taking her hand, she takes me and places me at the entrance of her already warm, wet opening. Then,… she slowly sits on me. Inch by agonizing inch, she descends until she is sitting on my lap and I’m totally engulphed inside her. Dear Lord she is so hot and wet it is hard to believe. We look into each others lust hazed eyes and begin to love one another. Slowly…ever so slowly we begin our own instinctive movements. I begin to move slowly up and down at the hips as she rocks her hips forward and then backward. Then, the intensity rises and she takes her hands and locks them around the back of my neck closes her eyes and starts to move herself in a tight circle, forward and backward. After about fifteen minutes of this she starts to move her hips in a figure
eight. I’m getting to the point where I am striking bottom with every stroke now and I can feel that Runaway Train is coming back for another pass. Only… this time, Shes riding that train. Our pace quickens until we are almost banging against each other with painful contact. All of a sudden… She tenses up so strongly that every muscle in her body are as hard as steel bands. Soon, she cries out in release, and slumps forward onto me sweating like crazy and breathing hard.
We rest for almost ten minutes. Still sitting locked togeather with her head against my chest. I whisper into her ear, that if she wanted to…. I could help finish this because I wasn’t through and I had the feeling that she wasn’t either. She almost imperceptibly nods her head without raising it. So without dislodging myself, I slowly stood up and gently placed her on the sofa. With her resting on her back and myself kneeling on the floor in front of her, a leg in each hand, I begin my own train ride. Hopefully this ride will bring us both to the same destination at the same time.
I know that I can do this, because I’ve done this before, and I am damned good at it. So we start our ride… slowly at first. Then as we build up steam, our pace is a little bit faster. By now, her knees are close to my shoulders in an attempt to let me in deeper. Feeling as if my movement is still restricted, she crosses her ankles around the back of my neck. I feel like everything is in place, and we are where we need to be so I concentrate on what I’m doing. Again…slowly at first, then picking up the tempo. After a short while… I again speed up the process. Before either of us are aware of it, we are going at it with such intensity, that every move we make only serves to heighten our sense of pleasure.( I can tell she is feeling it too, because she is ripping apart the couch cushion.) Before I realize it…the edge is right there, and I’m willing to dive over it, knowing that I can’t stop… or even slow down, even if I wanted to. She tenses up as tight as a violin string, just as the train enters the station with an explosion of astronomical proportions. It takes us a while to regain our senses, but when we do… she looks up at me with those… oh, so sexy eyes and says “That is why I came to town… There is no one that can make me feel that way but you.” I know she’s probably pulling my leg, but it don’t matter. I kiss her gently on the tip of her nose as she drifts off to sleep, and get quietly off the sofa to finish that shower.

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