Ridin' That Train

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I’m driving home from the club and I began to think…Man, This is Bullshit! I refuse to keep going down to that place all these Friday and Saturday nights, spending money that I’ve got earmarked for other important stuff. Especially when I wind up sitting alone and drinking by myself. It seems that if you don’t have a pocket full of money or a 12 inch dick, these snooty bitches in this one horse town don’t know you, and don’t want to. I finally get home and go inside the house. I turn on the Tube… there ain’t nothin on but the same old tired Bullshit movies, so I turn on the Radio and put in a tape. There we go… I think, Thats what I shoulda done in the first place. I think about sitting down and playing a video game that I have to finish , but … I think better of it because I’ve had way to much beer to play video games. There isn’t anything stupider than getting pissed at yourself for playing a video game badly because your drunk.Upon deciding to hang it up and call it a night, I strip outta my clothes and walk to the bathroom and put them in the dirty clothes hamper. Then, I hear a quiet knock on the door. Boy.. this is damn sure strange… who the Hell could that be at 1:00 O’clock in the morning? I holler.. Hold on a minute. I grab the biggest towel that I have and wrap myself in it as I walk to the front door to see just who it could possibly be.
I open the door and I see her as a silhouette Standing against a starry night and a full moon. I can’t make out who she is at first until she opens up my screen door, and smiles at me with a smile that can melt any mans resolve. At this point I’m a little less worried about what is happening, and I care a whole lot less about how late it is. She walks in and I turn to see where my now not so mysterious guest has gone. I turn around in a complete 360 degrees and she is nowhere in sight. I’m beginning to think I’m having a dream while asleep in my chair or something when she steps into the living room off of the hall way that leads to the bedroom. For the first time, I can see exactly what she is wearing. Its a floor length Black leather Duster and a pair of black spike heeled pumps. My brain don’t work so good at this hour and as I think to myself, as I also say out loud, ” Sugar.. Why are you wearing Heels, You HATE wearing heels for any length of time” I get no response except for a smile. Not taking her eyes from me, or my towel… she asks” Do you have anything to drink?” I said that I did and she could look in the refrigerator and choose whatever she liked. She goes into the kitchen and returns with a bottle of chilled water. Frankly, I gotta have me a beer, so I reach in the fridge and grab myself a longneck and open it.
Sipping on her water, she amuses herself by running her finger around the outer edge of the towel, where it is cinched at my waist. She finally steals a glance up at me and says … “Do you know that My Duster matches your leather bedspread?” ” I had no idea ” I lied. So she leads me into the bedroom where she pulls off her coat and tosses it onto the bedspread that occupies the space on top of my king sized waterbed. I am astounded at this because what she was wearing UNDER that coat was no more than a smile and a pair of spiked heels. I swear to God …She was Naked as the day she was born. While she went on about the size of the bedspread in relation to the size of her Duster, I was standing there.. (evidently with my mouth hanging open) drinking in the sight of this erotic and sexy woman standing there in front of me. (Say what you will… but I find extremely difficult to think straight when a gal thinks its time to get naked , and she does it in front of me without any warning.) She turns slightly looking at me…. knowing damn good and well that I hadn’t heard a single thing she said. She is smiling when she reaches out and gently lifts my jaw into the position it’s supposed to be in when my mouth is closed. Then mentions something about not leaving something open to long ’cause it draws flies.
Snapping back to reality, and the situation at hand, I say ( as if females showing up at my house at all hours of the night NAKED is commonplace.) “When did you get into town?” She says that she got in this morning and she is only here for a day or so… but, again, I’m not hearing much of what she said. My eyes are still riveted to that beautiful body. For me to do much of anything else, would require a Dire Emergency… Okay… an Act of God is more like it. She is finally resigning herself to the fact that I’m paying little attention to anything but her beautiful form. She smiles sexily,eases over in front of me and rubs the prominent bulge that is desperately trying to make a large tent out of my small towel. Whispering softly into my ear ” My Goodness… What could be causing such a distraction for you? You act as if you’ve never seen a woman without any clothes before. And what is THIS all about?” she says as she squeezes me a little more aggressively.
At this point I am at a total loss.My legs feel as if they were made of silly putty and my knees were made of Jello. Not to mention I am without the power of speech and without the gift of rational thought. I begin to mumble something nonsensicial about having to sit down before I fell down.Gently she pushes me in the direction of the living room where I go to sit in my chair…but… right before I am able to plant my butt into the chair, she yanks the towel from around my waist! “Now… we’re both naked ” she says with a small chuckle. She is standing so close that I can smell her delicate perfume. I Look up at her to try and figure out what will happen next , when she suddenly gets this serious look of concern on her face, and bends slightly and touches my nakedness. ” Oh Baby…. This must hurt.” she says. “Is there anything I can do tho make it feel better?”
Without another word, she kneels in front of me and takes me deep into her hot,.. wet mouth. The electricity that I feel when she touches me is undescribable. It was as if she had 220 volts fused into her system. She moves up and down on me at a moderate pace and is stroking any part of me that isn’t covered by her warm, moist lips. She is making me feel things that I haven’t felt for more years than I care to admit. Personally.. I don’t believe that there is a drug or an alcoholic drink that could help me match the feelings that I was experiencing right then. she is remarkable… and I feel my Orgasm building. It’s not long at all and I am on the verge of cumming. I cannot tell you how she knew it too, or weather it was coincidence, but at that moment she stops, looks up and says..What did I do with my bottle of water? I am doing everything possible to catch my breath and maintain control over my muscles, as she disappears down the hall only to reappear seconds later holding her bottle of water. At this point I’m trying to figure out weather or not this is really heaven or am I dreaming. No need to think very long because she quickly kneels between my legs once again and picks up where she left off… Only now, things are different. Her mouth is full of ice water OH MY GOD!! What a sensation.
( to be continued )

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