Sipping her drink as she sat by the window in the dining car, Trish gazed out at the American heartland that was gliding past. She liked taking the train, enjoying all the sights and sounds and the feeling of motion beneath her feet. This trip was extra exciting because she was going to visit her old friend, Samantha, whom she hadn’t seen in a decade. Sam had given up her mundane job to become a writer and, wonder of wonders, had sold her first book. Now all her friends were invited to celebrate her success.

As the pretty redhead gazed out the window at cornfields, country roads and herds of cows being enveloped by darkness, a reflected image suddenly super-imposed itself on the glass. Trish turned to look at a gentleman standing next to her table. He was tall, trim and about her age with graying hair and mustache.

“May I?” he asked, indicating the vacant seat across from her.

“Of course.” Trish smiled, and her green eyes sparkled.

The man smiled warmly in return and sat down. Trish immediately liked him. They began to talk and, by the time they were having their after-dinner coffee, had become friends. Sometimes it happens just like that.

Though very involved in activities professional and social, Trish had a lack in her life. Her husband, who was not traveling with her, was chronically ill, and they had not had sex in a long time. This was a source of deep frustration for Trish who was youthfully vibrant. She also had nice tits, a slender waist, and well rounded hips.

The gentleman who sat across from her seemed to appreciate what he saw, even though she had dressed down for traveling in a simple shirt and pants. His brown eyes had immediately toured her attractions without being obvious about it. He smiled a lot, and Trish liked that. His name was Christopher (“call me Chris”) and he volunteered that he was divorced.

Trish wanted to know the man better and, realizing that opportunities quickly take flight if not acted upon, she screwed up her courage and invited Chris to her compartment for a game of cards. He eagerly accepted, and her heart did a little flip, thinking this might be one of those all-too-rare times when she could make up for what her marriage lacked. It wasn’t wrong, she assured herself, because she was entitled to sexual satisfaction, and getting it this way was better than divorcing a husband who needed her and whom she still loved platonically.

Once Trish and Chris were enclosed in the coziness of her compartment, with the rumble of the train wheels beneath them and the black night studded with dots of light as it whizzed past, she came into his arms the moment he spread them to receive her. Neither thought they had gone to her compartment to play cards.

His lips were firm, slightly moist, and parted. Trish’s heartbeat revved as she pressed her warm body against the virile, attractive man and accepted his kiss. He knew she wore no bra when her titties spread warmly against his chest complete with the urgent prickling of nipples through her thin blouse. His tongue held back even though her lips were parted a bit. His hands glided down to her hips but did not yet assert possession of her ass. This was, after all, a get-acquainted embrace.

Trish liked the fact that he did not come on like a Neanderthal, though her heart was beating fast and she felt very warm all over. When they terminated their first kiss, her eyes were alight and his were warm with desire. As he moved in for an encore, she knew this kiss would be different, and she wanted it to be. Her soft, moist lips were more open to him, and he took quick advantage. His bold tongue entered her, stroking and twisting. She clutched him at his back, her titties now mashing against his firm chest wall. She was hot down below. God, was she hot, and she could feel a response from the man who held her snugly against him.

The swaying vibration of the train, the whirring of its wheels, and the distant wail of the diesel horn spoke of adventure and freedom, inviting the lonely couple to seize the moment and ride it to pleasure. Chris required no additional urging. He didn’t ask Trish if he could disrobe her, but immediately began taking off her clothes. She did not utter a peep of protest. Gone was her blouse, and she thrilled as Chris bent to nuzzle and lick her soft, smooth, sweet-scented boobies. When he got to a thrusting nipple, he caught that rigid titbit between his lips and tugged on it, sending impulses of pleasure coursing through Trish. Then taking a large portion of her breast into his mouth, he bathed her sensitive nipple in his warm saliva and sucked hungrily. His moustache tickled her titty, and Trish liked that.

The heat of desire spread through her body, and moisture trickled in her most intimate region. Her brain felt light as she gave herself over to this man who obviously wanted her very much. He ardently sucked her nipples, going from one to the other, keeping them moist and tingly as he lavished his desire upon the sensitive pink buds. Her hand worked its way down between their bodies and she thrilled as she felt his hard prick straining for freedom from the prison of his pants.

Seating her on the edge of the compartment bed, Chris dropped to his knees and proceeded to pull her pants and shoes off. She wore white bikini briefs, and he spread her knees wide so he could admire the way her silk panties hugged her crotch, delineating the lines of her pussy with even a few drops of sexual moisture impregnating the thin cloth.

He bent and licked her satiny inner thighs from knees to panty edges, then nuzzled her silk pants, inhaling her subtle female fragrance. The pleasing scent prompted him to take her pussy into his mouth, panties and all, sucking and licking her most sensitive parts through the now-sopped silk. Finally he pulled her panties off, turning them inside-out, and sailed them over his shoulder. His commanding hands held Trish’s legs high and wide apart so he could get a good look at her naked cooch which was strewn with little hairs along its edges and had a thicker though neatly trimmed tuft at the top. The outer lips of her cunt were puffed with desire and slightly parted to grant a glimpse of the succulent moist pinkness within.

Trish’s pretty pussy was a magnet that drew his mouth, and he deftly spread her outer labia with his tongue so he could lick her tasty, wiggly little folds up and down. Gradually he delved deeper into her juicy center, tasting her tangy sweetness and stimulating all her intimate parts. She felt his moustache as well as his tongue, one tickling while the other prodded. Chris sank his tongue into her hot little hole and fucked her with it, stroking in and out while his lip-bristle worked on her clit.

Trish loved it, and she told him so with moans and murmurs while petting his head to discourage him from pulling away too soon. But she needn’t have worried about that. As she mashed her soft wet pussy into his face, Chris’s big boner pressed so hard against the barrier of his pants that he had to liberate the beast and appease it with hand strokes while probing and licking and sucking the lady’s luscious cunt.

She even enjoyed the slurping sounds he made as he ate her pussy. But mostly she thrilled to the tactile stimulation of his tongue as he worked up and down, in and out of all her vaginal folds, munching on her tense and throbbing clitoris then licking the needy passion bud round and round. He slipped first one then two fingers into her pleasure hole and curled them upward to rub her g-spot as he stroked in and out, in and out, while continuing to stimulate her clitoris with his mouth and moustache.

Trish came, gasping then moaning and jerking so hard that Chris temporarily lost purchase of her clit. But his mouth didn’t miss the moisture that squirted from her happy cunt, and he swallowed it before returning to her love bump and
rounding her climax off. Next he stood, shucked off all his clothes, and offe
red Trish his cock.

Her delicate hands curved around his throbbing, rock-hard member, and her tongue teased the smooth and swollen head. Her tongue tip tickled the slit at the end of his pecker, and she licked up the bland lubricant that had seeped out. Slowly she slid her mouth over his large crown until she had encompassed the whole thing, and her green eyes gazed up at his impassioned face as she began sucking his cock.

After gaining a good taste of him, she inched her stretched lips along his rod, taking more and more of his rigid male thickness into her mouth and into her throat as well. She had good reflex control and did not gag. Of course, it was all a matter of enjoying the act, and Trish truly did. She liked the taste and fullness of a big throbbing prick in her mouth, and she enjoyed the fact that she was in total control of the man while pleasing him as well. That was the greatest high ever.

Now Trish moved her mouth down and up, down and up on Chris’s cock slowly and steadily while she sucked and circled his blissful knob with her wetly caressing tongue. She watched his face most of the time, enjoying how he tilted his head back and shut his eyes because the sensations of her mouth on his dick were so blissful.

After a bit, he looked down again and watched Trish’s juicy red lips alternately claiming and releasing inches of his rod, leaving his stalk gleaming wet with her saliva each time she retreated . She cocked her gaze up at him, and their eyes met once more. Lord, he loved it! In fact, Chris feared he was FALLING in love. Getting head was nothing new to him, but the way Trish did it, and what a gal she was, made it so very special. And there was really something wonderful about her eyes. If they were indeed the window to one’s soul, Trish’s soul was beautiful!

Her mouth gradually relinquished its grip on his rosy wet boner, and she commenced licking it up and down, all the way from its head to his balls, finally licking the balls themselves which had wispy hairs curling around them. She had to stop once to pick a tendril from her tongue. Wishing that he had trimmed down there, she returned to licking his shaft, finally capturing his cock once more in her mouth and sucking on it as if it were a big thick stick of candy.

“Ooh, baby…” Chris groaned, petting her hair. “That’s great! Keep doing it please.”

As she kept sucking and pumping her warm mouth on his cock, Trish’s brain spun slowly and her entire body throbbed with delight. She was torn between the need to feel his big dick stroking in her pussy or to let him finish where he was so she could taste his cum. He was already rocking gently forward and back, fucking her pretty face with his rod as she sucked it ardently. She began playing with his balls at the same time, and this all but decided things whether she realized it or not.

Chris was going to shoot. He couldn’t hold back. He felt his nutsack pulling up, his cock throbbing harder than ever. He caught his breath. Oh Lord! He hoped Trish wouldn’t hate him.

While her loving lips remained locked around his member, he jerked. Trish felt his organ throb and knew the telltale sign. Her brain swirled and she kept sucking. Chris held her head. Oh Jesus, it felt good as he let go, spurting into Trish’s mouth, then feeling her swallow as she gave a gurgly moan.

She continued to suck him off, swallowing all the thick, rich cream he gave her. When she finally released his cock and leaned back, she swiped a finger across her lower lip, taking up a trickle of cum and placing it in her mouth. Then she smiled up at the man who was blissfully satisfied. He didn’t realize she had gained satisfaction too, cumming without even touching herself when he ejaculated into her mouth. Christ bent and kissed her with lips and tongue.

They snuggled into her berth and promptly fell asleep because they were both blissfully sated. Yet it wasn’t long before she awoke to find Chris sucking her titty.

He did that really well. Trish loved the way he nibbled on the firm fleshy tip, then seized it between his teeth gently and tugged it up to let it snap free, giving her a crazy sensation. He did this several times and licked the aureole around her nipple as well. All the while he was squeezing her pliant boob from underneath, serving her titty up to his hungry mouth. And of course, he went from breast to breast, making love to both of them while his hands petted her cheeks and shoulders and both tits again and again.

Warmth surged through Trish, and she was more than ready for another round of sex, wanting the real thing this time. She spread her legs for Chris, and he slid atop her. His rampant cock parted the slippery portieres of her pussy and glided deep into her cunt, filling her with his throbbing lust. As he began to fuck her – in and out, up and down – Chris looked into her eyes, illuminated by the lights of a town that swept past the speeding train. His thick prick moved masterfully inside Trish, as if in concert with the rolling wheels beneath them. The slight swaying of the couch comported with the thrills that rocked her body as she got blissfully screwed.

Tilting her hips up to Chris as he stroked his cock in her pussy, she moaned and jabbered, “Ooh, dooo it! Yeah! Oh damn, that’s so fucking good!”

“I love to fuck you, baby!” Chris growled in return. “Your fucking cunt feels so fucking good! Oh Trish, what a hot, sweet, wonderful fuck you are!”

She loved it when he used her name in that context, with all those beautiful f-words, and she pumped her pussy on his invading rod. Suddenly she wanted him to go at her from the back, and she said, “Roll me over.”

Chris withdrew just long enough to twist her on the narrow bed, then boosted her bottom in the air and came at her that way, guiding his cock by hand to lodge the head firmly in her fuckhole. He pushed, sinking all eight inches of his manhood into Trish, and he immediately began to stroke up and down, in and out briskly and steadily, her g-stop getting rubbed very nicely with her on her belly and he coming at her in a downward thrust.

It felt so fucking good that Trish hollered out loud as she bobbed her buoyant ass against him and he bore down, thrusting again and again into her welcoming well of desire. Chris struggled to hold back his climax, but her cunt felt so fucking good around his cock, squeezing and gliding tightly on every inch of his throbbing ding-dong, that he finally reached the point where he had to let go.

Trish bucked at that moment, let out a moan that blended with the diesel horn of the locomotive, and her vagina rippled around Chris’s rod. This set him off, and his hot spurts inside her seemed to reach all the way up to her heart.

When the train approached the small city which was Trish’s destination, she was surprised to find that Chris was getting off there, too..

“Yeah, I’ve gotta see a client in town,” he said, and added with a smile, “I’m a traveling salesman, you know.”

“Well, I should have known,” Trish said, smiling as she gave him a hug. “You sure sold yourself to me in a hurry. But I was a willing buyer. No remorse here.”

They kissed. Trish regretted parting because she had very much enjoyed their time together. Still she knew she must not get serious with anyone because her husband needed her and she did love him.

“We had a wonderful time, didn’t we?” Chris said. “I will always remember it.”

With that they kissed again on the station platform, after which he stepped into a cab and was gone. Trish waved, and her heart sank as she watched the taxi drive away. Ships that pass in the night, she thought. It was beautiful…but sad as well…

[To Be Continued]

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