Sasha's Night Out

Sasha’s Night Out

My name is Sasha and I have long curly red hair that goes all the way to backs of my knees, green eyes, pale skin with freckles, about 5’8″, tits are a natural 40D, a size 4 waist, a nice round big booty, and a shaved pussy that has a big clit and nice juicy lips that always likes a tongue or cock in it. I am a stripper but don’t get involved with patrons or co-workers.
I decided to go to a new nightclub in town to look for a good fuck. I just was interested in a good time with either a man or a woman. Who knew that this night I would get one of my hottest fantasies to come true? I have always been interested in meeting a transsexual or hermaphrodite, but never seemed to find any until now.
I went out in a low cut, clingy, short green dress and black heels. I left the underwear behind so if we fucked in the bathroom they wouldn’t get in the way.
I got to the club around 10 p.m., when clubs really start getting busy and went up to the bar and got a glass of white wine. I was keeping an eye on the door and saw one of the most beautiful blonde women I have ever seen walk in. She is 5’10”, with long blonde hair that just barely goes to her ass and perfect 36D tits, and a gorgeous ass I wanted to grab. She saw me staring and came right over to me and introduced herself as Monique. She said she noticed me staring and asked if I was there with anyone. I told her no and asked her if I could buy her a drink. She said sure and also ordered a white wine. She then asked me if I wanted to dance. We headed out to the dance floor and started dancing with each other. It was a great dance song by SASH! (awesome dj). Then they played The Loved One by INXS, a very sensual song. Monique grabbed me to dance close to her and ground her hips into my groin and I felt her huge hard-on, and she whispered to me that she has a pussy as well. I smiled at her and kissed her very passionately. She put her hands on my ass and rubbed it and said that leaving the panties off was a great idea. She then told me that after the song is over she wants to take me back to her place, I said that would be wonderful and put her hand in between us and let her feel how wet my pussy was. We left and grabbed a taxi. We were kissing and rubbing each other’s tits in the back of the cab and the driver said he wanted in on the action and we both said no thanks. I was so hot for her; she put her hand in between my legs and rubbed my wet and shaved pussy lips and put her hand up to her mouth and licked my juices off of her fingers.
I told her I wanted to strip for her at her place and she said we were almost there. We composed ourselves and after a couple more minutes we got to her place. She lived almost 2 blocks from me and I told her so. She said that is great so we could see each other again. We got out and got into the elevator and she said she has a penthouse apartment and has half of the entire floor to herself. Then we started kissing again and rubbing each other’s tits. When we got to the top and in her place she said she has to go to the bathroom and for me to get a glass of wine for us. I poured the wine and found the stereo and put on some sensual music and pulled out a chair for her to sit on and watch me. She came out of the bathroom in a silk robe and I went over to her and told her that I think she is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I gave her a huge juicy kiss and rubbed her hard on that was sticking out in front of her and it made her moan. I then led her to the chair and told her I am a stripper and have always wanted to be with a woman like her. I then slowly unzipped my dress and kept good eye-contact with Monique and took off the dress and threw it at her feet. I then took my bra off and dangled it in front of her and laid it around her neck. I left my shoes on at her request. For most of the song I danced very sexy for Monique by rubbing my hands all over my body and pinching my nipples for her to see how hot I was. I then went over to her and did a sensuous lap dance and let her touch me anywhere she wanted to. I was rubbing my ass on her dick and she was grabbing my tits and pinching my nipples when I turned around and kissed her and grabbed her tits and started taking her robe off. She was naked underneath and I lowered myself onto her beautiful massive dick and started fucking that monster cock while she sucked on my tits and played with my swollen, sensitive clit.
I told her it felt wonderful to have her hot, big cock in my wet tight pussy. I then started moaning and felt my orgasm building, and got a little faster at riding her cock. I started screaming when my orgasm was ready to explode. Monique then held me onto her cock and she came at the same time I did. I felt the cum hit my womb and run down my legs.
After we rested for a moment I asked Monique if we could go to her bedroom. She grabbed my hand and led me down a hall to a beautiful room with a bed that had huge posts at the corners and a headboard with handles. It had flowing red material hanging all the way around the bed. It also had a adult play swing hanging from the ceiling. Her room had a chaise couch, a Jacuzzi, mud pit, a massage table, and a computer. I asked what she did for a living and she told me she is a retired masseuse/call girl. She told me she made wise investments early and has more money than she can count. I told her I was a stripper at a club and made really good money and needed to invest it. She told me she will help me, but wants to lick my pussy right now. She then laid me on the bed and kissed me and started to play with my tits and stopped kissing me and licked both my tits and slowly licked her way down to my pussy. I told her I wanted to taste her pussy and cock so bad. She looked at me and said to beg. I said, “Monique you are a gorgeous woman and please let me lick your pussy and cock.” She then got on top of me into a 69 and said she loved the way I tasted. I moved her cock and balls aside and started licking her clit and ran my tongue up and down her sweet, juicy slit. I felt her cock getting hard again and then I put it in my mouth as far as it would go in and started giving her a blowjob while my hands played with her pussy and balls. She said she has to stop so she could fuck me again with me in the doggie position this time. I said fine with me but feed me your cum when you are ready to blow. She tells me to go to the headboard and bend over. I feel her slowly rub the head of her cock in my wet hole and she teases me until I beg her to pound her cock in my pussy. She still teases me by going slow and just putting the head of her cock in. I started to beg some more. I told her to please fuck me hard and fast and make me cum over and over again and told her that her cock is thirsty for my pussy juice, and it would feel so good to have her pound my pussy. I must have begged for about 5 minutes and all of a sudden Monique rams me hard and starts stroking so hard and fast I feel like I am being split in two. I tell her that it feels so fucking good to have her ride me like the bad girl I am. I start having a strong orgasm and feel Monique start to slow down and she says she wants to fuck my tits and cum on my face and tits. Monique removes her cock and tells me to lay on my back and holds my tits together and starts stroking her cock in the valley in between my tits. I reach under her and play with her pussy and pinch her clit while she fucks my tits. I feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter and she says she is going to cum soon. She gets her cock closer and closer to my mouth and I lick the head when I can. Monique stops and holds her cock and I wrap my lips around it and lick the head and suck it and her cock squirts stream after tasty stream of cum in my hungry mouth. She pulls it out of my mouth and finishes cumming on my tits and face. We then curl up together and rest for a bit and then Monique asks me how do I feel about taking her big cock in my tight ass….

That story is
in the works.
l next time, enjoy.

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  1. More

    Can’ wait!

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  2. You wish

    … what the f***?! sick sh*t!

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  3. skyeangel

    you must have enjoyed it to read the whole thing so dont pretend you think it sick

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