Sauna, massage, and a good workout

Having visited George and Sally at the Liberty Naturists Club office, I’d finish the Planning of Bill’s Surprise Birthday Party we were holding up at the club; I next went to my appointment at the physio / massage sauna rooms.

I walked into reception and  was greeted by Helen, who sits behind the glass top desk.  She is the rather busty blonde masseur/receptionist. “Go straight through. Stewart’s ready for you,” she gestures towards the examination room.  As I pass by, I can’t resist a look at her tits. They are nice. A glance at the see-through desk top reveals that she has the cutest shaved pussy. “Uurrh, what’s this?” I think to myself – she’s wearing a white, shiny thong with the initials LNC in red on the front.  Seeing me looking, she points and reads out the new sign behind the desk.

“If Staff Nakedness offends you – ask for them to be clothed during your treatment.”     

“Male or Female staff available, any preferences must be noted on booking appointments”.

“At any time you are uncomfy with your own nakedness before or during your treatment, please inform the staff member carrying out your treatment, appropriate cover will be provided (towel, sheet or disposable clothing).”

Some Physical contact is needed, any Accidental body contact during treatments cannot be avoided due to the close proximity of its nature.

No sexual contact, fraternization, or Sexual Advances with the staff will be tolerated.

Helen then offers me what looks like White paper pants with blue initials do you require these, “NO THANKS! I’m ok with Your or My Nakedness thanks!” “This is a Naturist club for God sake – I would not be here if the Human Naked Body Offended Me!!”

Stewart is waiting for me he is the physiotherapist, and male masseur at the Liberty Naturists Club.  Standing by the treatment table, wearing a shiny white posing pouch with the same red initials, and his Staff Member wrist band, Seeing me he says “Oh it’s you John, I was wondering if it was You or June the diary only gave an initial and Surname”  “I must have a word with my new receptionist about that, a first name would be really handy” he laughs.

“What’s that?” I ask pointing at his posing pouch “my Uniform” he laughs “I have to wear it nowadays, apparently 1 of the male client has taken offence to me massaging him Naked and uncovered, we all have to now even Helen”. He points out a new sign the same as the one in Reception.

This apparently means sheet, towel or disposable pants or gown for the client and staff will wear Thong and Bra for Helen and pouch for Stewart.

“Apparently He didn’t like the fact my dick is on show, he complained I kept rubbing my cock against him as I gave him a massage”, “AND when giving a shoulder massage it twitched right in front of his face”, “I be it would not of complained if he was treated by Helen and it was her pussy staring him in the face!”

“I’ve Not had any complaints from the ladies about me being naked; the same chap does however think it inappropriate that I’m naked in front of his wife.”  He laughs  “His Wife has said”  “She loves us being naked If we women are not allowed to view your gorgeous manhood then I think it only fair the Female Staff must keep her Lovely womanhood covered for male clients we don’t want them getting to aroused do we and enjoying their massage any more than the ladies”.

“Anyway John – What can I do for you today” he asks. “Take that stupid pouch off for a start, unless you are going to beat me with that massive tool of yours then I’m not worried about you nakedness, Ooooh slap my naughty Bum is that classed as fraternization?” I laugh.

“Well I think pulled something in my back last week at Bills helping your darling wife Francis get him ready for his night of passion with Carol.

“What’ve you been doing this time?” he asked.

I slipped in the shower room and twisted funny, my back just sort of clicked, I was bending over picking up the wash cloth?”

“I was in so much pain Francis had to help me out of my wet shorts dry me off and into bed that night”, The back rub she gave me did help”  I laughed “Well it helped with back I had an ache in my Groin as well after“.

He laughed “yes she told me!”  “That Deep heat Rub is no good for the groin area is it?

“No my Balls were on fire and trying to wash it off just seemed to make it worse” I laughed      “Well don’t worry; well only be using oils today” he grins.

After a quick check over, Stewart suggest a Sauna to help relax me, then said he’d give me a good massage making sure to pay attention to those tight back muscles saying I had one or two knots which need some attention in my shoulder also.

Things being a little slow that day Stewart asked “Did I mind if He joined me in the sauna”         “No I don’t mind we need to chat about next week’s party anyway”. He removes hi pants and opens the Sauna door.

Nothing happened in the shower we just talked about the plans for the party.

We shower and dry off then go to the treatment room again.

Stewart’s really going to town on my back giving a real deep massage working every muscle, ”how’s that feel”  he say –  “great!” I reply.

Starting work on my shoulder, Stewart pauses for a while “John I have something to ask you”   “yes what-?”…

“I did anal with Francis the other day; she’s wanted me to fuck her ass for a while now!”…  “Yes so?”  I ask.   “I’ve always wounded what it would be like to be ass fucked, I tried using one of Fran’s dildos but It did not feel right – what can I do Fran’s got a strap on she wants to try out on me but I’m not too sure about it.”

“Ok I say” looking up from that little hole where my face was resting, I’m  looking at his stiff hard cock now that was a surprise.

So you what? – Want my advice?”    “Yes” he mumbles.

“My advice to you is – lube up and do it-!! – It feels great a dick up your ass and a hand around you cock being worked from front and back at the same time – and when you cum well that’s something you will find out for yourself-!!”..  “The only thing better than cumming with a dick in your ass is having that dick come inside you at the same time-!!”.

“Try it – you never know if you like it until you try it”

“Ok he say – I’ll get some lube” and off he trots “Better lock the door – don’t want Helen interrupting do we”.

“WHAT! – INTERUPT WHAT? – YOU – – Want me to?”

“Omg Stewart, Francis said you were a bit head strong and there was no stopping you once you got some idea in your head, OK your serious aren’t you?  – You want me to fuck your ass – you better be sure about this-!

“Yes I’m sure that day you told me about You and Steve was the day I gave Fran her ass fucking; it felt weird at first but when she came and I came with her it was great-!! – I could feel every muscle in her pussy tremble even though I was in her ass it was great we both came together.

Fran said “When I came in her – it was so weird not being in her pussy, but felt so good at the same time her orgasm was so much stronger than usual”.  She wished I could’ve felt what she felt.


I’ve just got to know how it feels, I want to know how she felt when I came inside Her, and I’ll never get that from a rubber cock – PLEASE!!” he almost begged me.   “Ok Ok I get the idea-!! I’ll do it”.

I got some of the lube that Stewart had brought over from the cupboard,  Ok we don’t have time for foreplay so this might feel a bit rough at first, usually a good BJ or sex loosens the ass muscles up a bit first. Bend over the examination table let me see your ass.

I put some KY jelly on my hand and slap it on his ass, working first 1 then 2 fingers into his tight butt I work the lube inside his ass a little, “that should make it a little easier on you – now if you are sure here it comes!!”  I place the tip of my head at the entrance to his hole, I push hard – the bell end of my cock disappears into his ass.

“As this is you first time I want you to do the next bit I say” quickly pulling my cock out, I fill the hole it had left with lube – then quickly stick it back in – “You can work my cock all the way in your own ass, ride it slowly taking a little more each push, Then I take over it won’t hurt so much this way”.

He slowly pushed back and forth and finally got my cock all the way in to my Balls.

I let him do all the work at first; I feel his rhythm getting smoother as he starts to relax.

After a few moments of letting him rock back and forth, he’s got a nice rhythm going; I slowly start pushing back and increase the pace, my balls are smacking his ass a couple of times feel them smack against his balls.

Stewart stops his thrusting I’m doing all the work now, I see why he is busy concentrating on other things; he now has his cock in one hand and my balls in the other.

Uuum!! … That really thinks Good I think to myself as he slowly massages my balls,  “You better stop that” I say “I’M Going To Cum if you carry on!!” “Good fuck me hard, fuck me like you do Francis – Hard….HARDERRR!!!!

He lets go of my balls and I start pumping into his ass a quick and hard as I can thinking of when I’d last fucked his wife, “Ooh-Arrgh… she does like it rough… Uurrrh doesn’t she?” I say.

Stewarts pumping away at his own cock his hand is a blur, I feel my ball sack tighten “OMG I’m Cumming yes Yes Yes YEE…S!” His back arches back towards me, his ass pushing hard into me as I shoot the first load into it, I see a large jet of his cum fire from his cock, then another and one more.  I slump over him lying on his back, I grab his balls and give them a gentle squeeze catching the last bit of cum that dribbles from his cock with my other, Uuum that tastes good I say as I lick it from my fingers. Placing my fingers in his mouth I offer him the last little morsel.

“Well are you happy now?” I laugh

“Omg that was Bloody Amazing!”; “That was the best feeling in the world Fran was right  – that was the best orgasm I’ve ever had, I never came so powerfully before” he laughs “look how far I shot my load that must be some record”

“Well – Now you know how you woman fells when you come inside her” – “Bloody Amazing-?” is all he can say “I can’t wait to tell Fran – OMG she’s not going to believe me” “She’s in for one hell of a good night tonight”  “Can’t wait to hear all about it” I laughed

“Oh No is that the Time”… “I’m sorry I have to love and leave you But! – I have to see the caterers for next week”  Giving his ass a quick slap I say “bring plenty of lube next week” I dress quick and then leave.

I leave Stewart cleaning up his cum on the floor as I unlock the door and open it, “OK! See you next week at the party”. He shouts.

“Everything Ok” Helens asks as I pass her desk.

“Fine Could Not be Better – That was one hell of a workout he just gave me, we worked up a bit of a sweat today, my back feels good and I feel great”.

I blow her a kiss, she laughs and points at the Rules “Rules are meant to be broken” I laugh “ Huh – If she only knew what her boss and I had just been up to, she would not be worried about a blown kiss” I chuckle to myself.

“Ok!“ she says “See you next week at the party”

“I can’t wait” I say.


Now that should be a tale worth telling.

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