School Ties – The Initiation

A new school – a new way of life. I love moving from one place to start afresh in another. Always re-inventing myself. It is so much easier when you are hot like me. I am not lanky or tall. A demure 5’4 with big D-cup tits with sensitive nipples. A small waist and a booty that makes real men drool. My body is a tool – made for pleasure – mine and whoever I deem fit to share it with.
But it is not my body that makes me dangerous – it is my eyes. My big hazel eyes paired with my full cock-sucking lips and blonde curls that makes me look so innocent – that is my weapon.
So more about my new school. Very classy -we get to wear uniforms… pleated skirts and white shirts. Very cliché I know – but hey if it works it works. I met the principle. A rather attractive man in his fifties. Now, I can sense a bad boy from a mile away, and this is a BAD boy.
For my interview, I wore a very proper suit. Grey skirt and jacket. But my shirt was tight and white – I could not get all the buttons closed. Oh yes – did I mention that I do not wear panties? I find them restricting and uncomfortable. I do love bras though and decided on a sheer lace bra that showed off my big tits and allowed my nipples to show through my shirt.
As I walked in he showed me to a leather couch and offered me coffee. I claimed to be warm and asked if he would mind if I take off my jacket. He gulped when I turned around and took my seat across from him. I crossed my legs, making sure he got a clear glimpse of my clean shaven pussy.
I can see the sweat beading on his upper lip and the uncomfortable way he sits to hide his erection. He has an impressive bulge.
I lean over to put my cup down and allow him a long look at my cleavage. Fuck, my pussy is dripping. He looks over my transcript and expresses some concern regarding my credits – which is bullshit – I am an A student. But I play along. In my most panicked and demure voice I ask him if there is any way I can make it up before term starts.
He seems to think a bit.
“Well,” he then says, “I will have to discuss it with the rest of the faculty but there might be a way. Be here at 7 sharp tonight and I will give you an answer.”

The rest of the interview was basic run of the mill. But as I put my jacket back on, another button of my shirts pop open. I watch him lick his lips, my nipples are rock hard and straining against my shirt.
As I walk out he ever so slightly strokes my ass.
I spend the afternoon preening. Making sure I look and smell my best – who knows!


I arrive a bit early, and the building is empty. His door is open. He is not there though. As I debate whether I should wait inside or not, I see a note next to a parcel on his desk. It is addressed to me.

“Put this on. Only this. Then sit on your knees and wait! Do not speak unless you are spoken to! Do not disobey.


I feel my clit swell and my pussy dripping. I open the parcel. FUCK!!!

A school uniform – but not like anything I have ever seen – definitely not worn! A corset – white – but so tight I cannot breathe. Pushing my tits high, and not covering my nipples. Suspender and sheer white silk stockings. A crotch less panty – never worn anything like this. My pussy lips pout like a naughty – well – school girl! The shortest skirt in human history – or maybe it’s a belt! My ass, barely covered by the panties is showing. A white shirt – two sizes too small – I can only close the two middle buttons, and stiletto black shoes. I am to tie my hair into a pony high on my head. There is also a studded collar with a leash for my neck. And lastly, a blindfold.

After I am dressed I go down on my knees and put the collar and the blindfold on. My legs are getting numb so I spread my knees. I can feel the coldness from the floor on my exposed labia. It turns me on and the wetness makes my pussy feel even colder.

I hear footsteps and someone enters the room. Knowing my state of dress – or undress – I move to cover up a bit. “Don’t move!” A man’s voice – not the principle though. He takes the leash and pulls it a bit. He circles me – obviously checking me out. I can smell my own sex and wonder if he can too.

“Get up!”

He yanks the chain – it is a bit painful but so hot!

“Put your hand on my shoulder and follow me.”

He is tall and BIG. I follow him down the chilly hallway. We walk for a long way. My pouting pussy lips rubbing against each other, feeling the cold. My semi-exposed nipples rock hard. We stop, he opens a door and we go in.

I can hear people – how many? They stop talking and I can hear them turning – looking at me. I try to cover up.

“Stand still!” He barks and I feel the sting of a cravat on my nipple.

I pull my shoulders back – pushing my tits out – if you want to look then I will give you something to look at!

A hand touches my left nipple – lightly stroking it – I groan. And then a hard pinch and twist – I gasp. I am led to a space and made to stand on a podium. Something is attached to my ankles forcing me to spread my legs – wider than my shoulders. My arms are taken behind me and I am bound by my elbows. My tits pushed out, my pussy exposed.

“If you scream we will gag you! Do you understand?” he asks. I nod my head. Another sting as he hits me. “DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?”

“Yes!” I whisper.

“Yes – who?!” another sting.

I think a second, “Yes Master,” I reply.

“Good,” he says.

“We are going to play a game – you like games – don’t you?”
I nod. Another sting.

“Yes, Master,” I say.

“The rules are easy. One – you are only allowed to speak when spoken to. Two – you are to thank the masters and mistresses for everything they do for you!”

MISTRESSES – there are women as well!

“Three – you are not allowed to do anything without permission – and that includes coming! If you disobey these rules you will be punished! Is this clear?”

“Yes, Master.”

Fuck, what have I gotten myself into.

I can feel people moving around me. Someone is lifting my skirt, pinching my pussy lips. Making a comment about my juices. Someone behind me fondles my ass cheeks – and then delivers a hard smack and then rubs it gently and smacks again. Someone – a woman – I can feel her long nails, parts my pussy lips and slips her finger into my wet labia – avoiding my clit, just rubbing my inner lips and then rimming my slit. I push my hips forward, wanting her to slip her finger inside me.

“Hungry little slut, aren’t you!” She purrs and removes her hand before slapping my pussy hard.

I gasp and I feel my juices seeping out.

Someone yanks the leash and I am helped off the podium. My shirt is torn off me and is hanging from my shoulders. Someone pinches my left nipple while my right nipple is suckled so hard I fear it will pop right off. It feels so good I can feel my pussy muscles contract.

“Don’t you dare cum,” He says and slaps my left tit hard and then the right one.

I feel someone attach something to my nipples. It hurts, but in a good way. I groan.

“You like that,” he snarls.

“Oh yes, Master,” I say. Then he pulls both nipples up. I scream and someone smacks my pussy. Oh God, I am going to cum!

I feel someone pushing something in front of me.

“Bend over!”

I do as I am told. I bend over and feel my tits are now hanging with the weight of the clamps while my ass and pussy are now exposed to whomever.

I hear a strange metallic noise – scissors! I feel the cold blade against my pussy and start to panic! SMACK!
“Stop struggling!”
I hear the snip and feel the relief as the panties are cut off me. And then someone pulls my butt cheeks apart and starts to rim my asshole. I tense up. Another finger slips between my lips and circles my engorged clit. I moan and try to move my pussy. The finger goes away and I feel the sting of a smack on my clit. And I feel the orgasm explode. My juices squirting over the hand playing with my asshole.

“Slut, did you have permission to cum!” He barks.
“No master, I am sorry master!!”
“Now I will have to punish you!”
“Yes, master!”

I hear a whir – and the next thing I know I feel something vibrating at the entrance of my cunt… and it starts to go into me! It is big and it hurts! I want to cry but someone shoves his cock in my mouth as I open it – and with shove I mean right to the back of my throat! As I gag I feel the giant vibrator being rammed into my tight pussy. I feel as though I am being torn apart. But the vibration is starting to feel good and somebody is pumping my pussy as my mouth is being pumped.

Someone has loosened the nipple clamps and is sucking and biting my nipples. The onslaught of sensations was almost painful. Then I realised something was probing my asshole…. already entered me from behind… Another vibrator! I start to shudder!

“Don’t you dare come, bitch!”

Someone starts licking and sucking my clit… my pussy juices are running down my legs, saliva running out of my mouth and I am on the verge of an orgasm… and then it all stops. The vibrators are yanked out of me with a plop and he removes his cock out of my mouth just as I feel his balls start to tense… then he shot his load in my face… instinctively I lick the strings off my chin – he tastes good… I want more!

“Stand up!” And again I try to stand on my buckling legs!

“Lie down!” I feel a sort of soft mattress at my back and lie down. My arms hurt but they loosen it and tie me elbow to knee. And once again I am helpless and exposed.

“I am going to remove your blindfold – so you can see all your masters and mistresses who are going to fuck you in every hole. Do you want us to fuck you?” he asks, as he yanks off the mask.

My eyes sting with the sudden exposure to light.

Oh my God – there are about twenty people in the room. Older people mostly. Men holding their cocks and women rubbing their pussies. And there is a man with a camera – taking extreme close ups of my sopping cunt! And suddenly I am scared and more turned on than I can ever tell!

A good looking woman of about 45 with blond hair and nice tits comes sit between my legs – and she parts my pussy lips even further… sliding her manicured finger up and down my slit – avoiding my clit… and then she licks me while looking me in the eye… a long hard flat tongue lick and I scream!

An elderly black man comes to my side and starts to play with my nipples and puts his cock in my hand… his black fingers on my white tits playing with my pink nipples… weird but so hot!

Another older man comes to my side and puts his half flaccid cock in my mouth and takes my head and tells me to suck… I feel him harden and feel his salty pre-cum on my tongue… he is starting to fuck my mouth hard… and I love it!

Blondie has started to play with my ass hole… tonguing it and even shoving her tongue in my ass… it feels so good.

A short butch woman is standing on my other side and has opened my hand and shoved it into her hairy wet pussy… she is sucking my nipple HARD!!! I start to slide my finger in her twat… it feels different from mine… but sort of nice… I find a piece of hardened nub… and start to play with it… I feel her getting wetter… and I slip my thumb inside her… never knew pussy feels this good… she is riding my hand while sucking my nipple.

On the other side I am wanking the old black dude… he is in the verge of coming and is pinching my other nipple hard.

And the old man in my mouth is grunting and pumping and I can feel his orgasm building.

Blondie has spread my butt cheeks wide and is tongue fucking my ass.

And while all of this is happening – my cunt is dripping and begging for attention – other than the camera zooming in and out on my cunt.

I look at master -the only one with a mask and a cravat…. and my eyes beg him for release… he just smiles and whacks me on my clit.

My gasp and jolt sent the two men over the edge and the old man shot his load in my throat… he tastes different… and I swallow…
Black dude shoots his load over my tits… and what a load….
And the chick on my hand shoots her jizz into my hand whilst biting my nipple… she comes up and sucks her juices off my fingers and leans in and kisses me… long and deep… and I taste her… and I lick her lips.

Blondie moves away and a struck looking brunette approaches me…. she walks to my head, lifts her skirt and puts her clean shaven pussy in my face… she is turned on – her lips are swollen and she is wet. Her smell turns me on and I stick my tongue out and give her one long deep lick. She tastes like seafood… and I start to slurp the fresh load of juice secreting from her cunt.

I have never eaten pussy – and I love it… I start to lick and suck and tongue fuck her like I like it to be done to me… and she moans…

A fresh dick is in my one hand and another pussy on my other hand… My tits are slapped and pinched and sucked.

And then I feel something cold at my ass hole… lubricant… and then my legs are lifted and I feel a big cock enter my asshole… the stretch is sore but it alleviates the pressure in my pussy so I just groan into the dripping pussy… the vibrations of my moan makes her squirt a bit again… and I lap it up.

And then he starts to pump my ass… and he plays with my clit…. pinching my lips over it… and then slapping it and then stroking it… brining me to the edge every time… and then changing the rhythm again.

I am moaning and squirming and the woman on my face comes…. and I fear I am going to drown but it tastes so good that I just slurp it all up… and the dude in my hand dumps his load on my tits and starts rubbing it in. The chick on my other hand comes as well – but she does not squirt… I just felt her contracting around my fingers.

The man in my ass grunts and pulls out his cock just as she gets off my face… he slaps his hard cock on my painful clit and comes all over my tummy… he is youngish and he scoops up his cum and shoves his fingers deep down my throat… and I suck it off… he then scoops the cum on my tits from the other men and also made me suck it off – and I did.

A petite redhead walks up to me… she pinches my nipple and then she kisses me – deep… she smells and tastes great… I want to eat her pussy… but she has other plans… she goes and stands between my legs and starts to play with my throbbing cunt.
“You want to cum, little slut?” She purrs.
“Yes please, mistress. PLEASE!” I beg.

She smiles… and then she spreads my lips and starts to slip one finger inside me – oh it feel so good I strain to open wider. She withdraws it and slips a second finger in, and so on until she has all five fingers on her small hand inside my stretched pussy… and then she did it – she slips in her hand and fists it… oh my god… it is tight and sore… and amazing… just then someone took a vibrator and put it on my swollen clit… and another person shoved a butt plug up my ass.

As she gently started to pump my tight pussy, all my senses became inflamed when someone starts pinching and rolling my nipples… and then I felt my orgasm build… like a freight train and then it exploded and I bucked and screamed and squirted and it felt as if it lasted for hours.

As I laid their spent, master came to me and told me to thank everyone and I did.

He then took off his mask – and it was the principle and he was now naked with a monster hard on – fuck he was big and bulging and throbbing and the pre-cum was glistening on his big purple head… and I stuck my tongue out to catch it.

He rammed his cock into my mouth, hitting the back of my throat, making me gag but he just kept on pumping hard and fast while rubbing my super sensitive clit. I moaned and gagged again and he pulled out and knelt between me spread legs and pushed his monster cock into my tender pussy to the hilt. I screamed so loud and then he started to fuck me hard and fast – my tits bouncing and I felt another orgasm build and then I felt him cum, the pulsing of his cock hurt but so good that I came and came and came and milked him dry – he leaned over and bit my nipple HARD… and I came again.

I must have passed out cause when I came to we were in his office and I was in my own clothes again. For a second I thought I must have been dreaming – but then I felt my bruised pussy and I looked at him.

“You obviously like to play games. Well, you have come to the right place. You will now be the faculty toy. We have all fucked your every hole. You have eaten all of our cum. And we have you on film. We have these meetings once a month. You will attend on invitation. You will also recruit fellow students – discreetly – and perform for our pleasure if we so require. You will fuck all and any of the members on their demand and they will share you as they deem fit. Do you understand?”

“Yes, oh yes Master!” I smiled.


(Image Source: Marc Dorcel)

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