Seduced by Doris

My wife has a best friend named Doris. We get together with Doris and her husband about once a month. I happen to think Doris is extremely attractive. I have often caught her starring at me as well. Anyway, last time we got together, we went for dinner and drinks near their home. My wife and Doris were out on the dance floor. I was hanging out with Doris’s husband Greg. I got along with Greg pretty well. We were just shooting the breeze when the women came back over. My wife and Doris were pretty drunk. As Doris passed by me I felt a hand cup my ass and give a gentle squeeze. I turned around and saw Doris smiling at me as she went by.
We stayed at the bar for a couple of more hours. We were all drinking pretty good. I could swear Doris was flirting with me. At one point Greg went to find the bathroom, Doris dropped her cigarettes on the floor. Being a nice guy I bent down to pick them up, as I glanced under the table, Doris had lifted her skirt and spread her legs exposing her red thong panties. My mouth dropped when she slid her hand down between her legs and pulled her panties away to show her pussy. She then inserted two fingers into her cunt. I would have stayed under the table longer but my wife was standing there obliviously talking to Doris. When I stood up Doris was smiling at me, when my wife turned away she seductively slid her fingers into her mouth and sucked off her own juices. My cock was rock hard.
When it got to be around 2am, Doris insisted we stay at their house. We lived an hour away and she would not let us drive drunk. Finally we agreed. Greg didn’t seem to into it but Doris was adamant about it.
When we all arrived at their house, Greg went upstairs to bed and Doris showed us to the guest bedroom. My wife excused herself to go to the bathroom. Doris told my wife she would bring me downstairs to the kitchen to get some water. My cock was still hard thinking of the view she had given me earlier. I eagerly followed Doris down stairs but she ran off ahead of me. When I got to the kitchen, Doris had pulled down her red thong panties to her ankles, she was bent over the kitchen table and hiked up her skirt. She said “you have only got about 3 minutes, If you want to fuck me get busy.”
I was staring at her beautiful naked sexy ass. I quickly pulled out my cock, walked over to her and rubbed it between her legs. Doris moaned with pleasure. She spread her legs wide for me, I pressed my cock into her wet pussy. I slid in and out, she felt so good. She whispered “Take me now.” I began to pump into her pussy faster and faster. It only took a minute and Doris was cumming. I held onto her sexy hips as she came all over my cock. I kept fucking her. Doris pressed her ass hard into me one last time and turned around. She dropped to her knees and took my cock into her hand. It was glistening with her cum, Doris squeezed my shaft and precum ran out the tip of my cock. She licked at it with her tongue and took me into her mouth. She was licking and sucking on my cock like crazy. I heard the guest room door upstairs open, my wife yelled down “honey, what is taking so long?” I froze but Doris kept sucking my cock, she was sucking even faster now. I yelled up “I’ll be right there,” my cock was throbbing. My wife yelled down, “do you need any help,” I looked down at Doris still sucking my cock It took all my strength to respond “No!” as I began to cum inside Doris’s mouth.
It was incredible, as I began shooting cum in her mouth, she deep throated my cock all the way down her throat. I continued to spray cum straight down her throat. Doris looked up at me with my cock still in her mouth. She slowly let my cock slide out of her throat and mouth, licked her lips and stood up. Doris kissed me on the lips and went to get 2 glasses of water.

My dick was still out when I saw my wife’s feet coming down the stairs. I was barely able to put my cock in my pants as she made it to the kitchen. Doris handed her a glass of water and said “sorry it took so long, I was having a snack.” I looked down and saw Doris’s panties right next to where my wife was standing. I quickly picked them up and put them in my pocket. When we went upstairs to goto bed my wife kept saying how nice it was of Doris and Greg to let us stay over. I just looked at her and told her I could not agree more.

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    Well, at least this time you got some pussy that was willing instead of raping someone who is passed out!

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