Sercret and desires

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Secrets and Desires

You lay me down gently on the bed. Slowly taking off my clothes. Kissing every inch of exposed skin. You pause at my breasts, you circle my harden nipple with your tongue. I moan, you tease me more. Then you slowly go down to my stomach. Again you pause, you get this look in you eyes. Desire. Passion. You take my hand kiss it, the you flick your tongue out to touch my most intimate spot. I cry out. You lick up and down then you put your tongue in me, tasting me, loving it. You tell me how good I taste, how much you love the taste of me. You start to lick me again. You focus on my clit. You suck it, I scream. You slid a finger in me, I want you inside me. You take your finger out and put it in my mouth, I suck it, wishing it was your hard cock.

you lick and suck me with such passion, I’m coming close. Again you put your finger in me, then another. I’m begging you not to stop. Closer, your moaning on my pussy. The vibrations push me over the edge. I cum, it’s so intense I’m shaking. You lick and suck all my juices, you love the taste of me.

You get up, pulling me with you. I can hardly stand. my legs are shaking. You ask if I want more. I tell you yes always. You then bend me over the bed, licking me quickly. Then you slowly put your hard, big cock I me. You can barely put it in with out pain, you love how tight I am. You slowly go in and out of me pushing in more and more.

You feel so good in me. You’re pumping faster and harder, grabbing my hips to go in deeper. I’m screaming. Then, just as I am about to cum, you pull out and lay down on the bed. You tell me to get on top. I have the control now. I get on you and slowly guide your cock into me. I slowly go down the length of your shaft. I stop when I get you all the way in me. You want more. I go up and down slowly then faster and faster. You grab my breasts pinching my nipples. I circle my hips you love that. I feel that you are ready to cum. I stop, you grab my hips and try to make me go again. I won’t let you. You then swing me under you, you push deeper and deeper in me. You take my legs and put them up against your chest, moving deeper and deeper inside my hot pussy. You rub my clit with your thumb. You know how much I like that. You’re moving faster and harder. I don’t know how much more I can take.

I’m cumming so hard, wanting you to cum with me. Then I feel you stiffen, then I feel your hot juices fil me up. There is so much between us the it flows right out of well spent pussy. You fall on top of me exhausted.

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