Mina: I thought I was asexual before Jasper. I had had sex. And had had orgasm. And I knew I liked sex. But, with Jasper, I actually want it. I am drawn to him in that way. I’m realizing that sex is about so much more than just sex. I feel like I am learning about sex.
Not to be crude, but technically – if there is such a thing- he is the best lover I have ever had. I don’t understand how he knows where to touch me. Who trained this boy? He laughs when I say that. He says he knows where to touch me because he cares about me. But sometimes his touch is so powerful, so sweet, so passionate, I am almost overwhelmed. Sex is a gift two people give each other. I was in love with other men before Jasper. And i know that back then, I knew sex was supposed to be about love. And it was for me then. But, I think things are so much deeper -thats the word- with Jasper, because I am slowly coming to feel that I can trust him. He makes me feel comfortable. You wouldn’t think that comfort is the ‘sexiest’ thing in the world, but, I see know that it is only in comfort, can we be sexy. This comfort is predicated on trust. I can let go with him, and still feel comfortable. I can even let myself be vulnerable, play with that, because I trust him, and it’s these things that heighten ‘sexiness’ for me. My God, the cabin is the perfect example.

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