Sex at Work

So I am the low man on the scale at work. My job is with the city; I work in dispatch and am one of the people responsible for getting road crews, hydro, and sewer crews out to fix problems wherever they occur. My boss is a very attractive woman named Jamie. She stands about 152 centimeters with dark chestnut hair that is short at the back but gets long at the front; it matches her deep espresso eyes. She dressed very professionally at work: ankle length skirts, blouses, and blazers, that type of thing. She has perky C cup breasts that when she trots or runs through the office they have a nice firm bounce. She looked to me to be about thirty five.
She has no rings on her fingers so she is not married, and not to my recollection does she mention a man in her life. The only jewelry at all were gold hoops in her ears and a gold watch. She always smells like wild flowers, is very kind to her people, and never seems to have a bad day.
I, myself, am bi-sexual and single. Never found anyone open enough to keep a relationship working. They seem cool about it at first, then when the novelty wears off they are gone. So I work a lot. Like I said I am new to my post too so I pull a lot of weekends and holidays because the senior people come first.
I was working a holiday Monday in the office in case an emergency crew was needed somewhere in the city. Jamie, when telling me I had to work a fourth straight weekend, was very apologetic and seemed upset no one would take it for me; she promised to make it up to me somehow. In the last few weeks it seemed Jamie was flirting with me, and a few of the other guys around the office took notice and were teasing me.
I did not think much of it.
Office socializing, I thought.
It was after I let it slip to her that I was bi that she really started to get closer when we talked. Touched me more often on the arm or shoulder, even brushing herself against me in the hallway. I seemed to have her in my office more as well.
It was about twelve in the afternoon and I was about half way through my watch when I heard the front door open. Knowing I was not expecting anyone, I went out to check on who it might be.
It was Jamie.
Standing there in khaki colored clam diggers and a red and white striped shirt with a plunging neckline that showed her breasts which were being lifted to show off her assets. She actually had on shiny red lipstick and green eye shadow that set off her smokey eyes. She wore Chanel # 5.
She walked through the office the sound of her flip flops echoing in the empty building. Her bangs were back with bobby pins that had flowers on them. a totally different look than her button down business like demeanor of work days.
She had a picnic basket in her hand and put it on the table in my office, put a table cloth over my desk, and began putting out a meal of fried chicken, salad, and ice tea.
“For dessert there is pecan pie,” she giggled as she put stuff out.
“Why did you go to all this trouble?”
“It’s no trouble, Mark. It is mostly store bought, and I feel so bad you work so much alone. Iwanted to do something nice for you.”
“That is so sweet, Jamie.” I gave her a hug and we sat down to eat. As we made small talk, she asked if there was much to report and I told her the weekend had been so quiet I had finished a book. She was saving me from an afternoon of Youtube. She giggled and we had a really nice time.
“You know, Jamie, if I did not know better I would say this was a first date.” She shrugged and finished her pie. A little twinkle came into her eye as she sat back and finished her tea.
“So Marky-Poo did you mean it when you said you were Bi?”
“Yes,” I said leaning into her. “It’s no secret or anything; I am not a closet case or anything.”
“It sounds like it would be exciting to be bi-sexual.”
“It is more complicated, if anything.”
“I have a secret, I want to tell you,” she looked around, “are you interested?”
“I will not judge.”
“I know you won’t. I was quite turned on when I found out you were bi.”
“Oh yeah, why?”
“Because, I might be right up your alley.”
“How so?”
“I am both.”
“Both what? Are you bi, too?”
“No, not technically.”
“Then I don’t understand.”
“I have great tits…” She pushed them together.
“No argument there,” as she took off her top and exposed her black push up bra.
“I also have a seven inch cock.”
She let it sink in for a second. “Well?”
“Well what you are is a she-male then.”
“Yes, thoughts?” she licked her lips and stood up.
“Are you public about it?”
“No, our little secret. Ok?”
“No worries. Why are you telling me?” I knew, but it was a nice back and forth we had going.
“I want you Mark. I want to have sex with you on your desk right here, this afternoon.” She came around the desk and sat on the edge touching my face. “I wanna fuck you and I want to taste your come in my mouth. I have from the moment you started here but did not know if you could handle my secret; now I know you can.”
“Well Jamie that is…. the best offer I have had……………. ever.” She stood up, looked down at me, and smiled as I undid the front of her pants. They fell down quickly and she stood there in a pair of black fruit of the loom briefs.
“Nothing feels better than cotton on my dick,” she said as I stroked the hardening tool beneath the soft fabric. She pulled off her bra.
“Suck whatever you like first,” she giggles as I stood up and took off my jeans and t shirt, exposing the fact we were wearing the same underwear. We both laughed about it.
I kissed her neck and lips as I jerked her off.
“Fuck me hard,” I whispered as I took off my shorts. She pushed me against my desk and I sat on it and spread my legs as she too took off her black underwear. We continued to kiss, our dicks rubbed against one another as we made out and I fondled her tits. She pulled me closer to the edge of the desk and got the angle right as she entered me slowly. She was gentle at first, kissing my neck and chest as she gripped my ass with both hands and I wrapped my legs around her waist.
“Don’t feel you have to be gentle Jamie, I won’t break.”
“I like slow and passionate.”
I began sucking on her nipples as she slowly and deeply fucked me, my ass clinching to her insertions.
“Come inside me, hard and long.”
She pushed me back on the desk so I was on my back and grabbed my shoulders for leverage and went crazy pounding my ass hard and deep and fast.
She came hard as I stuck a thumb over each nipple and rubbed. She took a second to gather herself and then dropped into my chair as I stood up and shoved my cock in her mouth.
“Fuck my dick with your pretty mouth.” She grabbed my dick and sent it deep in her throat. Sucking and jerking my cock like it was her first meal in months. Her technique was flawless, and well rehearsed I bet. No biting lots of tongue and spit as she bobbed and sucked me with gusto.
I felt the tingle begin in my balls and she tasted my pre-come and winked an okay to let go in her mouth.
Which is what I did.
Choking her in the process.
We sat on the floor of my office against the wall naked and kissing all afternoon. No one called and by five when it was time to lock up for the night we were dressed and ready to go.
We went our own ways but she comes by the apartment every couple of weeks or so for some after work servicing.

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