My name is Peter, me and my wife Janice was window shopping at an outdoor mall when we saw a couple of young college kids holding a sign that said, “Need money to help with college expenses, and will do ANYTHING for some extra cash.”

We both walked up to them and Janice said, “We saw your sign. How old are both of you? We might be able to help you guys out.”

The boy smiled and said, “My name is Tom and this is my sister Tammy. I am nineteen and she is twenty. We both attend the community college across town.”

Janice looked at me as I was looking them both from head to toe and smiled as she said, “What do you think, hunny, you think we could help them, I know we were looking for a young college female to help, but I think we could afford it.”

I really checked both of them out; I thought they were both really hot looking. I looked at Janice and said, “Yeah, we can afford it.” I looked at Tom and said, “Would mind coming with us to our house, we might have some work there for the both of you?”

Tom and Tammy looked at each other, Tammy looked at us and said, “Yeah, we can do that, we don’t have any classes today and don’t have anything else to do.”

They followed us to our car and we all got in, Tom sat up front with me and Tammy sat in the back with Janice. As we drove we got to know each other. Janice asked if they are seeing anyone. Tom and Tammy were very friendly, they both giggled and the conversation continued and the subject moved to sex and Tammy said, “We both are bisexual and we both see whoever we want when we want.”

Janice smiled and had a grin from ear to ear as I said, “Cool, we both are bisexual as well. We are very open minded and uninhibited.”

Tom smiled and I caught him checking me out. Me and Janice were twice their ages, but we kept in shape, working out and eating right, and I do have say, we are both hot looking and would turn anyone’s head, regardless of our, or their, ages.

We arrived at our house and gave them a quick tour; we had them wait for us in the living room while we went and get the money.

We returned to the living room, Janice and I both had a box filled with money for our guests. Janice looked at them and said, “All this is yours, if they were willing to work for it.”

They stood in front of us and looked at each other. Tom finally said, “Sure, like we said, will do anything.

I smiled and said as took some money out of my box, “Will you both take off your shirt and undershirt/bra for one hundred dollars?”

Tom and Janice quickly took off their shirts, Janice also took off her bra and they both stood there in front of us naked from the waist up.

They were not shy; Tammy didn’t even try to cover up her breasts. They stood there smiling at us. We both checked them out. Tammy’s breasts looked so firm and their nipples just stuck out like little diamonds in the rough.

Tom had a very nicely hairless chest; his pecks were nicely shaped and muscular. Both Janice and I were drooling, at least we both wanted to.

I took out one hundred dollars from my box and threw it on the floor at their feet. Both of them smiled as Janice said, “We want you both to take off the rest of your clothes for three hundred dollars.”

Tom and Tammy quickly took off the rest of their clothes and they both stood there naked in front of us. Janice and I looked at each other and I said, “You both have seen each other naked before, haven’t you?”

Tammy blushed as Tom said, “Yeah of course, we share an apartment together.” I had to admit, Tom did have a nice cock, and Tammy had a cute little shaved pussy. Tom was about have erect and Tammy was already wet, but Janice and I couldn’t wait to get a piece of both of them.

Janice reached in her box and took out the three hundred dollars and threw it on the floor with the rest of the money. I couldn’t help but keep looking at Tammy’s pussy and Tom’s cock. I decided to take a chance and said, “Now, for five hundred dollars, I want Tammy to suck your cock Tom. I know you are brother and sister and you don’t have to do it.”

Before I could even finish talking, Tammy was on her knees and had Tom’s cock in her mouth. She worked his cock over like a professional. This was really turning Janice and me on. My cock was getting hard and I knew Tammy was getting wet.

When Tammy was finished sucking Tom’s cock, she looked up at him and said, “Your cock tastes great bro.” Tom smiled down at his sister as I took out the five hundred dollars and tossed it on the pile of money that was forming on the floor.

Janice quickly told the siblings, “I will give you seven hundred dollars if Tom eats Tammy pussy.” Tammy didn’t waste any time dropping to the floor. She laid done on top of the pile of money and Tom dropped down and buried his face in Tammy’s pussy.

Janice and I were getting so horny. My cock was bulging and trying to get out of my pants as we watched the siblings on the floor. As Tom ate Tammy’s pussy, she was enjoying every minute of it. She moaned every time his tongue rubbed against her clit and went deep inside her.

As he at her out, Janice counted the seven hundred dollars and tossed it on top of them. As I watched them I said, “Now for nine hundred dollars, I want Tom to fuck Tammy.”

Before I even finished, Tammy had flipped over and put her ass in the air as Tom started fucking his sister. He fucked his sister well, he pulled out and started fucking his sister in the ass. I counted out the nine hundred dollars and threw in an extra four hundred for the ass fucking.

Janice and I couldn’t last too much longer, Janice looked at me and smiled, and she turned and said, “Now for fifteen hundred dollars, I want Tom to suck my husband’s cock and Tammy to eat my pussy.”

The siblings stopped fucking and quickly took of our pants. When Tom pulled down my pants, my cock was so hard, that it popped out and hit Tom in the face.

Tom acted face and quickly started sucking my cock as he pulled my pants off. Tammy meanwhile had her face buried in Janice’s pussy.

Janice leaned her head back and moaned as her hands were on the back of Tammy’s head pushing it further up against her pussy. Tom had me about ready to explode in his mouth; Tom sucked my cock better than anyone else.

Janice and I both came at the same time. Tammy lapped up every drop from Janice’s pussy and I exploded in Tom’s mouth, he swallowed every drop of my cum.

I was quickly getting hard again and Janice said, “Now for the rest of the money we have, you will both let us fuck both of you.”

Janice got a strap-on and started and Tammy climbed on top of her and sat down on her strap-on. Tom climbed on my once again hard cock and sat down on my cock. My cock went completely in Tom’s ass. Tom leaned over and started sucking on Janice’s breasts and Tammy ran her hand over my chest.

We moved to the floor and Tammy got down on all fours, Janice got behind her and started fucking her with her strap-on. Tom got behind Janice and started fucking her while I fucked Tom.

After a while we changed up positions one last time. It was Janice’s turn to get on all fours with Tammy fucking her from behind with the strap-on. I got behind Tammy and started fucking her while Tom fucked my ass.

We all came together and the cum dripped all over the money pile. Tom and Tammy sat down on messy pile of money and Janice and me took the rest of the money and threw it so it fell all over them. They sat there smiling and laughing as Tammy looked at her brother and said, “We have to do this more often.”

We all cleaned up and got dressed. We decided to drive them back to their apartment near the college that they shared, during the car ride we talked about how we get together again, but next time we would find a way to make it more interesting.

As they got out of our car, we exchanged phone numbers and emails. We had placed all of the money in a backpack so they wouldn’t draw attention; after all, they had close to five grand from our escapade.

When we got back home, I took a disc out of special recording device that was connected to cameras around the room. I placed it in the computer and we both smiled when we saw the cameras caught everything.

Janice hugged me and said, “I can’t wait until next time.”

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