She Had A Dragon Tattoo

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All names and places have been altered due to confidentiality. Becuase I can’t have you running up to people and saying, “hey, you’re so and so from that smut story on the internet…”.

As a young man of 22 years I had never seen myself pursuing to be part of America’s Few and Proud. I had done it though, become a United States Marine. It took great sacrifice and persiverence, but I had done it. I went in to boot camp at 6’2″ and weighing and unhealthy 190 lbs. I could barely complete the minimum requirement of pull ups… 3! When I left that 90 day hell camp of insanity I weighed 155 lbs. and could do 11 pull ups. I had chiseled down to a lean, green killing machine.
I have to admit that before joining, I had a way with cohersing the ladies into bed. I am not a great looking guy, maybe not even handsome; but I knew what women wanted to hear. That, and high school and college is the perfect time to get laid, because the ladies aren’t particularly picky.
As this new man, this Marine, I was able to get all sorts of looks. I felt radiant and confident. It was borderline cockiness at it’s worst. I no longer even needed to speak to women. I was getting invitations to go here and there; it was great.
After doing my time here and there at many stations on many assignments I fell captive to Southern California. I had gotten orders to MCB Camp Pendleton. I made friends with people in Oceanside, San Clemente, Mission Viejo all the way up to Burbank and Glendale. I was partying whenever I could get liberty. That’s having permission to have time off for you civilians. Well, the partying had cut into my bank roll pretty bad and I was looking at my fun disappearing like a fart in the wind.
A friend of mine offered me a job at a drug store in Mission Viejo. He told me that they love to hire Marines because we don’t argue about the hours or what to do. We just do it. So, I filled out the application and started working that day.
I worked evenings, because my ass still belonged to the Corps. I had to get permission to leave early so I could work a second job. I got up at 4:30am and trained and worked until 4:00pm on base. Then from 5:00pm until 10:30pm I was at the drug store. I hardly had time to notice anyone that I worked with. I was always working a register or stocking or working the one hour photo or loading or receiving shipments or boring the hell out of you! The job was ardious in the way that I had to multi-task because all the other employees were a waste of air. There were people that only put back returns on the shelves… how IQ deficeint do you have to be to have that job? Anyway, I was always on the go. Until…
After a few weeks, I got into the routine and had a devised a way that I could take it all slow without compromise. That’s when I noticed a blonde beauty working in the pharmacy department. I would purposely find useless shit to do over in her area just so I could make eye contact or say hey. She was always so busy or stuck to the computer filling prescriptions and insurance info. to ever look my way. It didn’t stop me… I was obsessed and had started to in store stalk her. It did no good, though. I always had lunch or my breaks at different times or she got off earlier than me. I was doomed. I also lacked the courage to confront her.
One day as she was leaving and I was coming, she had a tank top on with a pair of dickies and some chuck-t’s. Thank god for summer weather! I had finally been allowed to view this beauty in her entirety, though she was clothed. Her black tank top hugged her 36 B breasts and exposed her belly button near level to her flat belly. Her red dickies clung to her ass and made a nice “swiph” sound as she walked by in her black, low top chuck-t’s.
As she passed by, I turned to watch her venture off and noticed a dragon tattoo that poked out of her tank top, almost teasingly to say, “want to see more?”.
I spent most the day laxed and in trance by it. I don’t think I got shit done. At least I got paid!
After work I went back to base to take my friends out with me so we could have a good time. We stopped at my buddy Steve’s apt., the guy who got me the job. We started to drink and play Madden 2002 on the PS2 with his room-mates. Before long Steve wanted to go out. He tried to convince us, but some of the guys were under age or already drunk and not up to moving from their ass. I was ready and so was his cousin Dave.
As we got ready, Steve got a call from our friend John. Apparently he was hanging out with dragon tattoo at a strip bar. Steve told John we were on our way, but John wasn’t cool with that, because he didn’t want us to interrupt his game… you know, cock block him.
Well, Steve and Dave figured fuck John. So we went. We got to this strip bar in Lake Forest near a few other bars and shit right off the 5 freeway. We paid that shitty cover charge and entered. We spotted John and dragon tattoo right away. Steve walked right up and put his hand on her shoulder and said what’s up. John was surprised. He said what’s up, but I could tell he was pissed.
I avoided the area and went to the bar for a beer. I kicked back, watched some raunchiness, then headed to the pool table. I was trying to play it cool… i don’t know why.
I took next game with a very crappy pool player who thought he was hot shit. Good thing he wanted to play for money. Steve brought dragon tattoo over to the table. We pounded fists and started talking about the dumb ass playing me. Dave was all over her and Steve was feeling her up. I was pissed, but trying not to show it, because I wanted her. Alone!
I watched her being treated like a ho, and I ignored it. She eventually came to me and asked me for $20. How unbelievable, I thought, she doesn’t even know me or my name and she’s asking for money. She started to rub on me and grabbed my cock through my jeans. At this point, I didn’t want to know her, at all. The beauty behind the counter was not what I saw. I saw a whore. I told her no, flat out.
She continued to irritate me and grab on me no matter how much I pushed her away and told her no. She kept telling me it was so she could get a lap dance. All the guys around me kept telling me to give her the money, I just looked at them with disgust.
Finally, she was befriending a stripper who would do it for $10. All the guys kept looking at me to give her the money, because she kept asking ME for it. I gave it to her. I wanted her to shut up. I wanted my money back, so I challenged captain stupid, whom I had been playing all this splendid time, to play for cash. $30 a game. He agreed.
I know that as a Marine I should remain to exercise Honor, Courage and Commitment. But the guy was paying more attention to her lap dance than our game. I just placed my balls in the pocket and set up the eight ball for an easy shot. I would then motion him to watch… me take his $30. I did this for 5 games. When the lap dance was over he accused me of cheating, because he opened his wallet to get a lap dance and only had $2 left. I told him tough shit and got right into his face. He wasn’t as stupid as I thought; he walked away cursing.
She approached me again. Of course, for more money. She told me she watched what I had done and she felt she deserved a piece of the pie.
“Fuck you”, I said as I walked back to the bar for another beer.
Steve, Dave and John were enjoying the show. Telling jokes and talking shit. She went back to sit with them. I got my beer and sat between her and John. She looked at me with hatred. I didn’t care. I still saw a whore and it hurt. The girl I had fantasized about was nothing more than a common little whore.
I talked shit with my friends and turned down lap dances from the strippers as my friends went off to get their laps danced. John got up to go to the bathroom, leaving me there with her. I had nothing to say. I turned to look at the other strippers and admire their bodies.
I looked over at her, and she was just staring off.
She was gone mentally. The lights were on, but nobod
y was at home. I looked into her eyes and asked, “why are you so sad?”
“What makes you think I’m sad?”, she asked.
“I can see it in your eyes.”, I told her.
“You can tell that from my eyes?”, she inquired.
“Yes.”, I replied.
She looked at me for a second, smiled, then began to kiss me. I didn’t know what to do, so I kissed the whore. I felt her hand grab mine and move it between her legs. I started to rub at her clit when I saw John sit next to me out of the corner of my eye. I stopped quickly. This was John’s date, as far as I knew… but she didn’t act like it. So I thought, fuck John.
I told Steve I was ready to head out. He agreed. We all left the club and went to the parking lot. I had come in Dave’s car along with Steve. John had brought her in his truck. We agreed that John shouldn’t have to ride alone. I figured Dave, dragon tattoo and I would ride together. Leaving John and Steve. I figured wrong somehow.
I ended up riding back to Steve’s apt. with John while Steve and Dave rode her back to his place. That’s how I saw it at least.
John and I got to Steve’s apt first… I don’t know how. A few minutes passed and Steve, Dave and dragon tattoo showed up. John and I were already talking about events that were probably transpiring as we waited with the others we had left behind.
They came inside and she had some drinks with all of us. Steve had to be up early and went upstairs to his room to shower and go to bed. Somehow she was up there, with him. I didn’t see Dave anywhere, either. I knew she was being tag teamed. Again, I thought, whore!
She came downstairs, I don’t know how long it had been. I was playing cards with my buddies and drinking heavily. She came up to me and started flirting. I wanted nothing to do with the whore. I was thinking that her breath would smell like cock if she hadn’t been drinking so much, too. Eventually, it got to the point where she wouldn’t leave me alone.
“Didn’t get enough dick upstairs!”, I exclaimed.
“What are you talking about”, she slurred.
“I’m not stupid. I know you were taking it from both ends up there. You’re a cock whore.”, I told her bluntly.
“Fuck off! You don’t know me. Asshole!”, she stammered.
I don’t know what possessed me, but I unzipped my jeans and pulled my dick out. I grabbed her hair and told her to suck my dick! She grabbed it. I thought she was going to rip it off for sure. How stupid could I be? But she lead me upstairs to one of the room mates bedrooms, closed the door and began to suck my cock. I couldn’t stop, I wanted this little cock monster. I had to treat her like shit and just giver the cock!
She dropped her skirt to the ground and yanked her tank top over her head and flung it across the room. Unknowingly to us, it hit the room mate, J.J., on the leg. He was passed out in the closet. This woke him up. She turned over on all fours on his bed and I slammed my cock into her cunt. I didn’t care what had happened earlier, I was going to be the part of the night she remembered.
She moaned like a whore, too. She kept asking for the dick and wanting me to cum all over her. I just kept slamming my cock into her hole with my nuts flapping against her clit. I could feel her fingering her clit as my balls bounced against it with force.
I noticed a shadow move and turned to see. J.J. was awake… and naked! He was moving in, and fast. I pulled out and let him get in there. She kept moaning, never turning around. I then grabbed her face and put my cock to it. She looked up and saw me. She took my cock in her mouth and sucked it clean of whatever I had pulled out of. Then, in panic, she pulled away and looked back to see J.J. fucking her sloppy cunt. I grabbed her head and shoved my dick back in her mouth.
“Fuck him you dirty whore”, I commanded.
“Fuck him back. I want you to slam back against him, now.”
She did, too.
“Now moan”, I said as I pulled my dick from her mouth. And so so she let out moans of whorishness.
I pulled her away and got underneath her. I told her to fuck me. She did. J.J. tried to enter her back door, and she slapped his dick and told him no! So after a moment, i flipped her over back into doggie style and pulled out, spit in her asshole and stuck my dick into it. I grabbed her by the head and told her that she was going to take my dick and love it. I then had J.J. get underneath her and fuck her. We pounded away at this little girl for over an hour. J.J. said he had to come, and she told him to pull out. He didn’t and she jumped up and kicked him as he came on himself. I went up with her and while laughing at J.J., and then slammed her back down and came in her asshole. She screamed in pleasure of pain. I pulled out and told her to lick it clean. She tried to get up and walk away, but i grabbed her hair and told her again to lick it clean. She did. I told her to swallow it. She tried as she almost vomitted, but I yelled at her to swallow and she did. I told her to get dressed.
I went downstairs in a pair of J.J.’s shorts and my t-shirt. J.J. was dressed similarly. I had another drink of Southern Comfort, because the Jack Daniels was all gone. She came downstairs after and tried not to look at anyone. She walked to the balcony to have a cigarrette. I brought her a drink of SOCO and 151 with a dash of Sprite. We talked a bit.
I learned that her name was Jenna. We talked about where we were from and shit like that. Out of nowhere, she told me we were going to be married.
“Yea right”, I thought.
Some time passed and I couldn’t believe the ridiculous shit that spilled out of this girls mouth. I was starting to remember what spoiled rich girls were like. I hated them becuase they didn’t know what it was like to struggle and actually have to earn shit. She was a Laguna Beach Brat… and that only meant one thing, KaChing! She only saw dollar signs. I wore nice clothes like Nautica and Hilfiger, but I worked to jobs to afford it. I had an Isuzu Trooper that I bought off my parents for $5,000. That was the family price, too. She didn’t know me.
As I judged her, the shit just kept pouring out her mouth. I took her back inside. Dave was back to flirting with her. She was starting to get upset with me and I think she messed around with him to teach me a lesson. News Flash! You’re not my girl dumb bitch. So I didn’t really care. I started to play Madden 2002 again.
Dave was caressing her breast under her shirt and whispering to her ear. He stood and got her to follow. He started back upstairs… but I got up and grabbed her hand. I brought her down with me and started kissing her. I pulled my dick out from the shorts and she started to suck it. Everyone was watching, right there in the living room. Dave was shocked that I had done that. Kind of pissed too.
She started to groove on my cock and was slurping it better than before. Saliva was running all over my cock and around her hand as it stroked my cock as her head followed her hand back in forth with my cock going in and out of her mouth. Dave got undressed and put his cock at her mouth. She went to grab it, then looked at me as if awaiting my response. I told her to suck his dick. J.J. wasted no time and got right behind her.
“Get off me fucker!” she told him.
But he tried to get inside her anyway. Pulling at her panties and trying to get his dick in her twat. She moved her ass quickly to one side and again told him to get off of her.
He went upstairs and came back pretty fast. He had brought back the Dolphin! It was a clit stimulator in the shape of a Dolphin… hence the name. He got behind her again and attached the Dolphin to her ckit and pussy lips. She tried to move away and before she could say anything, J.J. hit the full blast switch. She moaned and dropped forward with her face nearly hitting the floor. J.J. got his dick hard and stuck into her cunt.
J.J. buried his cock in her hot and sloppy cum whole. He wasn’t pounding away for long when he let out a good scream and ca
me on her ass and back.
Dave was getting most of the attention
as I moved back and was jacking off. She was sucking his cock as her told her what to do. She slurped up her saliva as it rolled down his nutsack. She sucked on his balls while jacking him off. She flicked her tongue at his taint and the back of his balls and he grabbed her hair as he let out a groan and came into her mouth and on her face. She spit it out letting it run down her chin and onto her tits.
I pushed her on her back and stuck my cock in. I could feel the Dolphin stimulating the tip of my penis as I slid my dick in and out of this whore’s cock hole. I fucked her slow for a bit, letting all the juices flow over my rock hard cock. My dick was practically swimming in her vagina. I would pull it out and slam back in. She would moan.
“I want your cum.”, she said.
“Cum inside me. I want you to come inside me!”, she shouted.
I started to really work it. Slamming my cock in and out of that sloppy pussy. Really ramming it in after I slid it out. I lifted her ass and put her on her shoulders as I stood up partially and took downward thrusts on her. It felt she was going to break as I slammed my cock with the force of my whole body against her pussy. As she moaned she kept beckoning for me to cum inside her.
I worked feverishly but I’m the kind of guy that fucks all night. I’m not a minute man. I was trying to work that cum, but it wasn’t coming anytime soon. The others watched as I pounded this cum whore… like it was a movie or something. Dave and J.J. were stroking their cocks. Felicia was acting too good for everybody from the kitchen watching me from behind the bar.
I heard felicia mutter something with my name. I told her to come here. She got right in my face, and I slapped her. Before she could react I grabbed her head and put it to Jenna’s twat. I told her to lick it. She tried to pull away.
“Fuck You!” she yelled at me.
“Lick it bitch! Fucking suck all that shit out of her nasty snatch. I want to see your tongue buried in that twat. You better have some cream pie, you fucking cunt.” I said in rage as pushed her face into Jennas dripping pussy.
Felicia stuck her tongue out and put it in Jennas sloppy pussy. I got so hot by it that I couldn’t let Felicia’s head go. So, I started to push her head back and forth so that her tongue could penetrate Jenna’s fuck hole. Felicia, in spite, broke my grasp and started to go down on Jenna. She started to suck on her clit and finger her cunt.
“Is this what you want! You want me to fuck this cunt! You want hot lesbo action, huh you motherfuckers!” she yelled at us, even though she meant me.
I unzipped her pants and pulled them off her taking her socks with them. I bent over to her ear and told her that her mother was next as i put my dick in her. She kept fingering that pussy and told me to fuck her like a man.
I fucked her with all I had left and she moaned and grunted as she made Jenna cum again and again. She raised her head and said, “Fuuuhhhuuuhhhuuuck! I’m coming… on your cock. Yea, fuuuck me you cracker ass bitch! Fuuuck this pussy!”
As she came on my cock I could feel the spasms of her vaginal walls close in on my dick and pulsate against my throbbing member as I pushed it in and out of her. I could feel my own orgasm start, so I pulled out and got between them… I wanted to cum on both their faces, but only Felicia went for it. She grabbed my cock and told me to cum on her face. As I spurted my load she swallowed my cock and cum at once. Deep throating me all the way down her throat. She even had my balls behind those big ass lips of hers. I couldn’t stop cumming as she kept swallowing while her tongue writhed around my cock. She kept me inside her mouth until I went limp. Then looked at me with a smile and said, “Fucker!”
I ended up driving Jenna home early that morning. What happened along the way and the things that transpired when I got her home… well that’s another story all together.

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