Sh'emat adventurs 1

On the planet Sh’emat there lived a peaceful race of people. These people were all females, lived in harmony with one another. There were no wars and crime was at an all time low. The residents of the planet were called Sh’ematians and they lived on this planet for the longest any of them could remember. The Sh’ematians were also able to defend themselves and so the few women who were guards were trained in fighting and using weapons.
The Sh’ematians were of different ethnicities, sizes and shapes, most of them were skinny and a small few were fat. The fat ones were usually casted off the planet because they took up the planets precious water. The water on the planet had a special property to those who drunk it, they would instantly get horny and would have sex for hours on end. A normal Sh’ematian was almost always horny and would masturbate and mate three to four times a day. Unfortunately there were a few Sh’ematians that would be sold into slavery, these were the Sh’ematians that had either committed crimes, committed adultery or was born into a slave family. The slave Sh’ematians were trained to become sluts and these girls had sex and masturbated many times.
The Sh’ematians may be all females but they were all equipped with one extra part. They all had a dick and pussy and breasts. Their breasts were usually a D cup or a DD, their cocks were 8 inches or bigger and their pussies were virgin tight. If two Sh’ematians would mate and let their seed traverse through their partners body they would get pregnant the next night. Even the slaves that would work for the higher Sh’ematians loved their life, that is until a group of explorers stumbled onto the planet and were stranded.
From their spaceship the St. Cruiser 9 were 4 males, Brian, Zack, Damien and Dominic.
Brian: 5’8, blonde hair, blue eyes, 143 pounds, 8 inches long 2 and a half inches thick.
Zack: 5’8, brown hair, brown eyes, 135 pounds, 7 inches long 2 and a half inches thick.
Damien: 6’0, black hair, brown eyes, 156 pounds, 9 inches long 3 and half inches thick.
Dominic: 6’0, black hair, brown eyes, 150 pounds, 10 inches long 3 inches thick
These men were the last hope for the dying planet of Earth. Unfortunately while in space their space ship had been caught in an asteroid belt and the asteroids crashed into the ships primary and secondary thrusters, knocking the men way off course and sending them crashing towards a planet. When their spaceship landed and the astronauts did a quick planetary check they discovered the planet was breathable and so they drew straws to find out which one of them was going to leave their ship and observe the planet quickly, Damien drew the shortest straw and was therefore chosen to leave the ship and look around the planet.
Damien was given a laser pistol, dagger, tele-communicator and a pair of black sweat pants and a sweat jacket with a red.
“Remember Damien,” their leader, Brian said, “only walk around the planet for three hours then come back to the ship.”
Damien nodded as he began to walk away from the ship.
As I walked away from the ship I noticed the oxygen on this planet was sweet, like honey, it was actually tasteful to breathe this planets oxygen and to walk through the wonderful green jungle was just as tasteful.
It was about an hour or so until I realized I was being followed, when I turned around to see who it was I was quickly knocked unconscious by some unseen force. When I awoke I discovered that I was lying on some sort of carpet, my clothes gone and I was surprised to find myself dressed in a red robe. I looked around and saw many women standing around, dressed in see through, cold colored robes, drinking from some a gold goblet and giggling and laughing as they talked to one another. God where the hell am I?, I thought to myself as I struggled to move and was surprised to find out that I couldn’t.
“Oh the new one is awake.” one of the girls said and that caused all of the talking to cease.
I looked around some more and then heard a loud banging sound in the distance then the girls bowed as the double golden doors ahead of me opened to reveal a startling beautiful woman who entered the room wearing a white robe.
“Who are you strange one and what are you doing on Sh’emat?” the woman asked.
“Um, my name is Damien and I am on here by uh mistake.” I told her.
“There is no mistake that you are here but you are…new.” she said once again as she sat a foot from me in Indian style. “Tell me, Damien, how did you get here?”
“My spaceship crash landed here and my crew decided to vote who would have to search the planet and I was chosen to.”
“This jungle where I was captured.”
“Lara, get a search team to those jungles now, get those people out of there.”
“Yes miss.” a girl said and she left the room.
“Is there a problem?” I asked.
“Those jungles are full of reptilian beasts that enjoy the flesh of us all. Our city keeps them out somehow. Please follow Selena to one of our guest rooms, you can wait there and she shall keep you company until your friends return.”
A girl to my left stood up and she headed for the door I tried to stand but remembered that I couldn’t.
“Relax your bones, that is how we are able to move around on this planet newcomer.”
And so I did as she had said, I relaxed myself and found out I was able to stand up and follow the girl, Selena out of the room and down a long hall which led into a room that had a big cot in the right corner, some laps and sofas and couches. I sat on the couch and looked at Selena, she was a few inches smaller then me, long brown hair, dark brown eyes, full lips, big breasts probably a D cup and a nice waist, I could see her legs through the robe and found them to be long and hairless, I also realized that my eyes were drifting upwards towards her pussy area then that is when she caught me staring.
“Looking at something?” Selena asked.
“S-sorry.” I said quickly and looked down at the couch then I was surprised to find that Selena sat on my lap, wrapping her hands around my neck and she kissed my cheek softly.
“I am supposed to keep you company remember, I think this will be one way to keep you company.” she said as she opened the top of her robe, revealing her big breasts and her nipples which were hard and erect and her areolas were a dark brown color, got me hard as a rock.
Selena moved in close to me and I kissed her hard on her full lips, she kissed back and before I knew it we were on the couch, her on top, kissing and touching each other. I slid my hand down in between her legs and felt something hard just above her pussy and when I found out what it was I stopped kissing her and looked down.
“Um, what is that?” I asked nervously.
Selena leaned upwards and she sat straight on my legs and removed her robe revealing her full slender body and a little lower to my surprise was a big hard cock in full view and just below that was her tight pussy which was drenching in her wetness.
“We Sh’ematians are all like this, trust me you will enjoy it.” she said as she grabbed my own robe and opened it revealing my long hard dark cock, her eyes widen an she smiled. “Ooh, that looks so big and hard. Is that for me?”
Selena grabbed a hole of my cock in one hand and raised her body in the air and rubbed her slit against the tip of my cock, it had been a while since I had actually fucked a girl with a pussy as tight as this and I knew I was going to love it. Soon she lowered herself on my cock slowly, letting her pussy lips spread so it could accommodate my thick cock. As she lowered herself on my cock she let out low moans which grew louder with each feeling of my cock inside of her.
When my cock was fully inside of her she grabbed both of her breasts and squeezed hard as she rotated her hips slowly, my cock moving in a small circle with each rotation and as she did this she would raise her body up and down slowly, rotating and riding m
y cock.
“Oh God, it is so hard, so hard and thick, I love it!” Selena said a
lmost shouting it.
Finally I thought I would help her with her pleasure and so I grabbed her hips and helped her rotate her hips faster, my cock moving inside of her faster, rubbing against her insides. Selena stopped her rotation and she slid up off of my cock, her pussy dripping her sweet juices and she bent over a chair, showing me her wet pussy and tight ass. I got up off of the couch and positioned myself behind her then I slid the head of my cock up against the slit of her pussy slowly and this caused her to let out soft gasps of pleasure then without warning I shoved my cock inside of her wet pussy with full force, holding onto her hips with both of my hands.
With each strong thrust of my cock Selena was being bought closer and closer to her climax, she grabbed her swinging cock and jerked it quickly and tightly as she howled and felt the release of her cum shoot from her cock and land on the carpet, just as her cock had its climax her pussy had its own as well, I felt her pussy constrict around my cock and as she came I shot my seed inside of her, letting out a low groan of pleasure.
Just as we finished the woman who I was talking with earlier entered the room with the angriest look I had ever seen and behind her were three girls holding spears and…

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    good story, keep it comin

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    its ait., great imagination.

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    this is a pretty good story u should make another one

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    Hunter! this is an amazing story! pls send more ok?

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