Shop Girl's Customer Service

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Wednesday afternoons are always a bore at the clothes shop i work in. It had been a slow week and my mind is wandering to other, more stimulating things to occupy my time. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror across the room and cant help to think how sexy i looked. My long dark brown hair fell seductively over my shoulders and the short black skirt i had on barely covered my firm ass. I’m wasn’t wearing a bra so my nipples are clearly on view through my blouse to all who look. And there are a lot of people looking.

I watched a couple enter the shop and immediately feel attracted to the man who was tall with a smart suit on, dark hair and a hint of a tan. His partner was small with blonde hair pulled up into a ponytail and she wore a blue trouser suit. The man turned his head to look at me. His eyes searched my body and he gave me a filthy smile as he sees my almost transparent blouse. Then, as he turned around to search through the rails of expensive designer clothes my boss appears behind me and slaps my ass.

‘Hey sexy, how about actually doing some work today. Or are you going to spend all afternoon fantasising about the customers again?’

I smiled and turned to face him. He had seduced me on my first day here and he showed me just how dirty I could be. And I loved every minute of it, in fact the thought of it was getting me really horny.

‘Well I think I might just fantasise a little more, the guy who just walked in is really my type’ I said turning my head towards the sexy suited man.

‘oh really? Well perhaps we could have a little bet then’ he replied. ‘The first one to fuck either the guy or his girlfriend wins the Rolex watch in the window’.

I paused, looking at the cute guy again and said ‘Sure, why not. He’ll get the fucking of his life’.

I quickly made my way over to the cute guy and coolly asked if he would like any help. He was even better looking close up and my pussy started to wet with anticipation of the challenge.

‘I’m looking for something for my fiancee’ he said ‘we have a party to go to and I want her to look very sexy’. Disappointed that I wouldn’t be getting to help him, I glanced across to my boss. He was watching us with a filthy grim on his face. What was he up to? This was going to be a harder challenge than I thought. I gathered together three dresses that were the woman’s size and colour and showed her to the dressing room.

‘Will you come in with me?’ she asked ‘I need some help with the zippers’.

I stepped inside the big dressing room and closed the door. She started undressing first her trousers which dropped to the floor revealing that she was not wearing underwear. She then unbuttoned her suit jacket and slid it off. She stood in front of me and I could not help but look at her beautiful body. She was slim with long legs and ample tits. She was completely shaved and I had to fight the urge to kiss her.

‘You can touch if you like’ she said coming closer. I wasn’t sure what to do. I had never been with a woman before even though I had fantasised about it many times.

‘Ive….er…never…um’ I stuttered as her hand touched my thigh.

‘Oh you’ve never had the pleasure of a woman eh? Well let me show you how wonderful it can be’. She kissed me hard on my mouth. Her tongue searching and feeling. I was really getting turned on by her, the thought of being with another woman made me so horny.

She stopped kissing me and knelt down in front of me. Her hand moved up my skirt to my g-string which she quickly removed with one hand. Her other hand caressed the inside of my thighs and gently up to my pussy which was now very wet. With one finger she lightly brushed my cunt and she sighed with delight when she felt how wet I was. My heart was racing with anticipation and nervous delight. Slowly but firmly she stuck two fingers into my pussy and started to gyrate. After a minute she pulled me down so I was perched on the edge of the bench in the dressing room. She opened my legs wide and started to lick my thighs higher and higher until I could feel her tongue play with the lips of my cunt. She licked hard but gently, faster and faster until she plunged her tongue deep inside me. I caught a glimpse of us in the mirror and the sight almost made me cum there and then. The sight of a total stranger eating my pussy was almost too much to bear. Suddenly the door opened and the cute guy appeared. I tried to stand up – almost embarrassed but the woman carried on eating me like a hungry hyena. The man watched for a while and I saw he was becoming aroused at the sight of his fiancee licking my cunt. He started to undo his trousers and pulled off his clothes to reveal a beautiful well toned body. He had the biggest dick I had ever seen and wanted to feel it in my ass. The woman turned to the man and asked him to have a go on me ‘she tastes so sweet’. My heart thudded in my chest. I wanted him so much. He knelt down and he grabbed my ass with both hands and pulled me to him. His tongue went straight into me, pulsing and probing. As he was doing this the woman started to unbutton my blouse and slipped it off to reveal my tits. She started to lick and bite each nipple which turned me on more. Then he stood up in front of me and told me to turn around. I did so willingly, I was so aroused I couldn’t stop. He told me he wanted me to lick the woman’s pussy, which I couldn’t wait to do. She was very wet too and my tongue licked every part of her and I pushed harder into her cunt. She groaned with pleasure. All of a sudden I felt the lips of my cunt being gently moved apart and I gasped as his rock hard cock rammed into me. He thrusted harder and harder as I licked and sucked her juicy pussy. Just then my boss’s voice breathed beside me,

‘You might have won, but the runner up prize is to join in’. He was naked too. He must have been listening outside. His big cock was next to me so I grabbed it and started to wank him off. I felt so powerful and sexy. It felt so good I didn’t want it to stop. Then my boss lay down on the floor and pulled me down to sit astride his cock. The woman sat on his face and we all started moving together. The other guy knelt behind me and started to push his throbbing cock into my tight asshole. It went higher and harder than I have ever felt before and soon we were all groaning and moaning. I could feel my boss cum inside me with a jet of warmth. The feeling of that and the man cuming in my ass triggered to longest orgasm I have ever had. I could hear the woman cuming too until we were all exhausted.

After we all went outside into the shop which had filled with customers. They all must have been able to hear us fucking but no one said anything. I was full of cum and was still tingling from my orgasm when my boss brought the Rolex from the shop window.

‘Here you are’ he said ‘its for services rendered’. He winked at me and turned to say goodbye to the couple. They simply smiled and walked to the door. Just before they left, the woman turned to me and said;

‘Ill be sure to recommend your shop to me friends’. And she did, but that’s another story……

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