A Sissy’s Wedding, Part 3

I was on my knees finishing off the last of the ten men and I estimated it took less than an hour to do them.

“Stop,” the last man said and moved away.

The first man came back over to me and pulled me towards a two by four that was set up on two piles of bricks.

“On your back, whore,” He ordered.

I lied on my back, trying to balance myself on the two by four.

“Lift your legs up for your master.”

I raised my legs and held my knees, exposing my cum filled ass. He mounted my ass once again and started to fuck me. The wood hurt my back but I dare not complain, it took much longer for him to explode in me, but this time he did not let me suck him dry, he just got up and walked away.

I was about to get up when the next man came over. He pulled my hair making me lie down again, then he mounted my mouth.

“Keep your legs spread wide, slave. I want to see your ass beg for my cock as you suck it.”

Once again I held onto my knees, pulling them up for him to see my hole as he fucked my mouth hard and deep; this time I did not gag. When he exploded he was too far down my throat for me to even taste it.

The next guy came over and pulled me off the wood and back to the couch. He sat me on the couch and I thought I was going to give him a blow job.

“Put your hand between your legs and grab your heels, bitch.”

I spread my legs and bent my knees and grabbed my heels. He bent down and slowly pushed his long cock into my ass, then grabbed hold of the top of the skirt and lifted me up off the couch. I immediately slid down onto his cock. He began fucking me, bouncing me on his cock as other man cheered him on. Sweat ran down his naked chest and I began to crave his cock.

“Oh yes, master, more! Yes, fuck me master, fuck me!”

I cheered him on and it got him excited and he came in me and then threw me onto the couch. “She is a real fucking whore,” He said, pointing at me.

The older black man came up to me and told me to stand. He then lied down on the couch and ordered me to mount his cock. With pleasure I mounted him, taking his cock all the way with no real problem. “Lie on me,” he said. I lied down and another man got on top of me.

“Let’s see if she can handle two at the same time,” he said and they cheered.

The man I was on pulled open my cheeks as the other man pushed and spread my ass wider than it had ever been. It was the first time I took two cocks at the same time but I was so loose it did not hurt too bad as they fucked my ass without mercy. It was the man on top of me that came first, then moved off and made me suck his cock dry, even giving me a little seed. The older man took some coxing as I rocked on his cock for some time, but it was when I started to talk to him that made him shoot his load.

“Oh you feel so hard,” I started, “I want your cum, I want you to breed my ass. Make me your whore, I will fuck you day and night,” I said, rubbing my hands on his chest.

I knew when he was going to shoot because he pulled my ass cheeks far apart and pushed his cock as deep as he could get it. When he was done I was going to suck his cock but he said not to. I was made to sit on a small plate. My legs folded to each side and my ass flat on the plate as I was made to suck a cock gently and slowly. When the man was about to orgasm he moved me back off the plate and shot all over it, adding to what had leaked out of my ass.

“You will lick that all up. No black man’s seed should be wasted.”

I pulled my hair back and held it with my hands as I leaned over with my ass high up in the air and I licked every drop of seed from the plate, then they put a small hose up my ass and drained what they could onto the plate and made me lick it all up. This action was getting them excited again. I had four guys left in the room as the others had left. These four tied me with my wrists tied to my ankles and my legs spread to the sides. They stood over me, each jerking off and as they shot their loads onto my face I became covered in seed and so much so I was having trouble catching my breath. Cum ran down the sides of my face, up my nose into my mouth as they had large loads for me to take. After they all finished one man dipped his cock into the mixed seed and made me suck on it. Before I knew it most of the men had returned to fill my face with their seed, all ten shot their load, some small some large, onto my face. They left me there when they were done.

The black man who was training me stood over me. “You have made a mess. You will get every bit of seed on the floor and on you and swallow it all. Make sure you lick up the floor, slave.” He cut me loose then watched as I cleaned myself much like a cat, then I cleaned the floor with my tongue.

That night I was allowed to shower and clean up, but I was in a different frame of mind. I was sticking my fingers into my ass and getting every bit of seed into my mouth. I cleaned up and ate cum filled mashed potatoes and a hamburger with cum sauce. I was told it was a whore’s dinner.

It was day five of seven as the pump worked on my breasts and the IV dripped into my arm. The black trainer pushed a baseball bat into my ass. I now liked being fucked. I was there for the entire day as the black master had other things to do. When the master returned he came in with another black man who looked at my black and purple tits.

“She is ready now,” he said to the other master.

He took a long needle and pushed it into my stomach and moved it around as he drew the syringe back pulling out a small amount of fat. He then pushed it into one of my breasts and filled it with the fat, and then did the other breast. He did it three times and it was very painful.

“Your breasts will stay this big because you will not reject your own fat tissue. I have filled your breasts as much as it will take, but the painful part with be filling your nipples. They get filled with hormones in order for them to grow milk ducts.” He raised the needle and pushed it into the very top of my nipple and tears ran freely down my face, but I was tied down so I could not fight him off.

The next day I sat on a bed; my tits were sore. I was given a dress to wear made out of sheer white cloth. I was also given bright red panties to wear under it so everyone could see. I was summoned out to the kitchen where I was to sit beside the black master’s chair. He wore baggy shorts as his limp cock sat freely peaking out one side of the leg. I sat as trained with my legs to each side and my ass and balls on the floor, but my balls were shrinking and barely touch the floor anymore. Master petted my head as I sat quietly beside him, each movement causing me great pain when my nipples touched the dress.

“I have good news for you, slave. Your master has said I can keep you for another two weeks, by then your breasts will be ready to be used.”

I looked up at the man and smiled as he stuck his thumb into my mouth and I sucked on it.

“You will make a good whore but a better slave for your master. He has told me he has plans for you and will be emailing further instructions to me for training.”

I laid my head down on master’s lap as he continued to stroke my head. I could smell his cock and I fought with myself not to ask for his cock. I went without cock or seed for three days after that day. I wore a collar and was tied to the bed each night. I worried my ass was becoming too tight when the black man came and gave my breasts more injections, making them larger and again very painful. After he was done, we were in a room alone together with tears still running down my face.

“You owe me and I want some of the payment now,” he said as I was strapped against the wall with no top on. He unzipped the skirt on the side and let it fall down to my feet, then violently tore off my sheer panties. He lifted one leg and undid his pants and pulled out his hard cock. He moved his cock under my hole and put some lube onto his cock before slowly pushing it into my ass. It felt so good to be used again.


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