You know, sometimes things just happen. My wife was out of town. My in-laws were out of town. And my sister-in-law’s husband was also out of town. So Stacie, my sister-in-law, and I seemed to be the only people in town. So we decided to not sit at home alone, but go out somewhere together.
We’re all race fans, so Stacie and I decided to go up to a little short track north of where we live. We spent all night at the track. It was a lot of fun. We had about an hour and a half drive home. So we had a great talk.
You know how late night talks go. This was no different. We started with the race, moved on to NASCAR news, then into music, gossiped a little about our family members, got into a little perverted talk about sex and that was just about it. As we got a little closer to home, I kinda felt like I wasn’t ready to go home yet. Stacie actually made the joke, “well we didn’t do anything crazy while our spouses were away”. “I know, we’re boring”, I replied.

Robert: “You know, we can still do something crazy before we get home.”
Stacie: “Like what?”
Robert: “We can stop by and take a midnight swim at your parent’s house on the way home”
Stacie: “But we don’t have any towels or suits or anything with us.”
Robert: “I know. That’s what would be crazy.”
Stacie: “Oh… I see.”

Stacie’s parents lived a little ways from town. They’re on about 30 acres of nothing but woods. If we stopped by for a swim, it would be private.
Stacie said, “Sure, I’ll go skinny-dipping”. I’m not sure how serious she thought I was. So I drove down her parent’s driveway to see. We parked right at the end of the driveway. We could see the pool from where we were sitting. I asked if she wanted to leave the clothes in the car. I was thinking, this way I could watch her undress under the dome light of the car. She agreed, opened the car door, stood up, and turned off the interior lights of the car. “Crap”. I guess that wasn’t going to work. We stood on opposite sides of the car, undressed, and put our clothes in the seat of the car. There was a gentle cool breeze blowing about, and when it hit me, I got an erection. I started to picture in my mind what her erect nipples would look like… would feel like… would taste like. There was no getting this erection to go down. How was I going to walk to the pool?
In a second, Stacie took off running for the pool. I reacted, and ran after her, holding my erect penis to keep it from slapping from side to side. She jumped right in the pool with me right after her. We swam around a little, keeping our distance, talking a little, but mostly just swimming. My eyes started to focus in the darkness. As it turns out, there was a full moon out tonight. I think we both noticed it at the same time. We realized that we were not going to get back to the car without seeing each other. Besides, we’d have to spend a little time out of the water to dry off. Remember, we didn’t bring any towels.
As we started to get tired of swimming, we started to get closer and closer together. We eventually settled at the steps. We could sit together and talk. And she could sit low enough as not to reveal her breasts. We talked for maybe half an hour. We almost forgot that we were naked. That was about the time she shifted her body and lost balance. You know how people when they lose their balance will just flap their arms in all directions? Yup, that’s what happened. Her hand hit my erect penis, and it kinda wrapped around it as if she was holding it. Instantly she grabbed it, started rubbing it, apologized, and asked if she’d hurt anything. Then she realized she was holding my penis. She stood up to move away, and at that second, her tits were right there in my face. “Oops”, she went right back down into the water. How awkward. How funny. Oh how I wanted to see those tits again.
I tried to comfort her. I assured her that everything was OK. I promised her that anything that went on tonight “didn’t happen”, if you know what I mean. I gently rubbed her back. She settled in beside me. After the quick touch, and brief peep show, we seemed to be even more comfortable with each other.
She moved in to sit between my legs. She reached around and just moved my penis out of the way. That way she could just back all the way up to my body, and the penis would just point upwards towards her back. I guess she figured, she’d touched it before, what was another touch. I don’t remember where the conversation went from there, but something prompted her to say “kiss my ass”. I simply told her that is she exposed it, I would. So she stood up out of the water, bent over the side of the pool, and pointed that ass right at me. I started with the cheek. I opened my mouth, pressed it against her cheek, and rubbed my tongue on it. “No, I said my ass.” I glided my tongue down into the crack, I grabbed both cheeks with my hands and spread them out. I flicked my tongue on her anus. It tickled her at first, but later she relaxed and enjoyed it. She bent farther over, resting all of her weight on the side of the pull. I pushed her legs open even farther. I moved my chin down, and stuck my tongue into her pussy, rubbing my chin on her clit. Now I’ve got a goatee. Can you imagine what that felt like on her clit. She wanted more. She tried to reach me, to push me in farther. But she was lying on her stomach. She couldn’t reach me. I went up for air, and she quickly rolled over. She pulled my head into her pussy. I sucked her clit until she had an orgasm. She came all over my face. I picked her up and I threw her in the pool.
Before she came up for air, she latched herself onto my dick, sucking it as hard as she could. I found myself leaning back on the side of the pool. The more she sucked, the more I leaned back. Eventually, I was lying completely out of the water on the deck of the pool. She was sucking and bobbing like crazy. I was about to cum when she just stopped. “No”, she said. “I’m not ready for this to end yet.” I guess she was referring to how most guys are finished after an orgasm. I must admit, I’m like that a lot of times. I wanted it so bad; I got up and chased her. We were laughing and running all through the grass. When I finally caught up to her, we fell in a way my dick went right into her pussy. She rose up on all fours, and I was still inside. I slapped her on the ass, and told her that was for holding out on me. She said it was all part of the plan. I fucked her doggy style until I came. I rolled over on my back, to rest a minute. When I did, she climbed on top and straddled me. I was still hard as a rock. She just kept riding me. One orgasm after another, I was covered in her juices.
After we couldn’t move anymore, we got back in the pool and rinsed off. After, we lay in the grass until we were dry. I have no idea if we left anything floating in the pool or not. And I’ve always wondered what she told her husband about the grass stains and scratches that were left on her knees.

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    I’ve always wanted to do my sister-in-law and now I want to even more! Good Job! Wc

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