A young woman walks down a deserted hotel hallway.. small tight shorts and a tee that is cut off to show her stomach.
Her name is Erica and she is 23 years old and her white socks have little hearts on them.
Random trays of half eaten food sit outside of closed doors, her head teeters back and forth until she sees two women walking out of the elevator.
A tall fit blonde and her Asian companion with long black hair and a short tight skirt. The blonde, noticing Erica asks if she is lost.. invites her into their room.

The morning comes too soon, the bed looks barely slept in and Erica’s clothes are stained and on backwards.
She showers and dresses for her morning conference. On the way downstairs, as she closes her eyes flashes of images flood her mind..
A woman with blonde hair kneeling between her legs, eating her out as a slender Asian woman sucks her small firm tits..
A long purple dildo being shared by the two women as a hand smacks their asses.
Three women in a shower, tangled together as they cum one after another.
Strap-ons filling a mouth and wet horny…
The doors slide open at the ground floor, Erica walks off.. pulling her curly hair up tightly behind her head.

The boredom of the conference is palpable and the day is not over soon enough. Erica drags her tiny ass up to her room and falls onto the bed. Only kicking her heels off before she falls..

Awake, in a red and white striped dress that comes to her mid thigh.. she has white knee highs on and no shoes as she steps into an elevator.
A group of business men crowd her in the lift, snickering commenting loud enough so she can overhear..”bet her mouth is like a vacuum!”
“I’ve got something she can suck up”
“Bet her asshole is nice an..”
Erica turns to the man nearest to her and reaches for his zipper, kneeling as she pulls his member from his pants. Her mouth sucks him down as she reaches out to two of the others, rubbing their crotches with her palms.
The big talker shoots inside her mouth in the first 90 seconds.
The two men with her hands in their crotches pull her to her feet and guide her from the elevator to their room. All four men enter the room, stripping their clothes off as she grabs one around the neck.. pulling herself up she inserts his cock in her pussy and rides him where he stands.
Slamming her hips into him so hard he has to lean against the bar to brace himself as she pounds her horny slit onto his hard married cock.
One of the others starts fingering her asshole with a few lubed up fingers before he plugs her backdoor, kissing her neck as she screams out, moaning and cursing. She implores them to fuck her hard, so she can’t walk straight.
Once the two businessmen empty their loads into her, she walks over to another.. sitting on the couch stroking himself.
Erica sits on his lap, “cram your meat in my hole, big daddy.” The jizz from the last two men still dripping from her holes, Erica rides the next.. her skinny thighs slapping against his legs as she takes every inch and begs for more..

The bed is still made and Erica wakes near it, a bit sore and wondering why.. unable to figure how she found her way into such a strange dress.
The second day of the conference was ahead of her. So another shower and a change of clothes and back downstairs.
Day two feels longer than day one. Knowing she nodded off at some point as the day concludes, the elevator takes her upstairs.
More strange flashes, in a restroom two women in a stall.. one kneels eating an older woman through her panties.. deep kissing as they finger one another.. a man bends the young girl over and eats her asshole as her jerks himself off..
The doors open at the 24th floor. Erica staggers to her room to only barely find her bed before she crashes..

The waiter knocks at the door as she is just about to walk out.. in a tiny green thong and nothing else. Erica pulls him inside explaining that she doesn’t have any cash for a tip but she really wants his tip in her ass..
Her hands unzip his uniform, working at his thick veiny penis.. she bends over assuring him that she has already lubed her asshole..
He take her head, slamming it against the wall, then his dick inside her ass.
His belt and keys jingle as her works her over, balls deep when she clinches her fists.. dripping turns to full on squirting into the carpet..

Erica wakes up before the sun is up. Satisfied for the first time in months. With no memory of the previous nights she heads to the shower, stripping her clothes off to reveal long strands of cum sliding onto her cute little ass.

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    I love your writing. it gets me excited every time.

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