Snowy night play time

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On one cold winter night in the mountains of North Georgia the snow was coming down and making the ground look like a soft white blanket with the street lights reflecting periodically it made the perfect setting for a winter wonderland. As we drove home from my parents house I sat close to you in order to stay warm. My hands however still seemed to have a chill and I rested them between your legs barely grazing your crotch not expecting a response. That however was far from the cas as I wiggled around trying to get warm I kept brush my breast against your arm and rubbing my hand againist your warm crotch. This seemed to be causing quite a stir in your pants as I could feel your love tool getting harder and harder. This was quiet amusing to me as I knew you had to keep both hands on the steering wheel an pay close attention to what you were doing and could not do relieve your problem in any way. The entire time in the truck I kept this touching up progressing to massaging your love tool through your jeans. When we finally got home and inside the warm house you seemed think it was time to take care of your problem but I thought otherwise. I quickly told you to slow down and follow me I wanted to prolong our lovemaking. As you follow me into the bedroom I slowly remove your shirt giving each nipple a quick suck and slithering my tongue around your belly button before unbuttoning your pants and slipping your jeans and underwear to the floor. I lifted your love tool to my lips and made circular motions around the head and licking the pre-cum off the tip. Now I lead you into the bathroom where I turn on the water in our garden tub and add bubbles. I instruct you to get in and I would be along in just a minute. I take my time undressing first removing my shirt and bra playing with my nipples even bringing them up to my lips for a flick of my tongue. Then I remove my pants and panties and walk closer to you so that you can see my fingers playing with my shaven pussy…massaging my clit and letting my fingers glide in and out of my already dripping hole. As I climb in the tub with you I slide my tits across your face and you grab on of my nipples and start to circle around and around with your tongue, then I can feel your love tool entering me. As we face each other joined your hands roam my body first my heavy tits teasing my nipples until I feel I can’t take any more then you find my clit and as I ride you, you rub my clit not letting yourself cum until I’m ready. As you begin to fill me with your cum you hold my clit tightly between your fingers making my waves of pleasure even more intense. After a few moments wrapped in your arms I lean back with you still inside of me enjoying the fullness you give my pussy. Then it is your turn to play games. As you pull out of me you grab a bar of massaging soap and ask me to turn around so you have better access to my back. Your hands feel so good on my body then you reach around and begin to rub my tits spending most of your time on my nipples. You know that I can cum just from your touch and you won’t stop each time I reach climax you move your hands somewhere else making me beg for release. You have other ideas though. You tell me we are getting out of the tub and you get out first then you scoop me up and carry me to the fireplace in our bed room there you lay me on the rug and tell me to entertain myself you will be right back. As I lay there totally naked drying form the fire I can’t help but touch myself and I can feel the climax rising once again but then suddenly you appear your love tool standing at attention obviously from the thoughts of what’t to come. In your hand I see several items form the kitchen. As you kneel next to me you bring form a bowl some white grapes. They are very cold and dripping from the ice you have brought them in as you put one in your mouth and then kiss me feeding it too me you have others you are running over my body tracing my nipples resting on in my belly button and circling my clit then you let one slip inside my cunt then you take one fo the icecubes from he bowl of grapes and begin letting it drip all over my body again circling my nipples making them stand even more at attention if that is possible the quickly down to my thighs and up to my clit letting it rest there for a moment. The to heat up my clit you bring your lips to my pussy and begin licking my pick wet lips bringing yourself up to my face for a kiss every now and then letting me taste my sweet juices. Then I feel your tongue inside of me retrieving the grape then your mouth is coming to my face for another kiss but with this kiss you give me the grape that has been in side of my soaking wet cunt…my juices make the grape even sweeter. While I am enjoying the grape I have not noticed what else you have in store for me but now I see a peeled banana heading for my cunt. I can’t wait the fullness in my cunt as I rise up to meet it as I would our love tool. I can feel it entering me not as big as you but something inside none the less you fuck me with the banana until you decide it is your turn with this decision you slip it from between my pussy lips and begin to eat the tip that was just filling me…my juices are running the side and you are licking it off. I can feel your love tool entering me and I push up to accept it. You puch it all the way in and thrust hard and forcefully againist my cunt your hand are busying themselves with one of my tits and I am fondling your balls. Finally I can’t take it any longer I force my hand to my clit and begin to feverishly massage and beg you to suck my nipples and you do as I as I feel your cum flowing into me and moments later I feel waves of pleasure wash over me. We fall asleep in front of the fireplace with your lovetool still inside me and your hands covering both my tits ready for another session as soon as we wake up!

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