Something a little differant

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From all the stories I’ve heard of it’s usually the women that gets it on with another guy or the husband that wishes to see his wife banged by another man. This is not the case in this marriage.
My wife Angela and I discussed some interesting things one night, fantasies came up in the conversation, I really didn’t have any that I knew of or rather had thought much about but my wife did. It seems she spent a while thinking about it too. She wanted to see me with another women! This blew my socks off; I didn’t know how to respond to this, was I being tested? Tricked? I figured I’d shut up and listen.
I didn’t know what was ok? Blowjobs, pussy eating, full fuck? Who knew but this was getting interesting. I went along with it but when she asked whom I had in mind to do it with I would not answer, I wasn’t going to touch that question. She finally named a few girls we knew, I pictured them in my mind as she spoke but none rocked me enough to get in trouble commenting on. The she said; “How abut my cousin Mary?” This got my interest, Mary’s real cute like my wife but about 15 pounds lighter. She’s about 25 years old and weighs about 98 pounds and has perfect little A cup breasts but I could tell sometimes the way she dresses that she had nipples like a stack of about 5 dimes, not the pencil eraser type which are fine also but like a dime size.
We discussed how and why for a while, talking about 3 days. When Saturday came I was kind of charged up wondering if it would go down that night. It seems my wife had ok’d it with her cousin during the week and she was good to go also.
Mary showed up about 8:00 pm and was looking good; we all chatted and downed a few beers as the night went on. Finally my wife said are you guys ready? She told me to come here and I did standing in front of her while she sat on the couch. Mary sat right next to her as my wife pulled my shorts down and slipped my cock into her mouth. Mary was watching real closely almost licking her lips. Now I’m 6’1″ with an average sized cock I guess, 6″ long but pretty big in diameter. The thought of picking up this 98 pound beauty and bouncing her up and down on my cock made it rock hard that night. When my wife had it all hard and glistened up she stood up and sat in another chair and said to Mary “Your turn”, Mary slid over 1 cushion and just engulfed my cock in one motion, for a little sized girl I was surprised all 6″ disappeared into her mouth right to its base. This went on for a minute or so when Mary stood up and slid her pants off revealing a nice white pair of lacy underwear. She then removed her shirt to reveal bare breasts with perfect nipples already hard like that stack of dimes I talked about before.
My wife got up and removed my shorts and underwear and tee shirt, I reached over to Mary and felt her breasts and rolled the nipples in my fingers, she moaned quietly waiting for more. I reached down and placed my hand over her crotch thru the lacy panties. I then helped her step out of her panties and was gently pushed back and helped to lie down on the heavy coffee table in front on the couch. She climbed up on the table and placed her feet on both sides of me. Lowering down to the tip of my cock and she then grabbed it and wiggled it back and forth to open her pussy and get it wetter. She then sat down inch-by-inch till it was all the way in. She fucked me pounding up and down on me, I think she came 3 times before it was my turn. I didn’t know if she wanted me to come in her so I told her I was going to. She just rocked harder till I pumped load after load into her.
Mary said to my wife ” You were right, he feels great”.
My wife was still in the chair next to us and said “Thank you” to me! This was the first time with her cousin but not the last, usually every Saturday night she just sits and watches us fuck. Then I get all cleaned up and when we go to bed we have tremendous sex, she seem to be very happy now.
Mary’s engaged now so I guess it will end when she gets married, or will it? Will her new husband want a piece of Angela?

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