Stacy Part 2

It was about eleven in the morning I had gotten up late and went to find something to eat.  I had spent the night before in the motel room that I had gotten so that I could have sport sex with my ex-girlfriend Stacy.
She left early evening to get back to her husband so he would not know she spent the afternoon in bed with me.  I killed off the evening by getting take out and watching Show Girls on late night cable.
It was a hot sunny summer afternoon as I walked back to the room.  I did not know if she would come back for a second day of sucking and fucking but I hoped.  She knew I had the room for one more day (and night.)  I walked around the corner coming from the little diner down the street.  As I got closer I saw Stacy leaning against my car.
She wore a yellow sun dress with just a thin string around her neck holding it up.  It was barely keeping her double d’s inside.  She wore a pair of large sunglasses and had what looked like a large beach bag over her arms and wore a pair of sandals.  If you did not know better you would think she was off to the beach for a day of leisure.  She was so cute to look at with her long blonde hair looking like it was glowing in the sun light.  She had on small braid in bangs giving her a sweet innocent look.  I was already getting hard.
I walked up behind her as she dug in her bag and put an arm around her waist and kissed her cheek.  She turned putting her free arm around my neck and stuck her tongue in my throat.  We stood at my car kissing hard and deep, her lips so soft and moist I could not stop.
“Let’s go inside,” she said breathlessly.
“You took the words out of my mouth darling.”
I led her inside and closed the door behind us.  I turned around to take off my shoes and when I turned back she was already naked and laying on the bed on her side hand holding up her head and her free fingers were resting on her hip.
”Not wasting time, I see, hunh beautiful?”
”It helps to not wear panties or a bra” she said in a sultry voice.
“So what did you tell hubby last night?”
“The truth, sort of.  I ran into an old friend and we re-lived old times,” she said smiling.  “Then he was horny so we made love.”
“You are a naughty one.”
“Yup and still horny.”
I stripped out of my clothes and walked over to the bed and lay down beside her.  She ran her fingers through my chest hair.  She nibbled my ear and spoke soft. “You’re right.  Being secret lovers is hotter.  All I could think about last night was coming back here today”
Her big beautiful body smelt freshly showered and I ran a finger up her leg and tried to make a move to her clit but she stopped me and bit my ear hard.  “No baby today we do it my way.  You remember my birthday sex, that’s what I want”
“Mmm no one has tied me up in a long time”
She reached back and grabbed her bag from the floor as she rolled over and knelt over me sitting on my stomach.  She reached into the bag and pulled out four silk scarves. She reached forward and put my hands through the head board and tied my hands together so they stayed above my head.  As she tied off the scarf I tried to lick her nipples but she pulled away and told me to wait for permission.
She moved to the foot of the bed and tied off each of my ankles to the bed frame.  When she was happy with the tension she came back and knelt over me again.  I could feel her gently rubbing herself against my dick.
She was priming herself for sure.
Her last scarf she put around my head and blind folded me.
“There lover now I have all the control” she purred as she ran her fingernails over my chest.
“Close your mouth and wet you lips” she ordered.
I felt her hard nipple trace along my mouth as she moved it back and forth over them.  The nipple hardened even farther as she teased me with it.  I opened my mouth enough to get the tip of the nipple in and gripped it gently as I flicked the tip with my tongue.  I felt her pussy grind harder against my cock.
I sucked hard and long on her nipple which met with the desired effect as she ground harder on my tool.   She moved herself around on the bed and told me to stick out my tongue and lick her clit.  I did as told and was soon tasting her hot, wet pussy.  She grabbed my hair to raise my head and buried it deep into her vagina.
“Suck my clit and eat me like a meal” she gasped as I was already sticking my face in her pussy.  She held on with both hands and face humped me as I sucked on her clit and stuck my tongue deep inside her.
She was close I could tell by her breathing and her grip on my hair.  She let go of my head and slid back down my torso leaving a wet trail all the way and slid right on to my dick and began a very intense ride.  She slammed her right hand onto my chest and her left she grabbed my leg leaning back slightly to get an arched angle on me and went fast hard pushing her hips back and forth.  It felt like amazing her soppy wet cunt greasing my rock hard cock.
She rode me steady like that for five minutes or so could have been less when you are blindfolded it is hard to tell.  She sat upright and slammed her left hand to my chest and dug her fingers in as she came like nothing I have ever felt before.  She came so hard she left scratches on my sides from where her fingers dug in.  If she were on the bed there would have been a massive wet spot.  I swear I felt her squirt and hit my chest it was that intense.  I could not control myself at that point either.  I shot my load deep into her still convulsing cunt.  She stayed on top for a long time rolling with the orgasm.
She finally untied me and took the blindfold off.  I told her there was beer in the fridge if she was thirsty.  She glided naked across the room and took out a long neck and took a long pull from it and handed it to me.  She was still a little breathless and as I sat up to take a drink of the beer she began kissing where she scratched me.
“Sorry stud you got me over excited,” she said licking my wounds.
“Hey it happens sometimes, I bet your husband never made you come like that”
“No he never did, he is pretty standard as a lover, missionary and me on top sometimes.”
“Ahh so sad.”
“He has not made me cum in months.”
“Well now you have an alternate option for that particular service” I said as I began kissing her neck.
We finished the beer and were lying on the bed side by side it was still early in the afternoon and we had time to kill so I decided round two was called for.  I rolled onto my side and began sucking on her nipple.  She cooed in approval.
She knew it was time for round two as well.
“You had your birthday sex, now I want mine.  If you remember what you always did for me on my birthday”
“I do, it has been a while, and you were the last guy to fuck my ass actually”
“Really, nice it should be nice and tight then”
I rolled her over on her stomach and pulled her hips up so she was face down on the bed.
“In my bag, there is lube.  Please use it” she said as I thumbed her anus.
“You come prepared hey sweetie”
“I know you, and I know you like your anal” she said softly as I rubbed some K-Y into her ass with my thumb.    I pulled her back so her knees were on the edge and I stood up behind her and coated my cock with lubrication.
“Be gentle lover it’s been a while” she said as I positioned myself and began sliding into her starfish.  “At least at first, then you can pick up the pace”
I slid all the way into her and felt her nice tight ass clinch around me as I pulled almost all out then back in to the balls.  Grabbing her hair and arching her back I did this nine or ten times and worked the lube in good.  Slowly I sped up but only slightly.  She reached under and began playing with herself as I slowly fucked her.
I was pulling her hair still.  I reached around and grabbed her shoulders and pulled her upright and grabbed her big tits and kneaded them as I probed her ass.  Her head was tilted back into my shoulder as she reached back and put an arm around my neck and she guided my hand down to her pussy and directed my fingers as they helped her work her clit.
“I love being in your tight ass Stacy” I hissed as she drove my finger inside her pussy.
“You’re driving me insane with lust, you know that?”  She cooed again.
“Come for me you dirty bitch” I growled in her ear.  “Come while I am in your asshole.”  I moved my other hand to her clit and began rubbing it as I shoved three fingers from the other hand inside her vagina.  It took only seconds and she forced herself forward again on all fours and pushed back against my thrusts.  I slapped both hands onto her hips and gripped tight as I pounded her ass.  She came after a couple of really hard deep thrusts.
“Now for the last part of the birthday sex” I said pulling out and pulling her forward and around and slapping her tits together with my dick between them.
I fucked her tits hard and came all over them and her chin.  She quickly scooped up the spend and licked it off her fingers.
“That should make up for missed birthdays” I said as we collapsed back on the bed.
She went in to the bathroom to clean up and I took the chance to slip a note into her bag with my address, phone number and e-mail on it and a line that said she could use them or me any time.
We lay back down together and I fell asleep after such good sex.  When I awoke she was gone.
An hour or so later she sent me a text that said “until next time.  This will have to do” and attached was a photo of her in the tub with a dildo between her mammoth tits.
Fuck yes she will be back for more!


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