Sticky Situation, Part 2

So it was Friday night, two days after I had screwed my daughter’s best friend. I got a call from Ally, my daughter, asking if Gabby could stay for the weekend. Thinking nasty thoughts about the possibility of seeing Gabby all weekend (and perhaps a late night encounter) I quickly agreed to them camping out at my house.

I went out after work with the guys and did not get home until late in the evening, about eleven. The lights were all out except the porch, the bathroom, and a light over the stove. I went to the kitchen and took some steaks out of the freezer so I could barbecue for the girls tomorrow. Then I heard Ally’s bedroom door open and the two of them come out to raid the cupboards for snacks. I could smell the faint hint of pot coming from them and knew they probably had the munchies, bad. I smiled as they said hello and good night. Ally was in a white tank top and sweats, her shoulder length strawberry blond hair was tied back in a small pony tail and the sexpot Gabby was in tight blue shorts that did not even cover her hot, tight ass and gave the hint of camel toe. They were, I think, boy short underwear. She had on a red silk camisole with thin straps and the faint outline of hard nipples could be seen. I just went to bed thinking Ally became more like her mom in the looks department every day. Petite and fair skinned, her grey-green eyes set off her cute, oval face. She is not as athletic as Gabby. Ally is more of a band geek than an athlete, and despite being in dance classes she is built with a more curvy frame. Like her mom, she is not fat or chubby but has nice round hips and well shaped breasts. If I had to guess I’d say my daughter now has bigger tits than my ex-wife…and my wife is a solid D cup. As I was going to my bedroom Gabby came out of the bathroom. With just the two of us in the hallway, she got right in close and whispered that she was hoping to make a late night visit tomorrow, as she was just too tired tonight. She then gave me a quick kiss and flashed her perfect tits to me, smiling. When I asked her why she was so tired she leaned in and whispered in my ear, “Because Ally and I have had sex twice since we got home and after we smoked a joint we are sleepy.” She grabbed my dick, licked my cheek, and gave me a wink. “Why not think about that and jerk off tonight using the panties I gave you to sniff, lover?” Then she slipped back into Ally’s room and closed the door. I went into my room and did just that, jerked off sniffing her silky sex stained black panties.

The next morning rolled around, but it was ten before I got out of bed. Putting on a pair of track pants and a undershirt, I followed the sound of giggling and noise coming from the kitchen. Both girls were there, freshly showered and still with wet hair. Gabby had hers just back in a pony tail, wearing the blue shorts from the night before, long white socks that came to her knees, and the tank top Ally had worn the night before. She was licking pancake mix off a spoon when I walked in. Ally was wearing her hair down and had on her Hello Kitty night shirt, which she was sort of too big for now as her breasts strained against the thinning fabric.

“Morning ladies, whats going on?”
“Pancakes, Daddy,” she said, letting Gabby stick her finger in the batter and suck it off. That girl just oozed sex no matter what.
“We worked up an appetite last night.” Gabby smirked while grabbing Ally’s ass, making Ally looked freaked out.
“Gab, what are you doing; it was suppose to be a secret!”
“Relax, Ally-babe-ah. Your dad doesn’t care we are friends with pussy privileges, do you Mr. C,?” She then came over and put her arm around my waist and faced Ally. “Especially since he and I are lovers too,”she said, kssing me on the cheek as I went red faced. They both smiled at each other and then at me and let it be known that while high on pot and afterglow last night Gabby had told my daughter everything about our round of sport fucking two days earlier. They were all giggles and giddiness this morning as they made the pancake batter. Gabby stuck a batter covered finger in my mouth and I sucked it clean before she gave me a hard, wet kiss.
“Mmmm, you are such a good kisser,” I looked over at Ally and she just gave me an innocent wink. “Relax Mr. C, she doesn’t care. In fact, we could screw right here in the kitchen and she wouldn’t care.” Ally just shrugged her shoulders as of to say go ahead, I dare you.

So I went for it. Pulling Gabby to me, I kissed her hard as I pulled her top off over her head and lifted her up on the edge of the table.

“Holy shit, you two are really going to be doing it,” Ally said excitedly as Gabby pushed my bottoms down and grabbed my hardening cock.
“See Ally,” she said breathlessly. “Told you your daddy was huge and thick!” she bragged as I pushed her legs apart. She leaned back on her hands as I pushed the panties aside and entered her, pulling her toward me as she wrapped a leg around my hip and used her hands to push against my thrusts. I ran my hands over her perfect tits as she arched her back and ground her hips into me.
“You feel so fucking good, I just wanna do this all day,” she purred. Before I knew what was happening Ally was beside me, running her hands over her lovers breasts. She licked and sucked the dark, quarter-sized areolas that were hard as rocks.
“It really is useless to resist her, ain’t it daddy?” she asked as she began rubbing Gabby’s clit.
“Oh my fucking God! This family is sooo…oh, ah…awesome!” Gabby cried as she sat forward, pulled off the Hello Kitty night shirt exposing my daughters naked body. and popped one of Ally’s light pink nipples into her mouth. Before she stuck a finger into my daughters hairy pussy.
With Ally and I both sucking on her nipples and me deep inside her, she could hold it no longer and came. She came so hard I could feel her spend running down my leg. She pushed me away with a kiss and took my hand and put it an Ally’s hip and turned us towards each other.
“Your turn, Al. Why don’t ya take him into the bedroom and ride him, I will be in to join you soon.” We should have thought twice, but we were wrapped up in the moment and began kissing as she grabbed me, beginning to jerk my greasy, come-soaked dick. Eventually we made it to the bedroom where she dropped to her knees and sucked me off hard and fast.
“God, I love the taste of her pussy,” she said hungrily. I laid on my back on the bed and she began to ride me playing with her sexy huge tits as she bucked like a wild stallion.
“You are so wet, I love it!”
“Yes, I am. I get so hot, this is my first threesome I want it to last.” Just then Gabby came into the room wearing a six inch ribbed purple strap on, rubbing it like she were masturbating. I had to have looked shocked that these two angel-faced babes would have such a thing.
“Where did you get that?”
“It was a gift I gave your daughter after the first time we made out,” Gabby said with a dirty smile.
“Mmm…that was a fun birthday,” Ally added.
“It sure was, hun, and the night you found out you like anal sex.”
“Oh, hell yeah!” Gabby walked to the edge of the bed and started rubbing the purple dildo in her face. Ally was quick to begin deep-throating it, taking it all in and slobbering all over it coating it well.
“Fuck, Gab, stick it in my ass. You know I have fantasized about being DP’d; don’t fucking hold out on me.”

I watched in amazement as Gabby coated the dildo with KY and stepped up on the bed behind her, pushing her onto all fours with her tits rubbing against my hairy chest as she had the thing inserted into her ass. She groaned loudly and gripped my shoulders tight as Gabby and I found a similar rhythm pushing in and out of her.

“Ya fucking love it, don’t ya ass whore?” Gabby yelled as she slapped Ally on the ass. “C’mon slut, come. You know you wanna just explode; do it come for us!” With that she did, she came harder than her friend had on the table. If she had not been bent over me she probably would have shot everywhere.

After that Gabby pulled the fake out of her ass and pushed her down on her back and led me to get between her legs to keep fucking my daughter as she took the strap off. Which I did, as Gabby crouched and leaned on the head board so Ally could eat her friend’s pussy, pushing fingers into her hot wet hole. Ally then picked up the dildo and drove it into Gabby, fucking her hard with it. Not believing my eyes as my daughter brought her hot friend to orgasm again, I began rubbing her clit hard and fast and they both came at the same time. I was so taken with the two sexpots in my bed I had slowed my pace; Gabby spoke and pulled me from my daze.

“Do it! Fill her hole!” She kissed me hard and ran her fingers through my sweaty chest hair. Both girls were covered in sweat, too, and were begging me to come. I leaned forward onto my hands and stuck my tongue down my daughter’s throat to give me a good angle. Gabby, always ready to help, reached under and began stroking my balls. That is when I came. So hard I thought I would not stop. I rolled over onto my back and Gabby sucked me clean before sucking my come from my daughter’s cunt. They both laid down next to me and cuddled into my sides. “I hope someone made coffee,” I joked. We went back to the kitchen and ate breakfast ( I may have licked syrup off some young tits).

Later that day, as we were eating the steaks, the ladies were planning on going out but Ally did not seem interested. I thought she may have been ashamed of what we had done, as she was avoiding looking at me. Through the meal it slowly came out after Gabby encouraged her to tell me that she did not like staying at the other house with her mom and her stepfather, Rick. It turns out she felt Rick was spying on her and had made sleazy comments to her, that he had even touched her a couple of times.

Gabby left to go get ready to go out and I asked her straight out, “Has he hit on you?”
“Not directly, but he implied that I could have him if I wanted him.” She begged me not to make her go back. I could not make promises, but told her I would see if her mom would let her stay a few extra days.
“Just think what we could do with a few extra days alone, Daddy,” she flirted as she left to go get ready to go out. But not before they sucked me off again.

After they had left for the party and I called my ex-wife: “Margo, we need to talk about things our daughter has been telling me about living under your roof.” I tried to keep my voice as level as possible so not to create too confrontational a situation.
“Yes, tomorrow morning is fine.”

More to come…


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