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Cassy sat in the conferennce room, her work spread across the table as she worked to finish her latest clients ad campaign. Her short red hair pulled back on the sides by clips, her deep green eyes looking for what the ad was missing. Her soft red lips curling and uncurling as she sits deep in thought. Her firm perky breasts resting on the edge of the table when she leans in to look at different portions.
Jennifer opened the conference room door, knowing Cassy liked to use the large table for her work. She walks in quietly, holding back the tears in her bright blue eyes. Her dark brown hair curled and styled, her short black dress accentuating her curves, her full round breasts pushed up and out by her bra, her firm round ass framed by the silky fabric, her long legs toned and smooth atop her 3″ heels. “Exc..” then she coughs quietly startling Cassy, “Excuse me Cas… do you have time to talk?” Seeing her friend and co-worker dressed to kill brings her a moment of lust filling her body quickly turning to concern because Jenn was supposed to be out on a date. “Of course hun! what happened your supposed to be on that dream date you’ve been talking about all week arent you?” Jenn quickly breaks down into tears as she explains that she arrived a little early and the man that “wanted her and only her” was sitting at a table on the street making out with another woman. Jenn was obviously crushed from the discovery, as Cassy held her while she cried comforting her realizing the strong desire she’ld been ignoring that she had for Jenn.
Cassy asked in a soft voice “Would you like me to drive you home hun?” “Can i stay at your place tonight instead? I dont mind sleeping on the couch… I have my extra clothes in my locker here i can change into when we get there… please Cas? i dont want him to try and talk his way out of it… I dont want to see him or hear from..” Her blue eyes burning a hole in Cassy’s heart. “of course you can… you can stay as long as you need hun.”
About 20 minutes later the 2 women are heading down the road to Cassy’s condo. As she pulls into her garage she says “if you want to stay more than just tonight to get away and just think for a bit we can go by and get stuff from your place tomarrow..” “Thanks” Jenn quietly replies noticing how attractive her friend is, almost tomboyish at times, petite, yet very feminine, and carries herself with a confidence Jenn found herself being turned on by. Cassy opens the door to her condo and ushers Jenn inside to find a nicely furnished condo, dark wood furniture, pale carpet a small couch and love seat seated infront of her modest telelvision. Cassy points out several points of interest, a bed room to stay in, the restrooms. “Would you like a drink to help relax some? Take your mind off things?” Cassy asks. “Sure, I’ld love something not too strong tho it doesnt take much to get me wasted.” Jenn replied. Cassy giggles playfully and responds “dont worry I dont drink much myself otherwise I’ll end up horny and no one to help me out.” Jenn coyly responds not sure how her friend would take it “And what am I chopped liver?” Surprisedly Cas replies “No actually your far from it… I just didnt know you liked girls” “Ive been with a couple, it was fun. Never really met a woman who was the whole package to me so I just keep looking, yes generally at men, more out of habit than desire tho…” her voice trailing off. Cassy opens the fridge and pulls out 2 Smirnoff’s and opens them before bringing them into the living room offering one to Jenn who had seated herself on the love seat. After several hours of talking and quite a few more drinks the girls are laughing and as the convorsation turns towards sex. “So you’ve never been with a guy Cassy? wow thats amazing how did you like know and when? ” Jenn asks excitedly “Well when I was younger i wanted to be a massuese so i was always taking classes to learn all I could and i found that when i was working on the men it was likw ok done and leave, but i found myself lingering more with the women hoping to atch glimpses of them finding myself getting wet as it happened” “a massuese huh?” jenn asked sceptically. “yes a massuese i know its a long way from selling advertisements.. want me to show you just how good i am?” thinking that this may be the catalyst that they needed to make that next step Jenn scoffs playfully”go ahead show me all you’ve got…” “Come sit on the bar stool tho so i can reach your shoulders easier than reaching over the couch..” as Cas helps Jenn up and over to the bar chair.

Cassy gently pushes Jenns hair off to the side, before opening some lotion gently spreading onto Jenns shoulders, nudging the straps of her dress further and further towards her shoulder as her long fingers began kneading the soft skin of Jenns back and neck. Jenn lets out a soft sigh as she feels the tension from the day start melting away. ” you are quite good..” she mutters “well thank you” Cas replies with a sly grin “mind if I unzip the top of your dress some so i can reach more of your back Jenn?” she then asks innocently. “certainly..” Jenn replies leaning forward to allow Cassy to reach the zipper easier. Cassy not being one to pass up an opportunity quickly unzips the back of Jenns dress exposing the back of her black demi bra and the thin strip of black fabric showing above her nice ass. Cassy gently unsnaps Jenns bra with one smooth motion and begins slowly massaging Jenns back more all the way down to the top curve of her ass. Jenn moans softly this time pleased that Cassy took her invitation. As Cassy’s fingers work all along Jenns back the top of her dress is pushed more and more until it slips down off her shoulders exposing her large smotth breasts. Cassy’s warm hands slide under Jenn’s arms and gently cups her large breasts as she leans in kissing up and down the back and side of Jenns neck. Jenn leans back against Cassy holding her hands over hers and whispers” Please…” They then kiss their lips locked in a heated fight each needing feel the other. Their tongues exploring the depths of each others mouth as the tear at each others clothes pulling off what bit of clothes Jenn had left on. Cassy slowly eases her way down to Jenn’s breasts suckling and biting her large firm nipples, her tongue tracing circles around her aereola’s. Jenn lays her head back reveling in the feeling, her pussy tingling with anticipation like she has never experienced before. Cassy then begins a slow sojourn down Jenns body kissing and licking her body as she goes, until she finally reaches her destination. Pushing Jenns legs wide open Cassy begins gently parting her glistening pussy lips, savoring the sweeet aroma of lust already present. Hunger and lust take over quickly tho as Cassy buries her face into her friends cunt her tongue whipping and lashing her clit, back and forth, up and down, hard, soft. Slipping a finger then a second one soon after into Jenns wet pussy she begins quickly fingering her cunt hard and fast. As she first feels Cassy’s tongue touch her clit she begins to moan loudly, never having had someone so focused on her before. Squeeling with delight as fingers slip into her cunt she begins rocking her hips to meet each thrust. Softly begging Cassy to fuck her harder and faster. Cassy sensing she’s close to orgasm stops suddenly pulling her upstairs to her bedroom laying her down on the bed as she does a slight strip tease revealing the tattoo of a tiger along her right hip towards her inner thigh. Quickly grabbing what looked to be several toys from Jenns point of view, Cassy goes to the foot of the bed obvisouly fidgeting with something as she begins eatting her pussy again her tongue dipping deep into Jenns cunt lapping up her sweet juices. Moments later Cassy’s focus is again fully on Jenns pussy, her fingers again pounding in and out of her cunt furiously fucking her friend, her tongue and lips sucking and flicking her clit like a small piece of candy. Cassy slides a long slender vibrator up
against Jenns ass, cau
sing her to tense momentarily at the shock of the cold metal, feeling it quickly slide into her tight ass. Soon grinding her hips against the fingers in her cunt and the vibe in her ass Jenn is in heaven close to cumming, as Cassy asks her a question catching her off gaurd moaning loudly between gasps for air she says “yes what ever yes please fuck me” With that Cassy pulls her fingers and the vibe out of her and quickly attaches it below the large dildo already on her strap on which is what she was obviously fidgeting with. Cassy then lifts Jenns legs to her shoulders and positions both cocks to enter her, and in one swift stroke both dildo and vibe are burried deep into Jenns body sending her right into orgasm. Jenn feels the penetration of both cocks, both hitting her gspot simultaneously causing her pussy to quiver, her boddy to shake as a tremendous orgasm begins rocking through her body, but that moment is short lived as again and again Cassy fucks her with the strap on each thrust causng its own small orgasm amidst the huge waves of pleasure rolling through her body as she screams loudly rpoclaiming her orgasm. Cassy feeling her lovers body begin shaking begins to continue fucking her hard and fast hearing her scream in ecstacy driving her on to bring her more and more pleasure. Fucking her wildly till her own desires can no longer be denied, she finally pulls out of jenns cunt and removes the strap on and slides into bed with jenn positioning her pussy against jenns as she begins to pussy fuck her. Their cunts locked together by lust as she grinds hard against Jenns pussy, as the finally cum together, their pussy squirting their juices into each other. After several orgasms and an amazing final orgasm and experience, Jenn finally speaks between small kisses shared by the two. “you really are quite good” Cassy giggling at the comment, as the cuddle those last few moments before sleep over takes them both.

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