Submitted For Your Approval

“Miss Donahue, can you come into my office right away, and bring the Henderson files with you.”

This was the call that Karen had been waiting for. She pressed the intercom on her desk. “I’ll be right in, sir,” she told the man.

Karen picked up the papers and headed to the office. She stopped briefly to knock on the door and then when she heard her boss tell her to enter, she pushed her way in.

The man looked up the young account executive. “I only have about fifteen minutes,” he told the young woman. “You said you only needed a few minutes. Is that enough?”

“That’s more than enough time, sir. Thank you.”

“All right then. Get on with it. Let’s see what you have to show me.”

Karen took a deep breath. A lot was riding on what she said next. “As you know, sir, we’ve been trying to get the Henderson business for some time now, because we heard they were unhappy with their current public relations firm. But despite our efforts, they’ve stayed with their old firm. Rumors still are they are dissatisfied, but we haven’t been able to get them to make the jump yet.”

“I know all that,” her boss snapped. “Tell me something I don’t know. How can we get that account?”

Karen took another deep breath. “I think we’re going about it the wrong way. Henderson’s been burned recently. They lost some court cases that they shouldn’t have lost, but they lost even more because it seemed to them as if their public relations firm let them down.”

“We’re not gods, Miss Donahue.”

“I understand that,” Karen said, “but the problem is that the people at Henderson don’t. What they keep seeing from every firm is the same old thing. They don’t like their current firm, but nobody’s told them something that they can get behind, so they stay put until something better comes along. What we need is a whole new approach.”

Karen’s boss listened as the young account executive laid out her plan. Finally, he picked up the folder that Karen brought in and he leafed through its contents. “This is some impressive work you have here–“

“Thank you, sir.”

“But right now, I’m interested in something even more impressive. Come around my desk and let me take a look at that ass of yours.”


“You heard me. Get your ass over here.”

Karen stared at her boss dumbfounded. She didn’t even realize that she’d taken a couple steps in his direction.

“Hurry it up,” her boss told her. “I haven’t got all day.”

Incredibly, Karen found her feet moving and then she was coming around her boss’s desk and she was coming up to where her boss was sitting.

“Bend your ass over that desk,” the man said, and when the young woman hesitated, he repeated the order again. incredibly, the young woman found herself doing what her boss told her to do.

Karen felt the man slide a hand up under her skirt and then she felt his hands on her ass. His hand massaged her butt through her panties but it wasn’t all that long before the man was sliding his hand inside her panties and before Karen felt his hand stroking her little, bare ass.

“Do you know why I hired you?” the man asked.

Karen moaned softly to herself. She couldn’t let this happen, she was telling herself, and more than that, she couldn’t let her boss know just how much she liked it. Karen moaned softly again. “You hired me because I’m good at public relations, right?”

“Hell, no,” the man told her. “I’ve got plenty of men with lots more experience than you who can do that just fine. No, I hired you just so I could get my hands on that ass of yours.”

Karen heard the man’s chair creak as he stood and moved in behind her. She felt the man pull up her skirt and then she felt him pull down her panties. Karen moaned as the man stroked her ass.

“Now,” her boss told her, “you’re going to submit yourself to me, totally and completely. Tell me you want me to do whatever I want to do with your body. Say it now.”

Karen moaned as she felt that hand stroke her butt. She couldn’t help it. It felt so good.

“Say it,” her boss told me. “Tell me you give you’re giving yourself to me. Tell me you’re making yourself my bitch.”

Karen moaned again. That hand stroked her ass, and Karen moaned again. Her ass loved that hand. She couldn’t take much more of that hand, but geez, she liked it so much. “I’m yours,” she told her boss. “You can do whatever you want with me.” She moaned again. “Oh geez, I don’t care what you do to me,” she said. “I’m your little fucking bitch and you can do whatever you want with me.”

“That’s what I want to hear,” the man told her even as his hand squeezed her ass. “Now say it again.”

Karen moaned again. She couldn’t help it. Her butt loved that hand. “I’m you’re bitch,” she said, “and you can do whatever you want with me.”

That hand was still stroking her butt even as Karen heard something else. She moaned again. She loved the feel of that hand on her ass, and then she felt something else coming up behind her. She felt a cock pressing up between her legs.

Until that moment, Karen had not realized just how hot this was making her but as she felt that cock press up against her cunt, she knew. It was making her so hot.

Karen moaned as her boss pushed his cock against her cunt, and then she moaned again as that cock pushed past her lips. The girl moaned again as that cock spread her cunt. Oh geez, she thought, it feels so good. It feels so good.

The woman moaned as the man pulled his cock back and then she moaned again as he thrust it forward. Oh geez, he could do whatever he wanted with her just so long as he kept fucking her with that cock.

The man was holding her by the ass now as he pulled his cock back and thrust it forward again. Karen moaned as the man pulled his cock back and she moaned again as he thrust it forward again. It felt so fucking good.

She was going to cum, she realized. She couldn’t help herself. That cock was just so good, so hard, so big.

Karen screamed as her pussy succumbed to that cock. She just couldn’t help it. Her pussy squeezed down on that cock as she continued to cum and cum and cum.

As Karen’s orgasm began to fade, her boss pulled his cock from between Karen’s legs. “Turn your ass over,” he told his employee. “I’m going to fuck you again.”

Karen was hardly in any position to resist. The girl turned herself over and she looked up at her boss. The man had dropped his pants around his ankles and he was stroking his cock. It was the biggest cock that Karen had ever seen.

“Are you ready to get fucked?” the man asked again.

“I’m ready,” the girl replied. “Fuck me, please, Master.”

Master, the girl thought. Where had that come from, and yet, it was true. This man was her master and she did want him to fuck her.

Her boss pushed Karen’s knees apart and then he stepped between her thighs. Karen moaned as she felt the man’s cock touch her cunt. She moaned again as she felt the man’s cock push pass her lips. She wanted him to fuck her. She wanted it so bad.

Karen moaned as she felt the cock push deeper inside her. Oh geez, it felt so good. It felt so good.

“Take off your blouse,” her boss ordered. “I want to see your tits.”

Karen couldn’t believe how quickly she was unbuttoning her blouse and then she was shrugging her way out of the garment. She didn’t bother taking her bra off. She just pulled it up over her tits and then her hands were massaging her tits.

“Do you like this?” her boss asked even as he shoved his cock in her cunt yet again.

“Oh yeah,” Karen moaned even as she squeezed her tits for the man. “Fuck me, Master, please.”

Karen moaned as her pussy took more of that cock. Oh geez, it was so good. It was so good. It was–

Karen screamed as that cock pushed her over the e
dge and even as she felt her pussy seize that cock inside her, she heard the man grunt. In that instant, she felt the man cum inside her.

Karen screamed again as she continued to cum. She loved c
umming for her boss. She loved feeling his cock inside her. She loved feeling his cum in her cunt.

Karen’s boss finally pulled his cock out of Karen’s cunt. “I thought you only had fifteen minutes,” Karen said as she looked up at her boss and as the cum dripped from her cunt. “I thought you had another meeting.”

Her boss smiled. “This was the other meeting. You had fifteen minutes because after that, I knew I was going to fuck your ass. You’re mine from now on, you got that?”

“Yeah,” Karen said as she finally gave herself over to her boss, “I’m all yours. I belong to you.”

“That’s good to hear,” her boss told her. “Now, get back to work.”

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