sunbathing part2


This is what happened at night after being caught masterbating to the semi naked beauties that were sunbathing at my pool with my sister.

We all had dinner together as my sister was making it. We sat round the table as it was easiest we had an indian which i love and makes me really horny if i don’t eat to much. All those spices really get the blood flowing.

While we were sitting there cheryl kept stroking my leg, they were all still in bikini’s but they had t-shirts over them but the curves were making me horny as fuck especially with cheryl stroking my leg i could feel my cock starting to rise in my short’s, cheryl felt this and gave it a squeeze which made me moan quitely but was noticed by claire who glanced over and seen the bulge and cheryl’s hand and looked away embarassed.

Claire and cheryl went into the kitchen to clean up all the dishes as me and my sis were talking she asked me what i was doing tonight i said nothing much maybe stay in, she says that they were going to watch a dvd and have some wine i could watch with them if i wanted but would have to get my own drink. I said thats fine ive got vodka in the cupboard. I said i’ll go and get a shower and changed.

I switched the shower on then went to my room to get undressed, i got a towel and went into the shower room locked the door, turned around and there stood claire. I said sorry didn’t know you were in here, she said ive been waiting for you, cheryl told me you had a big cock and i wanted to see it. I couldn’t believe it i was shock she walks over to me and whips my towel down she says o my god and it’s not even hard yet. She’s got her hands together looking innocent and asks can i touch it, i pull myself together and said sure you can aslong a i can taste your pussy i walked towards her reaching out to touch her nipples which were hard she reached for my cock but i wouldn’t let her as i kissed her and pulled her against me with her tight ass in my hands.

I lifted her t-shirt over her head and kissed down her neck to her tits and licked her nipples through her bikini top she moans and i take it off turning her round till my cock was in the crack of her tight ass i massaged her tits as i kissed her all the way down her back to just above her bikini bottoms, i stuck my hand between her legs and run my fingers from front to back along her slit her knee’s almost buckled as she moaned i removed her bottoms and bent her over so her hands were on the back of the toilet seat and licked her pussy and ass i stuck my tongue right up into her pussy and rubbed her clit with my finger she was getting wet really fast running down my chin, i stood her up and told her to lick my face then pushed her down onto my cock so she can suck it’s big head. She was good and had me on the verge of cumming in under ten minutes.
I stood her up sat her on the sistern and took one big lick of her pussy and made her suck my tongue as i pushed the head of my cock just inside her very wet pussy she arched her back and tried to push onto me but i stopped her getting more cock, i made her beg me to give her more as i teased her nipples. Just as she is about to beg i push in hard she screams not expecting it i pump her hard and she started cumming after about five minutes i just kept going flicking her nipples with my tongue she just kept cumming, i wouldn’t let her relax i think she had multiple orgasms when i pulled out she said that was great and slumped onto the toilet seat, i said im not finnished yet and turned her around i told her to touch her toes and slide my cock right into her saturated pussy she lets out a moan saying it’s too deep i fuck her gently for a while pulling out all the way to the tip and slide it all the way in till i push my balls against her closed legs she’s moaning constantly now saying fuck me hard again i want your big cock right up my pussy i have to pull out as im about to cum she groans and says don’t stop.

I sit on the toilet and get her to sit on my cock facing away from me she lifts her feet up onto my legs and bounces up and down the whole length of my cock i rub her clit as she fucks me leaving her gasping for breath i make her cum and the feeling of her pussy milking my cock near throws me over the edge, i get her to lye down and i kneel between her legs and wank my cock in front of her my breathing is making her horny and she ‘s rubbing her clit on the way to another orgasm but i beat her and cum over her pussy,stomach,tits,face and hair, she is trying to lick the cum of her face but i slide my cock back into her pussy and lay down on her kissing her as though she were a partner.

We hear a chap at the door and it’s my sister asking if im going to be long we have a little quite giggle before i answer ten minutes, we both shower stroking each others body’s as we wash each other my cock is rock hard in no time but we have to get out of the shower before we get busted, from my sister and i need to try and save myself for during the night when i know cheryl will be coming to my room hopefully claire comes to i’d love to fuck them both.

To be continued………………….

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