surprize 1

I want to crawl into bed with you while you are sound asleep. Crawl underneath the covers and release your manhood from your boxers. You moved a little bit, not enough to wake you. I grabbed onto it and likced the tip bringing it to some attention. I feel you start to wake up and kind of confused, but very responsive. I take you deep inside you are now completely awake and at full attention, front and center. you are very shocked because I have never done this before, but you weren’t dissapointed either, I could feel your right hand on top of my head pushing my head to where you wanted. I grabbed the base of your hard cock with my right hand and matched up and down rythems with my mouth. I kept this constant for a while, I stop slowly to kiss the tip and underneath your shaft. Touching your balls so softly. I like being able to tease and please you at the same time. I could feel your other hand now on my back caressing my tight ass, I could feel the tips of your fingers trace my lips slit and tickle softly. This sends shivers up and down my spine, it feels so good. I could feel your body tense a little and I didn’t want you to cum yet. I wanted all of you. I sat up and on my knees and touched my big tits, pushed them together, I then kept lowering my hands to my steaming hot clit. I was soaked, I lifted my hand to my mouth and tasted myself. It was sweet. You sat up on your knees and turned me around on all fours. Caressing my entire body you position yourself. I can feel the head of your chock run itself up and down my slit, and push itself into my clit. I was tingling every where, I want you to stop teasing me and give it all to me. You slip inside but only a little at a time. Starting off slowly thrusting into me. Then sliding all the way in placing your hands on my hips, pulling me completely next to you. I can feel every inch of you inside of me thrusting harder and harder. My tits are bouncing everywhere. You reach under and grab one squeezing it close, pinching my hard errect nipples. I can feel your thrusts become more intense and faster. Burrying your hard cock into my soaked pussy, clamping onto you not wanting to let go. You stop pull out and turn me around and lie down, I crawl on top of your steamy cock covered in my dripping sexes. I take it slow all the way down, it’s my turn. I start to make small circles then turn my motions to a figure 8 pattern, I like it when you bring your hips up and match my thrusts with yours. I get all of you in me. I begin to rock harder using my knees and legss to push me up and down. Your soft warm hands reach up and grab my bouncing tits into your hands squeezing them tight and pushing them together. Taking my nipples between your thumbs and pointer finger my legs start to tighten, I can feel the same build up start in my body as I start to pump on you very hard. In almost an instant you sit up and flip us over still inside me, you push my legs over your shoulders and begin to fuck me fash and hard. Your cock is hitting my g-spot it’s so amazing. Clawing into your back pulling you to me. Both our bodies jolt together and spasm. We both came very hard. It wa so intense you lowered my legs down and collapsed on my chest. Still inside both exhausted we lay there holding each other tight. Your cock was still a little hard, still sent shivers into my body. We kissed passionately, you were so shocked you said we will have to do this a lot more often. I agree, I replied. I think we need a shower now, wanna cum?

To be Coninued

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