With my wife’s friend making out with me and playing with my cock to get it hard again so she can sit on it, my wife was playing and sucking on my ball sack. This got my cock hard as a rock and ready to go for some more.  Her friend was getting ready to sit her pussy down on my cock and all of the sudden she moved and dropped down hard so my whole cock was balls deep in her ass. She was jumping up and down on my cock like she has never had a cock before.

Then I see my wife and her friend’s husband. She had the strapless strap-on in her and his cock was very hard.  He came up to my face and began to fuck my face, making me deep throat him. My wife then lubed up her friend’s husband’s cock and slid it in my ass. Omg, I was in heaven. He filled my ass so nice. My wife then sat on my chest with her ass in my face and facing her friend. She slid the strap-on in her friend’s sloppy cunt and they were making out and fondling each other’s huge tits.

I slid my thumb deep in my wife’s ass; this got her so hot she came hard, squirting all over my stomach.  Just then her friend’s husband thrust in my ass and hit just the right spot and I came hard in her friend’s ass. My anal muscles tightened so much her husband came deep in my ass. And from all of us cumming so hard her friend came hard, too.

She got off of me and her husband pulled out of my ass. My ass started to drip with his hot sticky man juice. His wife instantly got down and started to give me a rim job. While she was doing this my wife got down and put my now soft cock in her mouth and began sucking on it until I was hard as a rock again.  I was now told to get on my hands and knees, so I did and my wife started to eat her friend’s husband’s cum out of my ass. Her friend started sucking my cock and her husband got in front of me and fed me his cock. This went on for almost an hour before he came deep in my throat and I continued to suck him.

My wife now had the strap-on on and slammed it deep in my ass. Her friend got in front of me and sat down on top of her husband’s cock. As he was fucking her already used pussy, I got my ass fucked by my wife and ate her friend’s cunt and licked her husband’s cock shaft and sucked his balls until he came in her pussy. I kept licking and sucking on her cunt afterward, eating his cum while I made her squirt all over him and in my mouth.

More to cum in the next episode. Let me know what you think about my experiences.

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