He knows he should be at work. But temptation has gotten the best of him.
His thoughts are running wild while he is driving to her house.
He knows that her door is always unlocked and knows now that she is with the sandman and wants to be the one to fulfill one of her dreams tonight.
His thoughts forcing the blood flow into his cock causing him to become slightly erect.
Don Pulls into the driveway shuts the truck off and reaches for a bag and gets out of the truck. Closes the door quietly behind him and hopes that his headlights or the sound of his truck didn’t wake Nikki.
He steps up onto the porch and stops to listen, the house is quiet. He reaches for the door opens it and walks in.
Sammy greets him for her annual ear scratching and returns to her favorite spot on the loveseat and lies back down.
Don looks at the couch and notices Nikki has awaked and made her annual middle of the night stroll to the couch because she can’t get back to sleep.
Thinking perfect he walks down the hall to the doorway of Nikki’s room.
Damn, the nightlight is on. Don wonders if the nightlight will give him up and ruin his plans, leans in the door way. Nikki is lying on her stomach; her head is buried in the pillow. Don slowly walks up to the side of the bed she is laying on.
His eyes run the length of her body. Nikki is wearing an oversized beach shirt and light blue thong.
Don’s eyes stop and Nikki’s right butt cheek, noticing that she has a birthmark there.
Don sets his bag down on the floor by the bed and quickly undresses and crawls on top of Nikki.
Grabbing her hair in his hand and pulling it to the side quickly and tells her not to move.
He drops his head and places a kiss on the side of her neck, pulls her hair a little harder and places a hickey on the side of her neck.
“Every time you see this hickey you will remember what I do to you to you tonight.”
Nikki’s hands come out from underneath the pillow. “I told you not to move.”
A moan escapes Nikki’s mouth, “Please let me touch you.”
Don’s hands come up and cover Nikki’s hands and guide them to the top of the bed his hips still grinding his erection into her butt cheeks.
Kissing and nibbling on her neck and shoulders.
Nikki begins to push her hips up to meet his and again tries to pull her hands out down to touch Don.
Don stops moving and lays completely still on top of Nikki, and tells her “I told you not to move.”
Leans to the side of the bed and returns and handcuffs Nikki’s hands to the bed.
“I warned you; when I tell you not to move don’t move.”
Don’s legs force Nikki’s open and his hand come down between their bodies and pulls up on the back of the thong, causing it to tighten against her pussy lips.
Nikki moans as Don’s other hand rubs down her back, the feeling of his nails through the shirt send a tingling sensation through her.
His other hand rubs up to the bottom of her shirt and both hands push the shirt up to her hands. Don’s skin brushing against hers, he again grabs Nikki’s hair and pulls her head to the side. “Don’t Move.”
Don’s hands begin to travel back down Nikki’s arms, as they do he lifts himself up off of her, his nails trailing along the skin on her back causing her to moan.
As his hands reach her thong again grabs it and lifts it, causing it to draw tightly against her lips. Then slides it to the side and begins to rub her lips, not parting them, just a slow circular rub.
“Don will you please take these cuffs off me so I can touch you.”
Don says nothing; his finger tip traces the line in her lips.
Nikki’s hips come down and press into his hand in effort to make him part them, to make him touch her aching clit, as she does his hand flattens as if he some how knew what she would do.
As Nikki speaks he can hear the anticipation in her voice. “Don please.”
Nikki lifts her hips off his hand and begins to rock against it.
Don lifts his finger back to her crease and allows it to part her lips, as his finger makes contact with her clit Nikki becomes still. A long drawn out sigh escapes her mouth.
Don slowly rolls his finger around her clit once and stops.
Nikki begins to roll her hips against his hand making him finger her clit.
As her hips begin to move faster and her breaths become almost pants, he quickly slides his hand out from under her.
Squeezes her ass checks grabs her thongs and rips it in half.
Lifts her hips off the bed and rubs his cock against her clit.
Drags it back against her clit and slides into her pussy.
As he slowly slides in and out of her pussy, his right hand slides under her as she pushes her hips back to meet him and rubs her clit.
Nikki moans “Don.” and cums Don doesn’t move, leaving his cock inside her pussy, enjoying the sensation of her pussy throbbing around his cock.
Don begins to move slowly in and out of her, his hips thrusting up at times, other times rolling in a circle. As he comes closer to coming he slides out of her pussy and helps Nikki onto her knees and places his cock between her ass cheeks, quickens his pace and cums squirting into the small of her back.

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