Emma had been fantasizing about Don for some time. He was the guy who lived next door in her apartment house and, since he had broken up with his live-in girlfriend, he seemed to have no females going in and out. He and Emma had chatted briefly one day in the elevator, and he had intimated that he was lonely.

If only she were free! Emma had thought. Even though her husband didn’t satisfy her sexually, she couldn’t bring herself to cheat on him. Then one day she discovered that he was having an affair. She confronted him with it, and he was forced to admit the truth. He also swore he would never do it again. She doubted that, however, and, though she stayed on with him, in her mind everything had changed. The marital vows had been broken, and she didn’t feel bound by her end of the bargain any longer. She felt she was free to please herself. But COULD she? Thinking it and doing it were two different things.

She’d had only one affair before her marriage. It was with a fellow in college who had taught her a thing or two about making love, but those techniques had largely fallen into disuse during her marriage. Husband Hal might just as well have been named Mister Quickie. So Emma fantasized about the tall, dark-haired hunk next door while she wished and wondered until…

“What a klutz I am,” Don, her good-looking neighbor, said as he stood at her door one evening. “I’ve locked myself out, and I don’t have my cell with me. Would you mind if I used your phone to call someone?”

Emma pulled her robe more tightly about her. She had just come from the bath, and she wore only a robe and panties. Her brown hair was loose, tumbling about her shoulders, and she had scrubbed off her makeup. What a terrible time to meet her dream man, she mused in distress. He’s got to think I am the plainest girl in town. But from the way Don smiled at her, it was almost as if he was especially attracted to her in her present state. Or was she just kidding herself?

Emma, of course, opened the door wide and let Don into her apartment. She was alone that evening because her husband was working late again, he said. The trouble was, she could no longer believe him. By his admitted infidelity, he had forfeited her trust.

“The phone is over there,” she told Don, and pointed.

He walked toward it, then stopped. “Oh shit!” he said suddenly, then quickly said, “I’m sorry.”

Emma smiled. “That’s all right. I’ve heard the word before. What’s the matter?”

“I just realized I don’t know my friend’s new number. We haven’t spoken for awhile. But she still has my goddamned key. She’s the only one who does.”

“How about the apartment manager? Couldn’t he…?”

“Not home,” Don said. “I was just down to his place. I’m screwed, I guess.”

“Well, you can stay here,” Emma heard herself saying. “I mean…until the manager returns.”

“Hey, that’s very nice of you.”

“No problem,” Emma said with a nervous smile. She was getting excited. “Uh, how about some coffee? I made some just a little while ago, thinking my husband might be on his way, but he called and said he was detained at the office. It’s some kind of…long session, I guess. He said he wouldn’t be home until eleven.” Why did I say THAT? Emma wondered.

Don quickly glanced at his watch. It was five after eight. “Looks like you and I may have time to get acquainted,” he said with a smile. “I’ve been hoping I might get to know you…uh…I mean…” The sentence trailed off in embarrassment.

He was not a ladies man, and Emma liked that. He seemed like just an ordinary guy, which suited her very well. SO well, in fact, that moisture was breaking along the lips of her pussy.

“I’ve wanted to meet you, too,” Emma heard herself say, and with feeling. Oh God, she was SHAMELESS!

“Have you really?” Don’s brown eyes sparkled.

“Yes, ever since you broke up with your girlfriend.” This can’t be ME talking, Emma thought. But she went on: “I haven’t seen her going in and out lately.”

“Yeah, we broke up, all right,” Don said. “But she still has my fucking key. Oops!”

Emma laughed. She suddenly felt very loose. “I know that word too, believe it or not. Anyway, what’s wrong with sex words or cuss words? I think they serve a definite purpose, don’t you?” She was feeling downright giddy, as if something wild and wonderful was about to happen, and she was ready for it.

“Yeah. Hey, you’re very open and honest. I sort of had the impression that you were reserved. You usually dress so modestly.”

“Is this modest?” Emma inquired, fingering the loose robe where it came together.

“Well, uh, it might be…depending on what you have underneath it,” Don smiled.

“Just panties,” Emma said boldly.

Don’s eyes changed. She saw desire in them. His lips parted, but he didn’t say anything. The air was electric.

“Uuh, let me get that coffee,” Emma said to break the tension, and she stood on legs that suddenly felt weak.

Don stopped her with, “You know, I could go for something a little stronger, if you have it.”

“We have whiskey.”


On uncertain legs, Emma walked to the kitchen and opened the cabinet where her husband kept a bottle of Jack Daniels. She poured two shots, and carried them back to the living room. Don had settled himself on the sofa, and she sat beside him. The crotch-strip of her fresh panties was now sopped.

She and Don touched glasses and began to drink. Emma’s giddiness increased. This was her chance, and she was going to go for it! Screw her husband. He deserved to be cheated on. She let one side of her robe fall away, knowing full well what was happening and that Don could see her bare thigh almost all the way up. The top of her robe had loosened, too, and he could look down into the valley between her breasts if he so chose. He did.

Emma was sizzling now. She downed the last of her drink, and Don did the same. Emma’s pussy juices gushed. This attractive guy would only have to touch her and she would fall into his arms. Oh, why doesn’t he do it? she wondered. Is it because I’m married?

“You know…” she said, staring at her empty glass, “Hal, that’s my husband, and I have sort of been estranged for awhile. He cheated on me and…”

Don broke in to declare, “My girlfriend did that, too–with her fucking boss. She did it to get a goddamned promotion.”


“Yeah. How’s that for a cheap tramp! So I kicked her out. Why did your husband screw around?”

“I don’t know,” Emma admitted. “I gave him everything he wanted. Of course, he didn’t seem to want MUCH. I’m the one that had…that HAS…the stronger sex drive.” Oh God, oh God…she was laying herself wide open!

“It was the same way with my girlfriend and me,” Don said, his voice tensing up. “But in reverse. She always acted like she was doing me a favor. I was glad to see her go. But it sure as hell has been lonely…”

He placed a hand on Emma’s exposed thigh. A jolt shot through her. Her pussy flowed even more. Oh God, I’ll be stinky if he goes down there, she thought. I ought to go into the bathroom and clean myself up.

But Don didn’t give her the chance. He turned to kiss her, gathering her to him with an arm around her shoulders as his other hand scooted up her thigh, pushing her loose robe before it. That hand glided onto her panties and held her there at the hip. Her soft lips parted as Don’s firm ones made contact and pressed, encouraging her mouth to open wider. His kiss was dominant. He knew what he was doing.

Emma thrilled. Her shy tongue hesitated as Don’s tongue entered her mouth, then she quickly surrendered and rubbed her tongue against his. His arm, which was around her back, gathered her more snugly again
st him, causing her to shift her weight entirely onto her near hip. This lifted her bottom partially off the sofa and Don took quick advantage, gliding his hand onto her
buttocks and pressing them through her thin panties. He played with her pliant ass.

The couple kissed with churning tongues. Emma’s excitement was raging now. She had been deprived of real stimulation for so long that she had almost forgotten what it felt like, but now it all came rushing back. She clutched Don and kissed him passionately. The region between her thighs had become a swamp.

Don eased her back after a bit and withdrew his hand from inside her robe to place it against her cheek. His other hand caressed her hair, and he began to kiss her all about the face and down along her throat. He nuzzled the side of her neck and breathed in her bath-fresh fragrance.

He boldly pushed her robe away from her breasts at both sides, and he gazed at the shapely mounds, tipped by erect beige-pink nipples set in neatly defined disks of slightly lighter beige. Emma’s nipples and aureola were very sensitive, and when Don bent to lick them, she squirmed with delight. Her hands were in his thick dark hair, and she held him close against her as he went from titty to titty, licking and sucking, tugging on her throbbing nipples, letting them go, and tugging on them some more.

“Ooh…ooh…!” she panted, loving the action of his lips on her tits.

His mouth glided down and soon it encountered the elastic at the top of her full-sized white briefs. Emma wore sensible panties, but now she regretted that she didn’t have something fancier to show Don. However, he didn’t seem to mind as he nuzzled her gently curved tummy through the silky-smooth fabric, working his way down.

When Emma felt his fingers curl around her panty elastic, she panicked because she feared she was too wet and smelly down below to please him. Sometimes her husband had complained. She said, “Nooh…let me…let me…” and pushed at Don’s head to make him straighten up. His eyes were kind of glassy and very hot.

Desperate to divert his attention–and longing to do this anyway–she pawed at Don’s lap and felt his very firm excitement, though restricted by his clothes. She groped for his zipper. Don helped, adjusting his posture and his garments so that Emma could more easily pull his zipper down. Suddenly his manhood leaped out and stood quivering in turgid splendor, nine inches long with a bulging rosy head. Emma gasped because he was so much bigger than her husband. In fact, Don’s cock was beautiful!

Letting out a little mew of delight, she bent to him, wrapping her cool fingers around his shaft and marveling how thick and hard it was. Her parted lips pressed the tip of his organ and immediately widened to the max in order to engulf his entire knob. Don groaned, and Emma felt him jerk. She feared for a moment that he was about to shoot, but he didn’t. His hands threaded into her hair and he caressed her head as she began to suck him.

Emma’s college boyfriend had taught her to enjoy sucking cock, but her husband lately hadn’t seemed to care for it, pushing her aside and just climbing on top, as if he wanted to get the sex session over in a hurry. Consequently, she almost never came with him any more and had taken to pleasuring herself on a regular basis. But she needed a man’s cock in her mouth and in her pussy in order to feel fulfilled.

Don’s big dick felt wonderful as she glided her tight lips up and down on it while lapping at his swollen, throbbing cock-head with her tongue. She reached into his pants and fondled his balls. Don moaned and writhed, pushing his big prick up into her mouth gently as she went lower and lower on it. His knob bunted into her throat, but she did not gag. She loved what she was doing to him and missed only one thing. Because she was still seated beside him and bending over his lap, she couldn’t look into his eyes while she sucked him.

To cure that problem, she let him go for a moment, and sank onto her knees between his legs. She directed his dick toward her mouth once again, and now she could look at his face. His passionate gaze locked with hers.

“Ooh, baby…baby…” he crooned, as she once again surrounded his cock with her soft, clasping lips and resumed pumping them up and down on his stalwart rod, sucking ardently.

Emma loved the feel of a thick, hard cock in her mouth, and she loved the taste of it, too. Most of all, she loved the sense of power that it gave her as she watched the man’s face and saw how much he enjoyed and appreciated what she was doing. She kept her eyes trained on Don’s as she bobbed her head down and up, down and up.

Don’s hands kept working in her hair and petting her cheeks, and finally he took a firm grip and lifted her head from him. She gasped and panted, a thin strand of saliva, mingled with his pre-cum, dangling from her lower lip and down over her chin. She quickly licked at it and swiped the rest away with her hand.

Don spread her out on the carpet. Emma no longer worried about offending him with her sexual scent, which her husband never seemed to appreciate, because she now knew that Don was different. Everything about him seemed different.

He stripped her plain white panties down her legs and off, not noticing how saturated with moisture the crotch was. He took hold of her legs behind the knees, steepling them and spreading them wide apart with the bottoms of her feet resting flat against the rug. Emma had no secrets from him now, and she thrilled as he gazed at her womanhood. She didn’t shave, but she did trim her pussy hair a little, so she had a neat triangular tuft at the top and a trail of curlies on each side of her glistening, oozing slit.

A soft growl of lust escaped Don’s lips as he bowed his head into the canyon of her thighs. “Ooh…myyy…ooh…” Emma panted as she watched his head go down, and when she felt his lips against her pussy, such a thrill went through her that she feared she might pass out. Don immediately began to lick her, slowly and pleasurably, dragging his impudent tongue up and down, up and down her throbbing split…gradually sinking his tongue into her wiggly, warm flesh and finally lodging it in her hot hole.

“OOH!” she exclaimed, and clutched his head as she pulled her knees farther back and lifted her feet in the air.

Don licked Emma’s sweet pussy, enjoying the rich, fresh scent of her feminine excitement. His cock throbbed, and he reached down to stroke it a little. But then he needed both thumbs to open her soft pussy wider so that he could lick all of the interior, slippery-wet folds. He concentrated on her clit at last, surrounding the throbbing bud with the warm, wet suction of his mouth. His tongue fluttered against her hot tip as his lips tightened farther back on the body of her clit. He sucked and tugged and growled with delight as he made passionate love to Emma’s sweet pussy.

“Uuuh! Oooh! YESSS!” she exclaimed and lost control, bumping against his face. She came with a rush. Don kept licking and sucking, making a veritable feast of her pussy until he was sure that she had gotten the full benefit of her orgasm, and then he rose to a kneeling position between her raised knees and used his hands to guide his stiff dick to the throbbing little fuck-hole that Emma wanted him to fill.

The tip of his cock gained entry. He used his hand to wiggle it around, enlarging her elastic opening so that the fat head of his cock could pop in. Emma held her breath, and her eyes went wide, because the mouth of her pussy had never been so stretched before..

“Do you want it, baby?” Don asked with a tense, husky voice before he shoved.

“Ooh, yesss…yessssss…” Emma hissed.

“Then tell me,” the stud demanded.

“Fuck me! Ooh, FUCK me!” Emma cried. “Stick it INNNNN me!” Her hips were anxious, bumping to try to capture Don entirely. He wouldn’t give it to her all at once, however, because he feared that it might hurt her. He had gotten complaints before. So he ga
ve her just a couple of inches following the head.

“AAH!” Emma cried, wanting more but fearin
g it too because he was so fucking big.

Don backed up, pulling almost out, the very wide ridge of his cockhead rippling the sensitive membranes of her pussy-mouth. He pushed in again, going a little deeper this time. Emma gasped once more. Don withdrew. In-out, in-out, he fucked her carefully at first, but he went a little deeper with each new thrust until finally his entire nine inches were gliding in and out of her, filling her pussy entirely each time he came charging in. And charging he was now, rearing and thrusting…hammering…stroking fast…making Emma gasp and squeal. She bobbed her belly against him. She kicked him with her heels. She came. Hard.

Don pulled out and flipped her onto her tummy. He boosted her pretty ass high in the air, and her tits were pressed against the scratchy carpet, exciting her nipples. Eyeing her cute little asshole, which was very tightly shut, he wiggled his dick into her wet pink pussy and rammed it all the way in a single thrust. She howled from pleasure, not from pain. She could take it now.

Don fucked her fiercely, driving his thick cock deeply into her with every lusty thrust. Emma moaned and cried. This was wonderful! She had never been so thrilled! She worked a hand underneath her body and pinched her clit, heightening her pleasure level to the maximum while Don’s cock stroked her g-spot. She came yet again, this time with earthquake force and a squeal which the neighbors surely had to hear. What if they told her husband? So what! She no longer cared.

“Don’t cum inside me…don’t cum…don’t cum!” Emma heard herself plead, because she wasn’t protected.

“Then help me.” Don said and gasped as he pulled his cock out of her sucking swamp of a cunt.

Emma scrambled to face him and clamped her hot mouth around the head of his cock just as he shot. Spurt after spurt of his thick, tasty love-juice splashed over her tongue and down her gulping throat until she had drained his balls entirely. Don kissed her, tasting himself in her mouth, and they hugged each other tight.

This was the start of a new life for Emma, and she was determined to live it to the hilt…

(More Cummming)

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