The Assistant: The First Day

This is a continuation and it is recommended that you read the first part.

After my encounter with Miss Marshal, or Amy as I was to call her out of work, I went straight back to my apartment and packed up my clothes and personal effects and arranged for the rest to go into storage.

Now, two days later I’m standing in front of the big door of the mansion with my stuff waiting to be let in. I hear movement on the other side of the door and it slowly opens to reveal the same leggy blonde that let me in the other day, wearing the same maids uniform that is too small for her. “You must be Mr Thomas. I’m Emma. Miss Marshal told me to expect you.” She says.
“Oh, call John. It’s a pleasure to meet Emma.” I say, jokingly taking a bow, which makes her giggle and smile, which lights up her face. I grin back at her, as I take in her beautiful face and blue eyes.
“Well, follow me John.” She says letting me in.

As I enter she only moves back a bit so I am forced to squeeze past her, making me brush her firm tits. After shutting the door, she turns and walks towards the large, red carpet stairway on the other side of the entrance. I follow her and admire her ass sway as she walks. As she climbs the stairs I continue to watch her fine ass but my attention is soon drawn to the fact that I can see part way up her short skirt. I can see the tops of her black stockings on her creamy white thighs, that lead up to her hot little box. Although I can’t see her cunt I am getting quite turned on by the teasing view.

As we reach the first landing Emma says, “You room is on the next floor and the rest of the staff are on the top floor. This is Miss Marshal’s floor. The staff must normally use the backstairs by the kitchen as Miss Marshal often has clients around and the rest of the staff must not be seen. You however, being her aid will be able to use these stairs. You know where the study is and I will show you where everything else is after you have settled in a bit. Later this afternoon my Miss Marshal would like to see you in the study.”

While she is explaining this to me we reach the second landing. Emma turns left and goes down a wide lush corridor to the second door on the right. She opens it and lets me go in. As I enter I am stunned. The room is huge, bigger than half my apartment and way better furnished. In the far wall are huge windows that look out onto the back of the house. In the middle of the left wall is a huge 4-poster bed, which looks really comfy. Either side of the bed are two large wardrobes and opposite the bed is a wall mounted wide-screen TV. To the left and right of me are two doors. I walk over to the left door and open it to see the biggest bathroom I have ever seen. There’s a double shower, a Jacuzzi bath, over which is a large mirror so you can look up at yourself. In the other room is a big, thick leather coach and armchair with another wide-screen TV. There is a Hi-fi system and even a pool table. God, if I have this what must Amy have?

When I go back into the bedroom I see the door is closed and I don’t Emma where she was. I think that she may have gone until I see her sitting on the bed with her gartered legs crossed. “Like what you see?” she asks seductively. I don’t know if she is talking about herself or about the room but the answer is the same.
“Yeah. It’s fantastic. I haven’t seen anything like it.” She smiles that great smile again and then gets up and stands close to me, close enough for me to feel her firm tits against my chest.
“I take it your interview went well.” She coos as she playfully stokes my arm.
“Umm… yeah.” I say slightly embarrassed.
“Yeah, we all heard that you made quite an impression.” She grins. I don’t answer. She moves even closer to me and leans forward and whispers in my ear. “Don’t play coy. You made her cum so loud most of the staff heard it and now I want some. I want you to make me cum so hard. Will you do that for me?” she pulls back and looks deep into my eyes. I feel her other hand slide up my thigh and squeeze my prick through my jeans. It instantly responds, as it becomes hard and strains against the front of my jeans. On feeling this Emma grins and says, “I’ll take that as a yes.”

With that she begins to undress me. She pulls my T-shirt over my head and drops it on the floor. She then drops to her knees and begins to undo my belt and zip before pulling my jeans and boxers down in one smooth motion. I step out of them making my hard cock bounce in front of Emma’s face. She has a big grin on her face as she looks up at me and teasingly licks her. Suddenly she clamps her juicy lips over my cock. She tenses her lips and waggles her tongue underneath my helmet before sliding down my shaft until it is all engulfed by her mouth, gently sucking it. When she slides back up again she gently grates her teeth along my swollen flesh. This has a major effect on me and drives me wild. She is an excellent cocksucker, one of the best I have ever had.

I am fast approaching my climax. I can feel the cum in my balls churning, ready to explode. Emma senses this and releases my cock from her mouth, planting a kiss on the swollen tip before getting up. With that she steps back from me and slowly begins to seductively move her hands over her body. She turns around and slowly, seductively, pulls down the zip on the back of her uniform. With each inch of skin she reveals I am getting hotter and hotter. If she doesn’t hurry up I’m going to have to rip that uniform off her.

When she has completely unzipped the zip she turns back to face me. Her arm is across her chest holding up her little uniform. She lets her arms fall to her sides and her tight, black and white lace dress fell to the floor. I just look on stunned. Underneath her uniform she is completely naked, no panties and no bra. Emma giggles at me open mouth. “If you’re wondering how big these are,” she says jiggling her boobs, “they’re 38DD. We’re not allowed to wear any underwear. It’s one of the house rules, for us anyway. We have to be bare so we can be fucked without the difficulty of taking of our panties.” My mouth drops even further. So Amy fucks her entire staff. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised after that interview.

After a few moments of standing with my mouth open, staring at the beautiful woman in front of me, wearing only her black stockings and shoes, I come to my senses and move towards her. I move in close, her huge tits pressing against my chest, and put my lips to hers. Immediately she kisses me back, opening her mouth slightly allowing my tongue to enter her mouth. Our tongues entwine as we continue our lustful kiss.

I finally break the kiss and lie her down on the huge bed. I slowly begin to stroke her smooth, milky skin. Caressing it gently with my fingers, barely touching it. I slowly move my caressing down her body, from her face down to her toes, making sure not to touch her breasts or her crotch. I then plant small, light kisses onto her skin, working my way back up her body. Again making sure not to touch crotch or breasts. When I reach her face Emma has her eyes closed so I plant a kiss on each eyelid. I then slowly kiss my way down to the top of her tits, all the while I am lightly stroking her arm with the back of my forefinger.

Emma is breathing heavily by now and her huge boobs are rising and falling with each breath. I begin to stroke the sides of her smooth tits with my fingertips. Only making light contact to tease her slowly. I trace my fingers around her tits moving closer and closer to her nipples. Finally, I trace my fingers around her nipples before I lightly flick them. Emma moans as I tease her swollen nipples. I flick them once more before a put them between my thumb and forefinger and massage them very lightly getting harder and harder. I lower my mouth to one of her nipples and take the nub of flesh into my mouth and begin to gently suck it while flicking it with my tongue. All the while I continue to massage he
r other nipple with my fingers. After a few minutes I switch n
ipples. Emma is groaning wildly now and between laboured breaths she begs, “Please I need it so bad. I need to cum. Please fuck me.”
“How do you want it?” I ask looking up at her face as I continue to massage her firm tits.
“Oooooh, do me from behind.”

So I flip her over and put her on her hands and knees. I kneel behind her and admire her fine ass. I rub my hands over her ass, squeezing her cheeks. I trace my right hand down to her almost bald cunt and ran my fingers over her wet slit. “Someone’s really wet. I think someone needs a good hard fucking. Don’t you?”
“Fuck yeah! Fuck me hard!” she cries.

I place the tip of my cock at the entrance of her pussy and enter a small way in. Emma lets out a deep moan and pushes back onto my cock forcing more into her tight, wet pussy. I place my hands onto her hips and pull her back onto my cock as I thrust forwards. I bury my throbbing prick into Emma’s cunt making her groan loudly. I begin to fuck her furiously, ramming my swollen meat to the hilt with each thrust and with each thrust Emma pushes back with a matching force.

Within a very short time the room is filled with our heavy breathing and the smell of our sex. Emma is moaning deeply as I continue to pound her dripping cunt. “Yes, fuck me. Fuck my tight pussy. Use me like a slut. Oooh yeah, that’s it, harder, harder.” She cries. I increase the pace of my fucking, the sight of her tits swaying wildly beneath her with each thrust making me hotter. I reach one of my hands underneath her and toy with her clit. I gently rub it with my fingers, making Emma moan louder and louder. I gradually rub her clit harder and harder, occasionally squeezing it. I twist her clit over so slightly and Emma suddenly lets out a scream, “OH FUCK THAT’S IT. OH SHIT I’M CUMMMINNNG!” I feel her tight cunt contract around my cock, milking it, trying to suck out my cum. I leave my cock buried in her cunt, fighting off my orgasm by contracting my PC muscle. Even as I do this I can feel her juices pouring onto my balls.

Even as she is starting to come down from her orgasm I turn Emma over onto her back and continue to fuck her. The sound of my cock pounding her sopping cunt can be clearly heard and makes me fuck harder. I lean further over Emma, grinding my pubic bone onto her clit and twisting her nipples as I fuck her. Emma’s pussy is still sensitive form her climax moments ago and as I continue to stimulate her cunt, clit and nipples she is fast approaching another. Within a few moments she is bucking wildly underneath me as she cums again. “OH SHIT. I CAN’T BELIEVE I’M CUMMMNG AGAAAIIIIN!” she squeals, almost indistinguishable between her other cries of pleasure. Again I feel her pussy clamp down on my cock and her juices coat by balls. Again I have to fight of my orgasm and only just manage to. I don’t want to cum in her pussy. No, I have something else in mind.

With my prick buried to the hilt in Emma’s pulsating cunt, I look down at her in the throws of her second orgasm. Her back is arched and her eyes are rolled back. She remains like that for quite a while as her orgasm flows through her. Eventually she collapses back onto the bed with a satisfied sigh. She eventually opens her eyes and looks at me. A big grin spreads across her face, lighting it up. “I knew you were going to be good. I think you’re going to be seeing a lot more of me and a lot more ladies besides after that. I bet most of them heard me.” she giggles. “But now we have to do something about you. After what you have just did to me you can do whatever you want.”
“I want to fuck your tits.” I tell her. Her grin widens and she squeezes and jiggles her tits for me with her hands.
“I thought you might. So what are you waiting for?”

With that I pull my throbbing dick out of her soaking pussy and move up to straddle her stomach. I place my cock between her huge tits and she presses them together. I begin to move my prick in and out of her cleavage, the bulbous head moving all the way out to Emma’s awaiting mouth and tongue, allowing her to have a quick lick, before being covered again by her fleshy mounds. Pre-cum is oozing out of my slit, leaving a wet trail between her tits. I begin to fuck Emma’s tit faster and faster as I feel myself getting closer and closer to me climax.

Emma stops trying to lick the tip of my cock for a few moments to say, “Your cock feels great between my tits. Do you like having my big melons wrapped around you prick? Are you going to cum for me? I want you to cum. I want you to shoot all your pearly cream over me. Cum between my tits. Cover them with you baby cream. I want to feel it run between my tits. I want it on my face, in my mouth. I want to taste it. Cum for me.”

Her dirty talk is all I need to send me over the edge. My cock spurts out stream after stream of thick cum as I keep move in and out of her tits, meaning I shoot my load between her mounds and onto her face. Some lands on her chin, some on her cheeks and nose while the rest goes into her open mouth, onto her awaiting tongue. She immediately swallows my cum. After several jets of cum the rest just oozes out of my slit. I remove my cock from between her tits and rub the remaining bits of cum that are dribbling out of my slit on to her nipples.

Emma quickly starts to clean all the cum off her face, using her fingers to scrape it into her mouth. She then lowers her head and brings her tits to her mouth and licks off my cum. My member is covered with a mixture of our cum from between her tits and her tight pussy. When she see this she takes it into her mouth and licks it clean, moaning as she tastes herself on me.

When we are both clean of cum we stand up and get dressed. Emma still has that grin on her face and I can’t help but grin too. She points to the big wet patch all her juices have formed on the bed. “Don’t worry I’ll change the clothes. I mean, it’s my mess, even though it was your fault.” She giggles.

When we are fully clothed we have one final kiss, tongues exploring each others mouths. She turns to go but I catch her arm and say, “I have to say goodbye to these lovely ladies.” And with that I lower my head and plant a kiss on the exposed top of each tit and give them a firm squeeze.
“Well, they will be saying hello again real soon.” She coos. She turns and walks out the room. I’m definitely going to like it here, I’m sure my adventures have just begun. I go into the luxurious bathroom to have a shower and clean up ready to meet Amy in the study later.

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