The Assistant: The Interview

I had seen the advert in the local paper. Having just left university I was pretty skint and decent jobs were hard to find. The position was a personal assistant to someone. It paid well and room & board were included with the job. So I had applied immediately, even though I didn’t know a thing about being an assistant, but I was desperate.

Now, 2 weeks later, here I was sitting in a big expensive office in a huge mansion. When I first arrived I wasn’t sure if I had the right address but then the front door was opened by a tall leggy blonde with killer tits, wearing a maids uniform obviously too small for her, who led me to the study telling me her mistress would be right with me.

A door opens to the right of me and in walks a women dressed in business wear, a white blouse, black knee length skirt and a black jacket. She goes around behind the desk in front of me and takes off her jacket before taking a seat. “So you are here concerning the assistant position?”
“Yes, mam.”
“And what makes you think you can do the job.”
“Umm…well I admit I don’t have any experience but I’m a quick study and put every effort into my work.” She just sits opposite me watching me.

So as not to appear nervous I look back. She’s about 50 years old, but doesn’t look half bad. She has black hair which has been done up in a bun. She has a nice face, smooth white skin with rich red lips. Her green eyes are shown off by a sleek pair of black glasses which gives her that primary school teacher look, but what really catches my attention is her chest. The curve of her tits can clearly seen through her blouse. I can’t help but stare and I can feel my cock begin to stir in my boxers.

After a moments silence she asks, “How tall are you?”
“6 foot, mam.”
“Are you single?”
I don’t really see how that is relevant but I answer her, “Yes.”
“Are you very sexually active?”
“Do you have a high sex drive?”
“Mam, with all respect I don’t see how this is relevant.”
“Oh you don’t do you? Well let me explain it to you. I employ a lot of female staff and I don’t want you going around fucking left, right and centre and distracting you from your duties.”
“Oh, I see. Well, umm, I have quite a high sex drive but I have learned to control it. Is that I problem?” I say slightly embarrassed
“Hmm. We’ll have to see. Now, will you kindly strip.”
“Umm…excuse me but I thought you just asked me to..”
“Strip! Yes did, and if that is a problem for you, then you may leave right now.” I don’t think I should be doing this but I really need the money. After a moments hesitation I get up from the chair and begin to strip. A small smile spreads across her face.

In a very short time I am standing in just my boxers, which barely covers my growing cock. As she watches me intently she says, “And the rest.” Taking a deep breath I grasp my boxers and pull them off. My cock has now reached its full 7 1/2 inches and slaps against my stomach as it escapes its prison. I hear her let out an involuntary gasp. She gets up from her chair and slowly walks round the desk to stand in front of me. She begins to slowly walk around me, sliding her hand across my chest, over my arms, along my shoulders and down my back before cupping my ass in her hands. “Hmm, nice and firm. You work out. I like that.”

She moves back in front of me and looks me up and down. Her eyes drift to my cock and I see her lick her lips. I smile a little, so that’s what she wants, I say to myself, she wants a good fucking.

She places her right hand on my chest traces it down until she reaches the base of my cock. She then starts to gently glide her hand along its length making me moan softly. “How big is it?” she asks as she continues to toy with it.
“Its…oh… umm…its 7 1/2 inches. Oooooh that feels good.” A smile spreads across her face.
“Do we need some help? Hmm?” I just nod in response. “Well let us see what we can do then.” She says as she drops to her knees. She grasps the base of my prick with her left hand as she continues to stroke it with her right. She then sticks out her tongue from between her luscious lips and lightly flicks the tip of my bulbous head. She traces the tip of her tongue over the head before taking it just into her mouth. I let out a soft moan and she looks up at me with a sparkle in her eye. With her eyes still on my face she starts to insert more my cock into her warm mouth as she moves her right hand down to squeeze my balls.

She takes an inch of my cock into her mouth and stops. She glides her tongue over the sensitive skin before removing my cock from her mouth. She then takes two inches back into her mouth and again traces her tongues over it. She repeats this process until
She has my entire cock buried in her mouth. Then she suddenly stops. I’m moaning loudly by now and as I feel her remove her mouth I let out a groan of protest.

She stands up and sits on the edge of the desk facing me. She spreads her legs letting me see up her skirt. She isn’t wearing any panties and I can clearly see her cunt with the patch of hair at the top. I walk towards her and drop to my knees between her open thighs. I feel a hand on the back of my neck as she guides me under her skirt. Her bulging cunt stares back at me. Her lips are spread and her huge clit is clearly visible. She has the biggest clit I have ever seen, it’s got to be the same size as the end of my thumb.

I start to kiss my way up the inside of her right thigh until I reach her crotch. I then move across to her other leg to repeat the process, but not before I lightly brush my lips of her cunt lips. I suddenly feel her grasp the back of my head and thrusts me into her wet pussy. “Don’t toy with me! I’m hot enough as it is. I’m always fucking horny…oooh yeah…my clit is…ahhh… really sensitive and always makes me hot.” She tells me as I, not one for going against a woman’s wishes, start to lick her dripping slit.

I lick her slit and gently suck on her open lips, making her moan loudly. “Oh fuck you’re good. Oh shit, do my clit. Fuck me with your tongue.” She cries. So I slowly trace the tip of my tongue up her juice cover cunt to her throbbing clit. When I reach it I do nothing for a moment, extending the teasing, but then I give it a quick, light flick with my tongue. She must have a very sensitive clit because it has her screaming out in pleasure as she cums. Her hips are bucking violently but I continue to gently lick and suck on her clit, keeping her in her state of orgasm. I slip two of my fingers into her pussy and with all of the juices pouring from her cunt they go in easily. I search for the right spot until I find the swollen bump on the front wall of her cunt. I press my finger tips onto the mound of flesh and slowly rub in a circular motion while keeping up the pressure.

This sends her even higher into the air, as she screams out loudly and bucks even harder into my face. I, meanwhile, continue to massage her cunt with my tongue and fingers while I eagerly drink as much of her juice as I can. After about a minute or two or doing this I feel her push me away form her quivering cunt. I fall back and look up at the woman, half lying on her desk, barely conscious. She just lay there eyes closed in a sea of ecstasy.

After a few minutes of silence, with only her heavy breathing, she opens her eyes and looks down at me, my face covered in her delicious cum. “Oh god. That was fantastic. I’m always horny but I’ve never cum like that. You are really good, but I need more. I’m already horny and my pussy needs a nice hard cock. Get up here and fuck me.”

I get to my feet and stand between her legs and look down at the fully clothed woman lying, propped up on her elbows, on her desk with her skirt slightly ruffled. “You want this cock?” I ask waving her swollen member at her. She nods her head. “Well, I think you’re a bit over dressed.
” I lean over and rip open her blouse, sending all the buttons flying around the room. She isn’t w
earing a bra so her blouse falls open revealing her huge, firm tits to my ravenous eyes. I can’t believe my eyes. They’re the some of the biggest tits I have seen in my life.

She sees my eyes glaze over as I stare at her breasts. “They’re 36DD” she tells me with a smile. I keep staring at her chest. Her nipples are huge, and are standing up as hard as steel. I just have to suck them. I lower my mouth to her tits and trace the tip of my tongue around her huge aeroles before taking one of her swollen nipples into my mouth and sucking it eagerly. She is moaning as I suck one before I move over to the second.

After a good five minutes of sucking I lift my head and hold my cock. “You said you wanted this and now you’re going to get it.” I tell her. I place the tip of my cock on her cunt and rub it up and down her slit making her moan. I slide the tip a short way into her wet pussy and stop.
“Oh, don’t fucking tease me, just fuck me.” she cries. I feel her wrap her legs around me and forcibly pulls me into her, impaling herself on my cock. “Oh fuckkkk!! It’s soooo big. Oh yeah. If you want the job you’d better fuck me hard and fast.”

On hearing this I begin to fuck her with all my might. I pull almost out of her before slamming back into her, spreading her tight cunt. I pound her mercilessly as she writhes around on the table in pleasure with each thrust. As I pound her I reach for her bouncing tits and squeeze them and massaging them while I twist and turn her hard nipples.

In a very short time she is screaming, “OH FUCK YEAH THAT’S WHAT I NEED. OH SHIIITTT I’M GOING TO CUMMMMMMM!”. Her tight cunt clamps down on my cock as her cum covers my balls. I keep fucking her as hard as I can. As she continues to cum her muscles keep contacting around my cock and it wont take me much longer to cum.

She can tell from my thrusting and heavy breathing that I’m close to cumming and between heavy breathes, she shakily says, “Yes…yes…I want… you to…cum in me… Fill me… with your… spunk.” As she says this I fell her cunt contract strongly on my prick. With a deep grunt I unleash a huge load of my cum into her cunt. She lets another loud moan as she feels me fill her pulsating cunt with my spunk.

After I finish cumming I pull out of her and sit back down on my seat and watch as she basks in the aftermath of her orgasms. After a few minutes she recovers and she gets up off the table and stands in front of me. As she does I see a streak of my cum drip down her leg. She pulls her blouse across her chest, does up her jacket and straightens her jacket. “Well, I think you’ve got the job but only if that cock belongs to me so I can use it whenever I want. Ok?” she says. I just nod. “Good. Now, get dressed. Oh, by the way my name is Miss Marshal but when we’re not doing work I’m Amy.” She says with a wink. I know I’m going to like this job.

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    is it a true story?

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