The Battle

From across the room our gazes lock. We have watched each other but never spoken. The raw heat between us has kept us wary and apart even as we are inexorably drawn toward . . . something.
Tonight will be that something. I see the sure knowledge of it in your eyes. The confrontation of kindred souls will begin.
My eyes follow you as you leave the club and I wait, not wanting to appear overeager. In a few moments, I follow, walking slowly behind you down the dark streets to your building. You go inside, leaving the door ajar behind you. You know I will come.
We meet face to face beside your bed. Black satin sheets ripple in the moonlight, a dark ocean as deep as our desire.
We move as one, crashing together, our lips battling, each fighting for dominance. Your tongue fights with mine and I am lost. You taste of the wine from the club and I am drunk. Your hands stroke downward over my back to cup my ass and you squeeze, making me gasp. You pull my hips against yours and I feel the pressure of your hard cock against my belly. My pussy is instantly wet and aching.
We tear at each others clothing, desperate to eliminate the barrier between us. My nails rake your naked chest and I bend to take your nipple into my mouth using my teeth to make you groan. You arch me back over your arm to return the torment, sucking at my nipple until I cry out, Together, we fall to the bed, rolling over and over, each struggling for the dominate position.
I am delirious with the need to have your hard cock inside me. You, however, have other ideas. Pinning me to the bed with your weight, you trace kisses over me, my neck . . . my collarbone . . . my shoulders. You pause for a moment to flick your tongue across each hard nipple, drawing a gasp from me as a jolt of electricity streaks straight to my sex. My hips arch and you chuckle, satisfied.
Your mouth continues its downward slide and I tense with anticipation as you slide my thighs wide and I feel your hot breath between my legs. My pussy drips with need and I arch upwards, wanting to feel your tongue slide across my clit. You plant a kiss in the bend of each thigh, close but not close enough. Then your fingers part the folds of my sex wide to expose the bud of my desire and I moan as your tongue teases the sensitive nub. As you continue to suck and nibble at my sex, you slide one finger slowly along the hot, wet slit between my thighs, reaching the opening of my body. Abandoning gentleness, you thrust your finger into me and I scream with pleasure, arching rhythmically against your hand and tongue, coming closer and closer to climax.
Unable to bear the rising tide of heat any longer, you rise above me and rub your cock between the lips of my pussy, wetting yourself with my desire. Just when I think I can’t bear it any longer, you place the tip of your hard cock against the entrance of my pussy and with one quick, hard thrust we become one.
Your cock slides easily and deeply into me and you begin a fast, hard rhythm that quickly brings out a sheen of sweat on our straining bodies. The base of your cock grinds against my clit and I shudder, arching as hard as I can against you. Your hands reach beneath my ass, cupping me and pulling me higher against you, spreading my thighs and burying your shaft more deeply into the well of my pussy.
Suddenly, you groan and arch above me and I instinctively wrap my thighs more tightly around you. The hot spurt of your cum deep inside me triggers my own orgasm and we both cry out as our bodies arch together.
Hours later, we lay tangled together in your sheets. Slowly we explore each other, soothing the bruises and scrapes inflicted in the heat of our battle. I smile into your eyes, and you smile in return. We both acknowledge that there is no clear winner tonight. The battle will continue.

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