Christine and I worked together for years, both in our early 40’s. We would always talk and get along great. She was the happy gal at the office, married 20 years in a bad marriage. She was 5’8″ with red hair, but her face was not that beautiful. Her figure was good, but she always said that she was fat. She had the greatest pair of legs that I had ever seen. She always wore high heels to work every day. I always wanted to undress her and fuck her. We were attracted to each other, but would never admit it to each other.

Then, one day I came back after a funeral of a close relative. That morning she stopped at my desk and asked if I wanted to go out to lunch and talk about it. I said that would be fine. On the way back from lunch, I pulled off the main road to a side street and stopped the car. I asked if I could kiss her and she said that it would okay. Our first kiss was total chemistry as our lips locked automatically on each other. I touch her breasts and then move my hand under her blouse and bra to caress her breasts. It was magic. Finally, we had to head back to work. She said that the kiss was great. I figured that this would just pass and we would go on our merry way.

Several days later, we were assigned a project to work on together. Two or three times per week, we would have to meet over a 6 to 9 month period in the basement conference room. On the first day of the project, we started to work, but only to find out that we could not keep our hands off each other. We started by kissing and then she would be stroking my penis as we got very hot and heated. I would put my hand up her skirt and touch her pussy and her ass. I would slip out of my casual dress shoes and place my feet on her right foot and remove her high heel with my feet. I would do the same on her left foot and remove her other high heel. She would move over onto my lap and we would continue touching each other’s private parts. Our feet and toes would be touching and this would really turn her on. As we kissed, we got closer and closer to each other. We could not keep our hands off each other. The only problem I had was that I would ejaculate in my pants. She would always apologize. After the second encounter, I informed Chris that I needed and wanted more of her. I told her that I wanted her naked, wanted to put my penis in her and have total sex with her. She said that she understood and felt the same way. She suggested a secluded place for us to go the next day for lunch. She also asked me if I could wear a condom. I said to no unless she would personally put it on my penis.

At lunch the next day, we got to a secluded part of the park; C placed her feet in my lap. I removed her left high heel shoe and then her right one. Then I rubbed her feet, kissed and stroked her feet, legs, and thighs. I would kiss each one of her toes. Then, I would slowly slip off her nylons from her ass down her legs and off her feet. She never wore any panties. We would kiss passionately as C loved to touch my penis and balls and I stroked her pussy. We got heated up very fast. I took off her skirt, so that C was naked from the waist down. I would ask her if she would like desert and she would say desert would be great and is the best with you. C would unzip my zipper and take off my pants, shorts, socks, and shoes, so I was naked from the waist down. We would go to the backseat of the car. I would take off her blouse and bra and throw them in the front seat. C would be naked, only showing her beautiful red pussy hairs. She would say that her red pussy hair shows that she really is a redhead. C would take off my shirt, so we were naked together. Then, I would kiss her beautiful feet and put her high heels back on. She placed the condom on my penis, which felt very good with her tender touch. At this moment lying on her back, she would rest her right foot on the front seat and her left foot touching the back window. Chris would spread her legs nice and wide for me to enter her. She would be smiling at me and I would kiss her. She would tell me that most guys do not take the time to kiss before sex. They only want pussy and ass. She pulls my penis toward her, but she would say that I was very different. Then, my penis would automatically go deep into her pussy as I exploded in her. She would experience an orgasm this time and many times that we were together. The feeling was so intense that her heels fell off. I kept banging her in and out of her pussy. It continued for quite a while. When done, we looked for the condom and we could not find it anywhere. She was a little upset, but when I kissed her she forgot about the condom. As we were heating up again, my penis went back inside her pussy and she wanted it very much. When my penis came back out of her, the condom was back on my stick and we both smiled and kissed. She told me that I was good if I can go back in and get the condom. I would put her high heels back on her feet. C would get up, bent over and suck on my penis. She would put both of my balls in her mouth and suck on them until they were soaked. She would move her mouth upward to my stick and move her mouth over my penis time and time again. It felt great and I felt out of control. I massaged the back of her legs and ass with my right hand. I would pull her head tight on my penis, so it was totally in her mouth. Then, it would happen as I exploded my white cum in her mouth and she swallowed all of it. C was absolutely great at this. Then, C naked with only her heels on, would sit in my lap face to face kissing tongue to tongue. C’s was great–we never had a bad kiss when our lips meet. We were so passionate that my penis would rise and go into her without any help. I would hold her ass firm, tight and down, so my penis could stay in her as long as possible. With such chemistry and passion between us, C would usually be caught up in the moment and her heels would drop off her feet. We would usually have sex 3 or 4 times in 20 minutes. Our chemistry was perfect. After this we quickly dressed and headed back to work. She told me that sex was great and that it had been 12 years since she had last had sex. I was surprised. I asked her how could you go that long without any sex. She said that she just did. I told her that she would not have to wait another 12 years for sex. I also told her that she only has to ask me for sex and that we will do it on her request. She smiled. I asked her about lunch tomorrow. She said that she wants to have desert. I said that desert is best with you.


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