The Cabin

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Mina: I had been lying on the table, and I got down on my knees in front of the wood burning stove, and when the heat baked into my skin, I wondered how his flesh could stand being so near the fire. I don’t think I have ever been so hot for someone as I had been right then. The fire stung my flesh, but it felt good. I was consumed with wanting to completely devour Jasper.

Jasper: It was turning me on. Mina had always said she was sexually reserved. Honestly. But at that moment, I had taken her belt from her pants and laid it across her wet pussy. I sort of wrapped it under her crouch, and held one end of the belt behind her, and the other in front of her stomach. I pulled upwards so the belt put a lot of pressure on her naked pussy. Slightly jostle it and she would sharply inhale breathe and moan and drag her nails across my back. How could this girl be sexually reserved?

Mina: The belt has these metal studs in them, and when dragged the belt across my vagina, the studs would add this little something that drove me crazy. No man has ever used a belt on me before. He was tonguing my clit while tapping my pussy with the belt. It was intoxicating.

Jaspar: It was intoxicating.

Mina: He stood me up, our bodies by the fire, and he danced his fingers from pinching my nipples down to my vagina. He buried his mouth in my neck and rubbed me with his fingers. I felt like I was going to buckle at the knees it felt so good. I almost swooned, but then he had the belt tightly wrapped around his fist, and he gently stung me with it on my ass. My ass was already hot from the fire, stinging, but the belt took the stinging deeper. We hadn’t talked about him doing this. He took a chance, and I was glad he did. I was a little scared, or maybe embarrassed. But I let him do it because I knew I liked it. The fear, and the embarrassed were part of why I liked it. I was feeling like I had nothing to fear, or to be embarrassed about.

Jasper: I’m not a fucking fetish guru. I just have sexy feelings. i hoped she liked it, because I wanted to keep doing it. But, everything in moderation.

Mina: For now

Jasper: Later, when we absolutely reveled in what we had done, I told her she could wail on me, and she said that she wanted me to wail on her. That’s exciting.

Mina: He felt he could use the belt on me. So, I felt I could use it on him. I could tell he liked when i used my nails on him, bit him a little. I had him in my mouth, lifted my hand to the belt, gripped it, and brought it slowly to his flesh where is sort of let it linger. He was ok with it, or not saying anything if he wasn’t. I hit him. Harder than I had thought I would

Jasper: Yes, it hurts. But, it isn’t a threatening pain. It is just ‘pain’ the sensation. And how salt flavors go with sweet, I am thinking that pain is intimately related to with pleasure. But, combined, pain and pleasure signify something more. Truth of bond.

Mina: So he spanks me, and I spank him. We’re kissing so hard, the fire is so hot. He throws me back onto the table – i laugh in my head a little at the thought of the next campers to rent this cabin- he buries his tongue in my crotch again. My neck is soaked with his saliva, and next thing I know he taken sugar – we had some left over from breakfast, I think the cereal was still out too, and he rubs the sugar all over my body. That was the sexiest thing that I’ve ever experienced.

Jasper: It tasted amazing. It seems so obvious. Sugar. Sex. Sugar on her nipples, on her pussy, on our faces, on my cock.

Mina: I honestly can’t wait to see where this goes. I think I’ll tie his wrists, lay him of the table, and tie his ankles to the legs of the table. Spreading him open. Then blindfold him and have my way with him

Jasper: We’ll see who gets tied up…

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