The camping trip


Hi im Bigjock i’m 5’11” brown hair 46″chest weight lifter. This is a story about when me my girl my friend and his girl went to an amusment park. The park is a 4 hour drive and we stayed at a camp site the night before. We parked up next to a caravan and pitched our tent’s got some food on the go and the drink out, played some cards as it was getting late and we had an early start in the morning we decided to get our heads down. As soon as we zipped up our tent my girl started rubbing my cock through my tracky bottom’s soon bringing it to it’s full 8″ my girl loves my cock because she has had bigger but mine is the thickest she’s ever seen it’s 61/2 inches around behind the head and 7″ around the head she say’s it looks like a toilet role tube with a large tomato on top, not the most flattering description’s but i think it’s a compliment. Anyway my girl is a bit of a screamer so i was abit worried about the rackit we might make, then i heard my friends were at it as well so i thought fine thats good enough for me. So while my girl is rubbing my cock i unbutton her jean’s and slide them down her thigh’s she had a see through net thong on and i could see the small runway of hair leading down to her obviously swollen clit, she said she had been wet all day looking at my cock through my trackies as i had no underwear on. She bent down and started licking at cock through my tracksuit then slide it down and forced the head into her mouth its a bit uncomfortable to start with but once my heads past her teeth it’s heaven she can suck harder as there is less room in her mouth while her tongue licks my glands. While she’s on her knee’s i lick my fingers and start to rubb her clit while my other finger apply’s pressure to her ass and tickles her asshole then i start licking around the rim of her puckered hole. I know she is close to cummin as she is moaning good now and the vibration’s on my cock is great i pull out of her mouth as i don’t want to cum myself i swing her pussy onto my face in the 69 and tell her not to suck my cock just to lick my balls and cock as i stick my tongue right into her pussy and a finger into her ass, she let’s out a low growl like groan and starts to fuck my tongue shes really grinding now and i have to hold her back down on me. I take my finger out of her ass switch hands stick 2 fingers in her pussy and lick her clit as much as possible with her fucking my face then she let’s out a scream and really grinds onto my face i feel her cum run down my chin and feel her body shake for about a minute then she spins around and possitions her self above my cock and lowers onto it even as wet as she is her lips start to go in with my cock it’s erotic to watch as they pop back out she always cums as she is half way down my shaft and she has to relaxs as it subsides then she pushes down really hard this is great can almost make me cum just like that. She works her pussy muscle’s all the time to keep herself tight for me. She is riding me slow now it feels incredible it’s so sexy as we are not even undressed yet i slide my hands up under her top and cup her breast’s she’s a 36c30 34 (which i think isn’t bad after a child) i know she is wearing a push up bra which makes her look incredible i reach round a ping it off with one hand and slide my other hand under to rub her nipples she has really sensitive nipples and moans really low i push her clothes up her body and hold her arms above her head then lick around the side of her tits she loves this and pushes down really hard ive been ignoring my cock for so long trying not to cum and now really need to i lay back and throw my clothes off then roll her over and push my cock really deep then bring it all the way out to the tip then push it in half way really slow she hates and loves this wants me deep but loves the head just inside. I then decide it’s time i came and pushed in really hard she wasn’t expecting it i think she nearly came she screaming loud now but i don’t care im close we keep this up for about 10 mins stopping and starting as i need to to prevent me cumming so i can enjoy it more then my girl starts cumming so i pull out and rubb her clit with my cock head when she stops thrashing around i pull her clit hood back all the way and wank my self to orgasm right against her clit which starts her of again. As we both relax i still have a huge wood about to climb back on my girl when there’s a slap at the tent i thought it was my mate so i didn’t put anything on opened the flap and there’s this woman about 30ish with a white almost see through house coat on loosely tied she’s about to say somthing then see’s my cock and just stands there staring i look at my girl lying there exhausted and she smiles at me she knows how high my sex drive is i turn back to the woman and say can i help you but she just stares at my cock so i lean forward to tug her coat, as im on my knee’s i stumble forward and tug her robe of of one shoulder exposing a beautiful pair of pert breast on an older woman and a nice shaved pussy looking a little bit wet she still staring as though she’s hypnotised so i take her hand and put in on my balls so my cock lyes up her forearm she moves now and tenderly strokes my balls with her nails which i love runs her hand up my cock and puts her thumb over my piss hole which is still dribling cum she lifts her thumb to her mouth and tastes me the licking of her thumb gets me even harder i pull her guiding her into the tent where she procedes to kneel down and take me into her mouth she has areally wide smile almost as if her mouth was designed for big cocks she atempts to deep throat me and gags but this dosen’t put her off she then squats over my cock i can see juices running down her leg i don’t know if she came sucking my cock or in her caravan she try’s to lower herself onto my cock but is having a little trouble so i tell her to come and sit on my face i lick her pussy to orgasm she taste’s amazing clean but with the musk of having cum at one point before i had her, i inserted a finger into her pussy and she was tight so i put another in to loosen things up alittle i kept licking her pussy and playing with her asshole she was a bit jumpy at first but when i made no effort to insert my finger she relaxed she started to cum and when she was at the peek i pushed my finger right in she screamed tried to jump off but i held her down while sucking her clit she had a really hard orgasm before she had the chance to recover i turned her onto her knees and slide my cock right in to her tight pussy she screamed again and started cumming stronger again so i reached around to rub her clit sucked my thumb and pushed it into her ass she was pushing back really hard constantly moaning it’s to big its to big. I could see my girl rubbing her pussy really hard now two fingers really deep moaning i told her to get in front of the womans head then told the woman to suck her clit she didn’t want to to start with then i thrust really hard into her that decided it she was sucking like a professional my woman came hard the i felt the tightening of the womans pussy and new she was about to cum again she came hard and colapsed on my womans pussy i told them i was about to cum they both jumped up at the same time i let them lick my cock as i wanked in front of them the woman must have a high sex drive aswell as she was still rubbing her pussy as i wanked and this through me over the edge i started spurting hard and thick globs of cum in thereface hair eyes the woman rubbed my balls and more cums spurting out they clean my cock between them then we collapse all entangled we were about to fall asleep when i heard the birds it was 5oclock we were getting up in a hour. My mate slapped on the tent at 6 saying get up yah noisey ******** then was amazed when this woman got out of the tent i asked her what her name was she said sharon, i only came over to ask you to keep the noise down.I was secretly hoping she would still be here when we came back from the amusment park………………………she was but thats a
nother sto

send any comments about story,sorry about punctuation and spelling.

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