The camping trip part 2

The camping trip part2

If you have not read the first part i suggest you do so before continuing with this story.

In the first part we had an unexpected visitor well this what happend the next day.

My friends and i went to the amusment park had a great time then came back to the campsite, we had arranged to go out into the local town and have night in the local clubs since we had travelled all this way. I said to my friends and girl to just go themselves as i was tired and i had to drive back in the morning and would get some shut eye, my girl offered to stay but i told her to go enjoy herself if i couldn’t sleep i’d get a drink at the camp pub or play some card patience.

So of they went and i tried to get some sleep but it wasn’t happening so went to the bar got a drink and had a look at the paper, the woman from the night before came in and got a drink then she noticed me ,smiled and came over asked if she could sit beside me i said “sure” we talked for a bit then she put her hand on my cock i felt a bit uncomfortable but thought i’ll go along with it for now, i finished my pint then said i have to sleep as i have a long drive in the morning she said “i’ll walk you back” then asked if i would like a cup of tea. I was getting horny as she had a short skirt on and her ass was tight as fuck with gorgeous legs. I agreed went in she said put the kettle on i’ll be back in a minute.

When she returned she had changed into a black satan chamise that just covered her pussy i had an instant erection that i couldn’t hide. So “you like it then” (obviously) she came and nelt in front of me and rubbed my cock through my jeans and said i enjoyed last night very much and woulds love for some action tonight if i didn’t mind. I new my girl wouldn’t be back till about 3am so thought o.k she started to remove my jeans and the kettle clicked she jumped but i didn’t think anything of it.

She pulled my cock through my boxers and started to lick it for a while then removed these also she was pumping my cock and licking my balls and i was getting hot as hell when the door opened and this gorgeous girl walked in. She had a mini skirt that just covered her panties and a belly top that just held her titties in and showed a really nice tanned stomach. She screamed then ran out of the caravan. The woman said thats my daughter and said wait here.

Five minutes past then the mother and daughter returned, by this time i had put my cock away as i thought well there goes my chance of some sex …how wrong was i going to be. Her mother had talked her into coming back in to see my cock telling her daughter it was huge her mother introduced her as Tyra then put her hand on my cock. Tyra agreed with her mother then asked me if she could see it, i said only if you can suck as good as you’re mother to which she said i’ve never sucked a cock before.

I called her mother to come and kneel before me and suck my cock and told her daughter to watch as she was next. Her mother stripped me and started to licked the lenghth of my cock and tickle my glands with her tongue, i told her daughter to strip which she did. Her body almost made me cum right then she had a totally hairless pussy i asked her how old she was she said 18 i thought to myself your mother must have been a young mother as she only looked in her early 30’s.

I told her to come over then i licked my finger and slide it up her slit not penetrating her just stroking her lips and clit she started to moan her moan’s were such a turn on that i had to stop her mother sucking me. I told them to switch places then i sucked my finger in front of her mother and told her to come and put her pussy on my face, i had to lay down for this but i remembered how she tasted the night before and couldn’t wait.

I started to suck on the mothers clit and the taste was amazing, her daughter was a pretty good cock sucker for a begginer she couldn’t take my whole head but her tongue was pretty good on me. I could feel her mothers body start to tense on top of my face and new it wouldn’t belong for her first orgasm. When she came she pushed down really hard she almost suffocated me. I asked them to switch places as i wanted Tyra’s pussy on my face but first i got her to lick my face clean of her mother’s cum i think she was that horny it didn’t matter whose cum it was, when she sat on my face i couldn’t believe how beautiful her pussy was gorgeous lips not the pussy of a well used woman she had a nice size clit as well about the size of a large peanut and obviously sensitive because as i licked it gently a big shiver went up her body and i knew she was going to be a screamer.

As i sucked her pussy i reached up to massage her tits as well, she had big nipples and firm tits. As she started to cum her groaning got really loud almost screams and started bucking around on my face and collapsed onto the floor still shaking. I was needing to cum and told Tyra to lay down flat and cup her breasts, i moved up her body and started to wank nice and slow she opened her mouth wanting me to put my cock in but i had other plans i let out a big growl and shot a load over her tits, face and hair then i rubbed the cum into her nipples with my cock her mother had been watching and rubbing her pussy so i told her to lick her daughter clean.

She kneels down between her daughters legs and starts to lick her daughters nipples, Tyra is riggling around causing her mother to move around making her ass move seductively with her chamise only just covering her asshole. I kneel down behind her my cock as hard as steele with watching that ass i push into her pussy causing her to arch her back and moan when i have my 8 thick inches fully inside her she slumps forward with a moan as i pull back she starts to cum and collapses onto her daughter and they start to kiss tongues everywhere i can’t believe it and start to fuck her really hard she’s moaning constantly now and her daughter is suckin her nipples adding to the pleasure,with the constant contractions of her pussy i feel my cock swell really big and shoot hard into her pussy groaning and grunting myself i get up and ask Tyra to suck me clean as her mother just lays there smiling, as Tyra is cleaning my cock i see cum dribbling out of her mother pussy and tell Tyra to suck it out and share it with her mother.

As Tyra is sucking her mother’s pussy i run my fingers up and down her pussy lips and insert a finger into her, it’s really tight and i ask her if she is a virgin she nods not lifting her head from her mother’s pussy i ask if i can take it from her she just nods vigoriously and wiggle’s her ass. I sat there thinking about how i was going to take her virginity it should be special her first but she want’s me. I watch as she finishes of with her mother they both smile and look at my cock and me for more.

I ask Tyra to lay down for me but her mother suggest the bedroom for her daughters first. I follow them through thinking to myself how lucky am i. Looking at Tyra’s tight ass i think to myself i wish i could take her anal virginity to but i have problems fucking anally, woman find it to painful i can feel my cock rise just thinking about it and watching the two of them, when we get to the room her mother kisses her on the head and leaves.

We lay on the bed just talking her stroking my cock and me stroking her body sensually, speaking to the girl i really start to like the girl in more than just a lust thing i would have her as a girlfriend she’s really switched on for an 18 yr old. We start kissing in a really sexy way with feeling as i start to stroke her body with more meaning kissing down her body i ask her if she has any oil or moisturising lotion she has lotion but it’s in the shower room i go out and get it her mother is sitting in the lounge with a drink when i come out of the shower room she smiles and ask’s me to be careful with her daughter i smile and say i will.

I go back into he room and she smi
les as she play’s with her pussy she say’s i want to be nice and wet f
or you and that big cock. I stand at the side of the bed she moves over and takes my cock into her mouth and i run my fingers up and down her clit. I stop her before either of us cum and start to massage the lotion into her body she grabs some and starts to stroke my cock with it i love it. I turn her over and lift her bum and lick her pussy from behind and tongue her ass she moans and wiggles but dosen’t stop me i lube up a finger and apply pressure to her anus she try’s to clamp her cheeks but i just rub her clit and she starts pushing back at me i insert my finger and rub her clit hard to orgasm she cums hard i feel her ass muscle’s clamping my finger then she collapses on the bed. I roll her over and quickly start to tongue her pussy she wriggling hard now as she is still sensitive then all of as sudden she arches her back and starts to thrash around i keep going for a bout 2mins she collapses exhausted her legs all like jelly i blow cold air on her pussy she just moans and tenses her legs and wiggles her toes almost as if she’s about to orgasm but can’t, i kiss up her body her stomach’s tense and really sensative she ‘s just constantly moaning as i keep her senses overloaded.

I kiss up to her lips then ask her if she is ready for my cock she pleads please fuck me i need it so bad she wraps her legs around me and hugs me to her hard while kissing all over my face.

I unpeel my self from her arms and rub some lotion on to my cock and have a lick at her pussy to make sure she is still wet for me. I press the head of my cock at her opening and feel how tight she is i keep up the pressure and kiss her lovingly to try and calm her a little i can feel how tense she is, she relaxs a little and i get my head in and hold it there a while as she gets used to it.

She tells me she cant take it and to just push into her really hard i tell her it will be sore but she dosen’t care. I don’t push into her hard but i do push with a constant pressure and i break through she digs her nails into my back and let’s out a big gasp of air i don’t stop to let her get used to it but keep going in and out really slow she must have got over the pain as she is moaning now and raising her ass of the bed to meet my thrusts she thrust hard and cums with a big groan i pick up the pace a little and keep her cumming hard for a good few minutes and feel im about to cum so i stop and pull out of her she groans but i turn her over and push into her doggy style raising her ass and lowering her back to get better penetration she’s pushing back hard now as my balls slap her clit she cums again and falls face first into the bed still pushing back as her orgasm subsides i lay on my back and tell her to sit on my cock she dose gingerly at first her pussy all inflamed with the hard fucking weve been doing she lowers herself slowly and when she’s just past the head of my cock she pushes down really hard she screams and i groan loud she raises and lowers herself all the way up and down really slowly almost teasing me she’s learning fast im so close to cumming i bounce her up and down really fast on my cock meserised with her tits bouncing in front of my face trying to catch a nipple as it passes and failing i pull her off me and roll her over put her legs on my shoulders and fuck her really deep she screams with every thrust she’s cumming again i pull out crawl up her body put my cock in her mouth and cum really hard even for my third time cumming i cum more this time than the others it’s cumming out of her mouth and rolling down her cheeks when she recovers she shows me the cum in her mouth and makes a show of swallowing it for me very sexy i roll of and we cuddle and kiss gently i can taste my own cum on her tongue and lips. She reaches down and feels her pussy telling me how sore it is. I tell her get used to it because with a body like yours everyman will want to do it. She notices the blood and sit’s up alarmed but i tell her it always happens when you loose your virginity and not to worry and that she should shower and clean herself up.

As she goes to the shower i go and have the toilet and clean my self as i come out her mother is sitting crying i go and cuddle her and she tell’s me she wishes her first had been like that. I lift her head and kiss her and tell her that most people have a crap first time and not to worry about it she’s older now and it hasn’t affected your life. She reaches down and strokes my cock i didn’t think it had anymore life in it but i felt the twinge of life as she cupped my balls then started to suck on my cock we lay down 69 style and i started to suck her clit again it was almost like food it was that good, i noticed a dildo lying on the carpet so i picked it up and started to fuck her with it as i licked her clit when she was nice and wet i put my finger against her ass and pushed it in gently and finger fucked her ass at the same time as i tongue fucked her pussy i was preparing her ass to take the dildo i got it nice and wet from her pussy then put it to her asshole and pushed it in once i got the head in i waited but kept sucking on her clit and lips then i started to fuck her gently in the ass she was groaning softly at first but when i increased the tempo they got louder and louder until she came on my face with the dildo buried in her ass. She jumped of me lay down and told me to fuck her hard so i put her ankles round my neck drove my cock into her pussy,she screamed and didin’t stop screaming as i fucked her hard and deep my cock was banging of ass she was throwing her head from side to side i put my hand behind her shoulders so she couldn’t slide away from me on the carpet i could feel my self building a big load of cum but wanted to wait for her then she came one last scream the went rigid i pushed in really deep with all my wieght behind my cock and blew a load deep inside her and collapsed on top of her. She held me tight shaking and kissing my neck we lay for a few minutes then i looked at my watch it was 1 oclock we’ed been fucking for 4 hours i told her i was going to have to go. She said i better shower or my girl would know.

I went into the shower but Tyra was still in there she invited me in beside her so i accepted she automatically went down on my cock but came right back up again and said “you fucked my mom again didn’t you” i just smiled. She went back down on me and i relaxed under the water not expecting much to happen with my dick, i think she was about to give up when my cock twitched in her mouth and then she went to sucking really hard she got me big and hard but the head felt a little numb it had been used so much in the last 24 hours.

I lifted her up she wrapped her leg’s around my waste we kissed and i sucked her nipple’s and neck then she slide her body down mine and lowered her pussy onto my cock and gently fucked me i soaped her tits and back as i was starting to get the feeling back into my cock i could feel the cum building i took her out of the shower and lay her on a towel i made her do a shoulder stand with her legs on the floor behind her head then i slide my cock straight into her and fucked her like this for 5min’s or so but she said it’s uncomfortable and she just wanted fucked hard like before so i just spread her leg’s and hammered into her for all i was worth while she was screaming her mother came into the room just as i was about to blow my load i got them both to kneel down as i stood up and painted the two of them with my last load of cum for the night i was knackered.

We all got dressed me in my jeans them in there sexy chamises they were so beautiful together i didn’t want to leave but i was driving home soon so we kissed at the door and the daughter cupped my balls and wouldn’t let them go till i was out the door i got back to my tent and stripped of i was just about to dose off when my friends got back my girl came in the tent and snuggled up to me i pretended i was asleep till she went down to suck my cock then i woke she smile and started to suck me off she complained when she couldn’t get me hard but i just sa
id i’m tired babe and fell a
sleep with a smile on my face hoping i see them next year …………………the daughter had sneaked me her mobile number.


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