The Car Show

Every since i can remember I had been interested in cars, and since i was 16 i’ve been working on my 1972 chevy nova and putting every dolar i get into it. But it has paid off im on my way to my 1st car show and im hoping to pull out with at least one trophy showing my hard work has paid off. When i first get there i see some of the hottest cars ive ever seen in my life just waiting outside the gates to get in. I have to admit they are hot but they havent put anything near to what i have in their cars, that much shows. So i pull up into the place they told me when i registered and got out to pop the hood and wipe down the crome one more time. As I was finishing the trunk the sexiest pair of legs stopped right in front of me and as i looked up i drank every park of her in until i was looking her directly in the eyes, eyes the same color as my baby blue chevy. She says “so tell me what your packing in there” Right then my mind goes to something dirty “damn, girl dont you wanna know my name first”? “Ha Ha very funny smart guy”. “Umm yea jus kidding” I couldnt help my embarassment and she couldnt hide her laughter. “Im sorry” she said “thats just not the first time ive heard that today”. “Ok well ive got a 350 with a 350 turbo transmission in it with a holley carb” “Mmm sounds nice now can you tell me what you really just said”? she asks with a coy smile. “My name is Daniel” lets start there. “Ok fair enough” “Im Brooklyn” “So how bout we go get something to drink”? “I didnt realize how hot it really was today” “Your telling me I thought it wouldnt get past 70 and here it is 85 and it isnt even past noon”. So we got 2 pepsis and decided to go back to my car where there was shade by at least one tree. We sat on the grass and she tells me she is here with her dad and brother. Im like “well thats good cause i was hoping that you wasnt here with your boyfriend” “Nah, im single and i need a cute man for the summer and maybe longer” Is that right? “Cause im single too and i need a sexy woman that will put up with me draggin her to cars shows and dont mind being under my hood”. After that i dont think i got to say another word cause she had her tongue so far down my throat and her hand stroking my dick through my jeans. “Guess your cars not the only thing thats got a big block under the hood”. She asks if theres anyway she can get me away from the show for awhile and that they wont even notice til they start judging anyway. So i shut the hood and pull through the grass back onto the road and we head anywhere that we can have a minute alone. She gives me directions to some dead end road that seems to be back in the woods. As soon as i got it in park she was sitting on my lap with her legs to the back of the seat and riding me and kissing me wild and pulling at my hair. She leans back and pulls up her pink skirt and unfastens my jeans to get my dick out. She starts to rub up and down and tickling the head with her nails. I put up the steering wheel and she slips down onto the floor board and takes my cock in her mouth and licks my head and takes her tongue all the way to the bottom she brings her tongue back up faster than she took it down and puts her mouth on the head and in one quick movement takes my whole 7 inches down her throat. I can feel the muscles in her throat squeezing my dick as she moves her head up and down. I cant take it anymore I start fucking her face like i was trying to break something and she just takes it even harder and gets rougher with it as she pushes her head down on my swollen cock harder. She slides her mouth off until its all the way out and she gets back into my lap and puts a leg on each side to where im right there, i can feel her warm pussy lips and the heat rising off her clit. She moves back and forth to where the head of my dick just touches her wet pussy and to where it makes me insane to not be in it. She drives down deep and takes all of it inside her, she starts riding me like she is in a fucking rodeo, taking me in and out of her tighting her pussy as she slides out only to drop down on it again. The tighter her pussy is the harder i fuck it. Slamming my cock into her pussy feeling the walls tearing and fucking that neat little pussy all up. She tenses up and cums all down my shaft, She pulls up and drops down one more time and i drop my hot sticky load all into her pussy and down her thighs, as soon as i do she is back on her knees telling me how good it tastes all mixed together. After she takes amouth full of nut and pussy juice she says that maybe we should be getting back but even as she says it she aint getting off her knees and im already hard as a rock again and ready to go. She tells me she dont have to be off her knees for us to head back. So i start the car up and put it in drive, shes running her tongue up and down swallowing my dick and tighting them throat muscles. Im having a hard time concentrating on the road and have done had 3 other cars blow their horn for my not staying in my own lane. Finally we get back to the show after i got lost twice with her not being able to give me the return directions. They are already starting the judging and i dont have time to pull over and let her out or even let her out of the floor board. “Just keep your head down and try not to draw attention”. I tell her. The judges are 2 cars away and heading this way they stop at my car and the 1st judge is like “oh my god” “Shit im busted” im thinking. But he isnt looking at what i think he is, what has caught his attention is the rims. “close one” So he comes to the front fender and puts a 1st place ribbon on my car and at the same time i bust a nut all over brooklyns face and the floor board. After that ive went to every car show in my state but ive never ran across Brooklyn again.

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