The Continuing Adventures of Brandon Part 8

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Late Saturday night. I’m just counting down the minutes as I’m about to get off work. I hear the intercom “Brandon, you have a call on line 1, Brandon, line 1″. I go to receive the call. “Hello”. Once again, it’s Cheryl. “Hi, Brandon. Sorry to bother you at work…”. “No bother”. “Look, have a question. When are you getting off?”. “In a few minutes” I reply. “Well, I was thinking we could go back to the place where we met and have dinner. After that, we could go back to your place and.. you know. Sound like a good idea to you”. “Sure, fine. Sounds great to me, baby. I’m kinda hungry anyways” I say. “Look, I gotta go. Can I call you somewhere in a few?”. “Listen, I’ll just meet you at your place” Cheryl says. “Alright, talk to ya then, baby”. So, I get home and she’s waiting. We go out and have a good time talking about everything.

(skip to after we get back)

As we walk in the door, we can barely keep our hands off each other, but we get in and she decides she wants a few drinks first. Anyway, a few glasses later, we were both feeling a little inebriated. We continued talking about our pasts, how we felt on different things, and all sorts of things. Then the conversation turned to the subject of our first phone sex ‘conversation’. “I told you this would be a night you would never forget” she says. We both lean in towards one another. I whisper “I still have that surprise for you, too”. At that, we give in to a slow passionate kiss and then Cheryl stops and tells me “Come on. Let’s take it to your room”. “Yes, maam”. As we walk in, she kisses me and tells me to have a seat on my bed while she gets ready. She grabs a bag that she had brought earlier and heads into my bathroom. I’m sitting here as hard as a rock just thinking about this as I wait. As I’m sitting there, I start to hear wet, squishy noises coming out of the bathroom. My curiosity is at an all-time high. I thought I heard her moan, so I called out “Baby, are you about ready?”.

With that, the door swings open and out she walks, completely nude except for a schoolgirl miniskirt around her waist. She had her hair pulled back in two pigtails and her entire body was shiny and wet with oil, glistening from every inch and accentuating her beautifully curvy figure. She has a bottle of erotic body oil in one hand, and a lit cigarette in the other. I about want to blow right there. She drags on her cigarette, exhales, puts it out and looks at me playfully as she says “Excuse me sir”. She giggles. “I’ve been a very bad, little schoolgirl. There must be some way I can make the grade”. I start to get up and she tells me to sit back and relax. With that, she straddles up to me with the bottle in hand and starts to teasingly lick my nipples as she pours some of the oil onto my stomach and starts trailing up to my chest, my heart beating like a piston.

She starts to kiss me again and squirts some oil into her hand, as she moves back down starting at the feet up wetting me until I sparkle. She keeps purposely avoiding my sensitive parts which is driving me crazy. She finally gets to my midsection and tells me to get up. As she feels up and down my entire backside, I can barely stop from letting my animal instincts kick in and grabbing her as I pound her ruthlessly like some crazed beast. She starts to heavily finger my ass before moving around to my front on her knees and kissing the tip of my head, while delicately slicking down my hot, eager erection. As I’m looking at her cute little face smiling up at me, I can’t hold back any longer. I grab her under the arms and pull her up, kissing her hard with our bodies pressed together as I feel her hard nipples. I then throw her back hard onto my bed and throw her legs over my shoulders entering her, all in one quick animalistic motion. The moment I entered her I was pounding hard and fast as she screamed in delight. With oil dripping off our hot bodies, every time I thrust her, I can see her wet breasts bouncing and making loud slapping noises. She tries to hold them as I grab her hands, pinning them to her sides and lean in folding her up even further. “AAaaaa..fuuucckk..aaaa..yeeahhhhh!” she moans. “OH.. aww. unh..unh..Aww” I grunt. I then can tell she’s about to cum as I slow down with a few final, hard primal thrusts, filling her to the brim with my last hard shot, yelling like I never have before. She then pulls me down as we kiss.

“Was it good for you?” I ask as I catch my breath. “Mmmmmm-hhhhhhhmmm” she replies contentedly. “We’re not done yet, are we?”. With that I smile and tell her The party just started, baby. We have all night”. We take a short break. Then a few minutes later, I move in to kiss her again, but instead start nibbling at her neck slowly as she squirms underneath me rubbing her dripping womanhood. I lick down trailing to her perky breasts as I slowly take her right nipple into my warm mouth circling and licking with my tongue. As I do this, I’m teasingly rubbing her sticky shaven mound and I suck hard on her breasts, pulling it a little and releasing with all the suction my hot lips can muster. I slowly start licking down her body, taking my time as she continues to wriggle and undulate her body as if in udder ecstasy.

After a minute, I reach her midsection licking around, but not touching her juicy, wet spot. She starts to gring her crotch and yelling “Eat me! Eat me!”. I smile and stick my tongue outas I give one slow lick over the surface of her vagina, holding her hips down. I’m tongueing every inch of her, licking from the top of her walls down, cleaning up the mess I had made. She stops moaning for a second to suggest “Turn around, so we can both eat. I’m a hungry girl. I need some big meat”. “Yeah baby. Wouldn’t want to starve ya, darlin”. I get up and crawl over her with my cock dangling over her face as my face is right over her gushing pussy. I start to lay on my side to make it more comfortable for both of us. But before I can finish, I heard a “Mmmmm yum!” and felt her engulf me with a wet sucking noise and a gulp as she swallowed some spit.

As she starts sucking me off, I once again lower my face down to her delicious vagina. As I fervently lick her fleshy box with unabandoned passion. teasing her g-spot and tasting every drop of her esscence, she keeps up, squeezing my ass as she bobs on me full paced, letting the saliva flow freely and wetting my mattress. It seems like we’re both trying to outdo the other. Finally, I can take it no more. I cum as I she slowed to a stop at the head and I heard her swallow my load slowly, like she was enjoying every drop as she pumped and milked the rest from my dick.

I tell her to lie back and spread her legs. Once I start licking again, she grabs my hair, forcing her crotch into my face. After a few minutes of heavy bucking, I curl my finger to reach that special spot. She then cums bigtime as I lick my lips and the corners of my mouth and drink it all up with a smile. We both take a break and talk a little while she lights another cigarette. We decided to reoil while talking. In a few minutes as she exhales on her cigarette, I’m hard again and kiss her full on the lips. She puts the cig out. My dick is poking her leg right outside the crotch. “Hold on baby, I’ve got a little something special for you too”. So I reach under the bed two pairs of large anal beads.

She says “Two of them?”. “Trust me” I tell her. I tell her to roll over as I position the first one at her cute back door and gently push it in until it’s completely in, then teasingly pull it out a little and push it back in. I then lie down as she inserts the second one into my fuckhole. “Have you ever been in a swinging sex chair before?” I ask. “Not yet. Can you help me? I’ve never done this before”. She says it with a cute little innocent face sucking on one finger and flicking her pigtails back as she laughs. “Just have a seat, baby”. As she gets into the seat, I start to adjust the straps while sucking once again on her hard nipples. I tell her to hold on tight as she gra
sps the risers. I position myself betw
een her legs, grabbing her thighs, and slip my cock into her, pumping away hard automatically. the beads only added to our sensation extremely.

We were both moaning loudly as the chair’s creaking sounds added to the noises of our lust. After a few minutes, I could tell she was about to cum. That’s what I had been waiting for. I pulled her in closer and stepped into her simultaneously, holding our hips to one another’s. I grabbed her anal bead from below. I looked right into her eyes as she figured out what to doand grabbed mine also. With those last few hard thrusts, upon the third one we both pulled out each other’s plugs as we simultaneously had the best orgasms of our entire lives, cumming in floods. We stood still for a moment as both of our bodies were shivering. “Fuck, that was awesome baby!”. I helped her out of the chair. “Have you thought about marriage?” she jokes. “Just kidding”. We talk a little and play around well into the night. As I finally fell to sleep in the morning, I thought ‘I’ve found my soulmate’.

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