the divorce chapter 6

It was late afternoon on s Thursday and I had offered to drop off some contracts at a clients house. He had told me he would be home around four in the afternoon, so I left the office early to drop them off. When I pulled up outside his house I saw his car wasn’t in the driveway but thought nothing of it as his car was probably in the garage. I got out of the car and walked up the drive towards the house as the door opened and a leggy woman in her mid forties with long jet black hair with shocks of silver starting to appear. She was very pretty, long smooth legs, tan and toned body with round d cup tits that I am guessing by shape were surgically enhanced. She wore round clear blue sun glasses and a green and blue bikini top and a blue and white sarong. She had a sassy little strut to her in a pair of sandals that showed off her manicured toe nails.
“Hi there” I said as we got close to each other “is Jake around? I have papers for him.”
“No he got called away on business I am Fiona his mother, I was here using the pool and he asked me to stay and wait for you, won’t you come in”
“sure but you look a little young to have a thirty two year old son” I said as I watched her ass as we walked in the house.
“Well thank you I like to work out, and I had Jake when I was fourteen so I am actually only forty eight. Not old but not a kid anymore”
“wow you look amazing for forty eight, what s your secret?” as I put my brief case down and opened it and started taking out his contracts,
“well three things keep me young” as she took the papers to his office and came back ” I exercise and eat right, have (she pushes up her tits) plastic surgery to lift and tighten and most important have a lot of sex with young men with a lot of stamina.” she winked at me ” I was about to have a Manhattan would you like one?”
” I would love a Manhattan its just the right time of day to drink with a cougar”
“okay follow me.”
She led me to the downstairs where the bar and games room and invited me to sit on the leather sofa in the middle of the room and went behind the bar and mixed the drinks.
She brought the glasses over and handed me mine and sat on the other end of the couch and put her feet up on my lap and leaned on the arm as she sipped her drink. She flipped her hair back and she took off her glasses and saw her brown eyes which had a naughty sparkle to them. Her sarong was falling open and revealing the matching bottoms to her top, a skimpy little thong that proved how shaved she was down there. She caught me looking at her a little too long and called me on it.
“What’cha looking at there buddy” she asked
” your bikini bottoms” I began stroking her leg ” I am wondering how shaved you were”
“yeah no body hair anywhere?”
“I love a clean feeling body”
“I love shaved pussy, can I see it?”
“What’s in it for me?”
“Anything you want”
“I will show you my pussy, if you take off your shirt so I can see your chest”
I did as she wanted and took off my polo shirt as she undid her sarong and pulled it from under her and threw it on the floor. After I threw my shirt on the floor she began to push down her panties but stopped just above her slit.
“You know what take off your pants too, I don’t want to be naked alone” she said and I undid my belt and waist and pushed down my pants and kicked them away as she played with her pussy under the bikini and she licked her lips when she saw my semi. I winked at her as I moved her hands and pulled down her bottoms for her. Exposing her shaved pussy. Without missing a beat I turned sideways on the couch and leaned over and began licking her slit. She quickly hung one leg over the back of the couch and let her head hang back and her hands on her tits to knead them, as I licked her clit fast and furious. She began to hump my face as I pushed her legs up in the air and stuck my tongue in her pussy.
“Ah shit that is heaven fuck me with your tongue”
I stopped licking and kissed my way up to her tits and began sucking her nipple and twisting and pinching her other nipple as I ground my cock into her clit. “These tits of yours are nice and firm, how big were they before the operation”
“wehll mmm don’t stop licking” she said as she talked “I went from a b cup to a d d deee” she was close to climax as I stuck two fingers into her pussy. “You’re a cougar aren’t ya?”
“Oh god my frigg in hell yes I love younger men, they are so good for the body!”
I pulled my fingers out and put one foot out on the floor and used the fingers to position my dick at her pussy and pushed myself into her.
“Ahhhghahhhhhngg shit yes your cock is sooo fucking nice in there!” She screamed as I grabbed her ankles and put them up in the air as I began pumping her fast and furious. She reached up and put her hands over mine and dug her nails in as she came to a screaming climax. “Ah ah ha aha hungh YES oh my sweet lord!” she continued to yell for a minute or so. She finally stopped yelling and let go of my hands as I put legs down and stood up and pulled her to her feet and lead her over to the pool table and bent her over the edge and re entered her.
“You are a dirty man, fucking the hell outta me”
“I always wanted to fuck on a pool table”
I pushed her down and put my hands on her hips and began frenzy pounding her again enjoying the sound of our flesh slapping together.
Finally I knew it was time and I turned her around and pushed her up on the table and crawled up on her and placed her hand on my shaft and held it there as I jerked off and came all over her and the table.
We got down off the table finished our drinks and I went home…… After promised not to tell her son.

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