the divorce, the final chapter

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The day I wasn’t looking forward to had come. The divorce was final. The house I forced her to sell and split with sixty percent to me! was now sold and she had to be out too. The day I go back to the house to get the rest of my stuff to put into my apartment. My now exwife and I had come to an uncivil agreement as to what I could take, and what she wanted to keep. I told her I would come while she was at work so there would be no discomfort for either of us. I got there on time and the next door neighbor helped me with some large stuff and the rest I did on my own because it was mostly clothes, boxes and books. As I was finishing up and closing the U-haul door she pulled up to the curb.
She was still in her tight yoga sweats. Sylvie is her name and I keep forgetting just how hot she is. She runs a yoga studio in the high end section of town as well as teaching a class or two a day so I never worried about her needing alimony. She is tall and leggy, emerald green eyes, dirty blonde hair that is wild and curly. She kept it tied back most of the time but it was always down for sex. She never wore make-up unless it was a special night out so her beauty was natural and alluring, just an all around sex pot even in those black rimmed eye glasses. She followed me in the house and put her bag down in the hallway and followed me into the kitchen. She asked me to have a drink with her as a last good-bye, I saw no harm in it despite the circumstances we did love each other at one point no reason not to try and be friends. So we sat down at the table as she opened up two beers and sat down across from me.
She apologized for the way things ended, saying she was planning on telling me but never found a way. I told her I knew long before I caught her fucking another man it was over and was trying to find a way to end it myself, we married young and drifted apart. But I never cheated on her. She then changed the subject and asked if I was seeing anybody. I lied and said I had a couple dates but no takers (trying to make her feel bad one last time) . She bragged said she currently had three lovers. All younger than her.
“You always were a sexy woman I am not surprised at that” I said
“they all are good but there is one thing you did so well that no one can compare”
“what’s that ?”
“You made me come when you ate my pussy”
“aha well some got it and some don’t”
“well that’s why I am home early” she smiled at me and began playing with my shirt “I thought the least I can do is give you one for the road” she kissed me hard on the lips prying them apart with her tongue. ” take me upstairs and lick my pussy one last time” .
I did not know what to think at first, then I looked into her eyes which were alive with a passion I had not seen in her in years. “Leave your glassed on it makes you look really sexy” I said as she took the elastic out of her hair.
“I can leave ‘em on if you promise to fuck the hell out of me.”
“Done!” I said taking off my shoes.
I took her by the hand and led her to the stairs where it went up to a landing then turned left and up to the second floor, she stepped up to the first landing and used her finger to motion to me.
I decided not to wait for the bedroom and knelt on the stairs and pulled down her tights, panties and all and threw them across the room. I grabbed her ass and pulled her to me burying my face in her pussy and started licking her hot clit as she pulled off my shirt. I brought her to sitting on her butt on the landing and pulled off her shirt as usual no bra but her b cups were as tight and high as ever. I sucked her little nipples as she undid my pants and I took them off as I pushed her to her back on the landing and went back to eating her sweet trimmed pussy as she grabbed the rails and writhed on the rug to the intensity of my flicking her engorged clit. She did as she always did when she was about to come she grabbed my head as she arched her back driving herself into my face as she came all over me. “I am going to have such rug burn!” she said as I stopped eating her as she sat up catching her breath and grabbed my tool as I stood up and popped it right into her mouth and began sucking my cock like she did years ago. I just let her wear herself out and told her to head up stairs.
She turned to crawl up the stairs to help her stand, as I saw the angle I love. Her tight little ass is still such a turn on. “Stop right there!” I commanded as I knelt behind her and rubbed my cock through her greasy come covered slit to lube it up. I put one hand on her neck pushing her flat on the steps as I used my other hand to push my cock into her pussy. She gasped with pleasure as I began slowly pushing deep into her and then slowly pulling out again finally letting go of her neck and grabbing her wrists holding her to the carpeted steps her cheek rubbing on the rug.
“God babe you can still rock me like a mother” she said as I increased the speed of pumping.
“You like rug burn do you?”
“It’s a good burn oh fuck I am going to come again fuck me harder!”
So I did as she wanted and let her wrists go and she slapped her hands hard on her ass and started ramming her hard and fast. She screamed in ecstasy as I pulled out and laid on the landing. She turned and smiled at me as she crouched down holding the bannister as she used them for leverage and began riding me fast and furious until she came with her wild hair flailing wildly and her glasses bouncing.
She dropped to her knees still bucking slowly as she regain composure I slapped my hands on her ass again and started thrusting into her about ready to come myself.
“I wanna come in your mouth whore”
“fuck yeah come in my mouth” she dismounted and turned and put my cock in her mouth. Just as nasty as she always was, she loved the taste of her own juices! I grabbed her hair and started fucking her face but it only took a few seconds and I shot a hot load down her mouth. She did her duty and cleaned my tool all off.
As we lay on the landing catching our breath as she bragged about hitting so many men, it made me laugh. I got up and kissed her on the forehead and got dressed.
As I left her laying crumpled on the landing, she rolled onto her side and looked at me. “leave your key on the table I am going to shower and get ready for my date tonight” I tossed my key on the table took one last look knowing it was the end.
“By the way” I said as she was starting up the stairs “I fucked your sister last week….. while Bob watched” she sat upright still naked on the landing looking shocked. I threw the key on the table by the door, and left. I never saw her again.
But two weeks later her sister moved in with me and we have been fucking like crazy, even inviting some of my past lovers into our bed, the divorced life is going to be very sweet.
Cheers ;}

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    What a great story! Good Job!

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