The Fall – 2

I woke up the next morning irritable as all heck. At first, I thought it was just that I had let myself go and get fucked the night before. And yet, the feeling of irritability seemed to get stronger and stronger as the day progressed, and the next day, it was even worse. By the time my guy and I hooked up again, I was a real bitch.

But my guy was real cool about it, and then he said maybe I should have one of the pleasure pills.

Well, at first, it was like I don’t need any of those damned pills, and then it was like, fine, give me one, and as soon as I took it, it was like bam, all that tension just went away.

I was horny as hell.

“You feel better now?” my guy asked.

“Oh yeah,” I moaned, “I feel lots better now, only–only I need to get fucked,” I tell my guy, “and I need it bad.”

My guy, he just smiles at me and he tells me he kind of thought that might be the case.

This time, it was just me and my guy. No clubs, no people, no one else. Just us.

My guy’s just sitting there on the couch and he’s watching me and then he tells me to come to him and I do. I’m standing there in front of my guy and my guy slowly caresses my legs and my thighs and my butt. He’s taking his time with me and it is really making me hot. I wish he’d hurry but I know he won’t. He wants to take his time and he wants to make me wait and that just makes me even hotter.

My guy slides his hands around to the front of my jeans and still he is not in a hurry. He lets his hands open just the top button on my jeans and I am begging for my guy to hurry, but my guy just smiles at me. He says he will not be rushed.

And my guy is right. He takes his time but not too long, and then finally, he’s pulling my jeans down my legs. I think that finally my guy will give me what I want, but instead I feel his hands on my panties, squeezing my butt and making me hotter. He kisses the front of my panties right above the crotch and I moan. I need to be fucked so bad.

My guy slowly pulls my panties down and I am revealed to him. I am already so very wet but my guy makes me even wetter. His hands are on my ass and he is pulling me forward. My legs spread just a bit and then I am on his face and his tongue is on my pussy and I moan. My guy eats my pussy and my guy tongues my clit and I cum. I can’t help it. I cum.

And now, it’s me that’s down on the couch and my guy is standing. My guy pulls my pussy to the edge of the couch, and I can see his dick, hard and throbbing, waiting to penetrate me, waiting to give me what I need.

My guy leans in over me and I can see his cock all long and hard and then he brings it down and he slides it between my legs, and I feel him press it against my pussy and then I feel him pushing it into me.

I can’t help it. Between the pill and between my guy’s big, hard cock, I am so hot.

My guy works his cock into me and he’s taking his time. He won’t be rushed and I appreciate that. He just keeps working it and working it, getting me higher and hotter.

I know I need to cum. I need it bad and still my guy is working me and just when I think I can’t take another second of all this, I feel my guy bury his cock inside me, and I hear my guy grunt, and suddenly, I feel my guy spilling himself inside me, and suddenly, my body erupts in orgasm and I am just cumming and cumming and cumming.

It’s late and I am thinking that I should be getting home but my guy says stay, so I stay. We’re still naked as my guy gets us some food and then we’re eating and my guy says we should go to the pool, and I say won’t the pool be closed, and my guy just grins and he tells me sure, they’re supposed to be, but after 11:00, no one bothers to check.

My guy brings some wine and cheese and bread with him and then we go down to the pool. My guy is right, of course. The pool should be closed but no one checks. We’re naked as we slip into the pool and the water is cool and the pool is dark, and then I feel my guy coming up next to me and it is so erotic because I can’t see him, but I can feel his hands on my wet body.

My guy is behind me. I feel his hand stroke my ass and then I feel him working his way up my body. His hand is on my waist and then on my abdomen and then he squeezes my tits, and I moan again because I can feel something else that is not my guy’s hand and it’s pressing up behind me and it’s pushing between my legs.

I feel my guy enter my pussy and it is different than it’s been before. We’re in the water and it’s dark. We try to make no sounds so we will not wake anyone else up and all the while, my guy fucks me from behind, and I love it.

My guy makes me cum, and then he makes me cum again. We get out of the pool and we have some of the wine and cheese. We huddle under a towel and we look up at the stars and then my guy wants to do it again, so it’s back to the pool and back to my guy’s wonderful cock.

We’ve fucked all night long and the it’s almost time for sunrise. We leave the pool before anyone has seen us and we go back to my guy’s apartment. My guy takes me out on the balcony and he says he has something he wants me to see.

The pre-dawn air was cold against my bare skin but my guy’s dick in my pussy keeps me warm. I moan as my guy pushes his cock in me again and again. My body is still on edge. I want to cum one more time.

And then I see it, the sun peaking just over the hills. Sunlight leaks onto the world as a new day begins and still my guy is fucking me, fucking me, fucking me. I moan again as more of the sun rises. The sunrise is beautiful but not as beautiful as my guy’s cock, not as beautiful as the feeling in my pussy.

The sun is up and I moan as my cunt squeezes my guy one last time. I love my guy’s cock and even as I cum, I can feel him filling my cunt with his sperm and it feels so good. I love the sunrise but I love my guy’s cock even more.

I still didn’t realize at that time just how addictive those pills were but the truth was that my guy had become my pusher. Whenever I needed to feel good, I would come to him and take a pill and then we’d fuck all night long.

After a while though, my guy said I was going to have to start earning my keep. I asked what he was talking about and he said those pills don’t grow on trees. He said that from that time on, if I wanted one, I was going to have to pay him a thousand dollars for every little pill.

I was like, a thousand dollars, where am I going to get that kind of dough, but he had an answer to that, too. He’d already bought me a wardrobe, and when I’d seen what he’d gotten me, I realized what he was doing. My guy was turning me out, and while I should have been mad, I wasn’t really. I’d begun to have sex even when I wasn’t under the pill, and while sex with the pill was always better, I found I liked sex no matter how I got it.

My guy was right when he said I’d like turning tricks. I liked picking up a guy and finding out what he wanted. Sometimes it was simple. A guy wants a hand job and it’s no big deal but it’s a waste of my time because I need to earn the money for my next fix from my guy, so I still make sure he pays.

Some guys want what they can’t get at home, usually a blow job or anal. I was really scared when I took one in the ass for the first time, and to tell the truth, I still am. I mean, I don’t care how much it’s lubed, it still hurts some but if that’s what the guy wants, then I’m ready to receive.

Some guys, they want to live out some kind of fantasy, like I’m their fantasy blow up doll or something and hey, I can do that, too. It takes all kinds out there and I just figure I’m filling the need, and as long as they give me the money so I can buy my little round pills, I’m happy.

But what I like most are the guys who just want to fuck.

Like there’s this guy Steve. He’s got a girlfriend and they’re going steady. That’s cool.
I can dig that.

But Steve’s girlfriend wants to wait to have sex until she gets married, and hey, I can dig that, too. To each
their own, right?

But then, Steve’s girlfriend says she wants him to wait, too, and I just think that’s wrong. I mean, if she wants to do that with her own life, that’s fine, but Steve should be able to do what Steve wants to do.

And for the most part, Steve does what his girlfriend wants, but from time to time, Steve comes to me.

Steve wants sex and after he’s paid the fee, Steve gets sex. I don’t give nothing away for free.

Steve and I go to a motel. On the same principal of not wanting to give anything away for free, I never bring a guy back to my place. After all, there’s no reason why he should know where you are when you’re not on the make, although for me, being on the make is a nearly constant condition, and since Steve is afraid his girlfriend might come by his place, we go to a motel, although we have done it in cars and bars. (How he explained the cum stains in his back seat to his girlfriend is none of my business.)

I get the feeling sometimes that Steve doesn’t know what he wants but that’s okay, I got plenty of ideas for the both of us.

Most of the time though, he’s just got me flat on my back and he’s plowing his cock in my pussy, but every once in the while, I can get him to put it in me from behind. I always like the feel of his hands on my butt, and sometimes, if he’s feeling really daring, he might give my ass a few slaps, oh my.

Sometimes though, I want something more, and that’s when I take charge. Some people might say that Steve’s the customer and he should be able to decide what he wants. To those people, I say, buzz off. I’ve never heard Steve complain, and if he doesn’t complain, then why should you.

Like sometimes, I’ll just toss the guy on the bed, and yeah, when I’m in heat, I can do that, and then I’ll rip off his clothes. I’ll get down there and suck on his cock and I’ll make sure Steve is watching me, and I’ll make sure Steve sees me watching him.

I’ll suck him right up to the point of completion but I won’t take him over, and then I’ll back off, let him calm down, and then suck him right back up there, again, and again, I’ll back off at the last minute.

And then and only then, when I know he’s good and ready, I’ll hop on that cock of his and ride, ride, ride. If I’m face forward, he’s usually got his hands on my tits, and if I’m not, he’s usually got his hands on my ass. Either way, as soon as my cunt slides down around his shaft, that guy starts to cum, and he can usually cum two or three more times just with me perched atop his cock.

Now, some people might say that I am corrupting Steve. I’m sure his girlfriend would say that if she knew. But me, I figure I’m just doing the man a service, and if the man ends up a little debauched in the process, then fine, so be it.

My guy laughs when I tell him about the guys I fuck. He says I’m a wild woman. I tell him I’m in customer relations, and I’m just giving the customer what the customer wants.

The best part about being a whore is you never run into a guy who’s not in the mood. If they’re willing to pay for it, then they’re ready. They don’t have trouble getting it up and they don’t need foreplay. They’re ready to go and so am I.

And the worst part? It’s guys who want to talk. I mean, hey, I’m in it for the cash, sure, but what I really want to do is fuck. If you want someone to talk to, get a shrink.

I would have begged, borrowed, cheated or stolen to get the cash for my next fix but working the streets is my number one choice. Of course, it’s not without its risks. I’m eighteen now and I’ve already got a pretty long rap sheet for prostitution, but hey, along the way, I’ve gotten to bang a few vice cops and lick a few pussies in the holding cells.

There was this one girl. She was a competitor of mine, so to speak. The cops got us both in the same raid.

Anyway, the two of us got to talking and she says she’s seen me around and I tell her I’ve seen her around, too, and then she says that I must be doing well because I have a really good body and I tell her I’m doing okay (because, of course, you never do want to say just how well you’re doing,) and then I tell her she must be doing well, too.

Well, all of the sudden, I can tell she’s all flattered about that and then she asks me if I’ve ever done it with a girl before, and I’m like, no, I haven’t.

She says, well, do you want to?

This is no offense to all those beautiful women out there, but ever since I began my downhill slide, I’ve always been somewhat partial to cocks, and I’m sure all you ladies, well, maybe not all but most of you, will know exactly what I mean.

On the other hand, here we were, just the two of us, and we were going to be here for a while, and I was kind of horny, and I was thinking, what the hell.

My guy tells me I have a beautiful body, but all of the sudden, I want to know what this girl thinks. I can see her eyeing me and then her hands are moving and she’s starting to take off my clothes, and suddenly, I realize I’m doing the same thing. I giggle just a bit at this and I’m not sure why but I can tell she’s serious. She wants to see my body.

We’re naked from the waist up now and she sits back and looks at me. “I like those tits,” she tells me. “They’re so nice and perky. Can I?” she asks.

I’m not sure what she wants to do but I’m not about to say no, so I just nod, and then she’s moving in and she’s licking my tits and sucking on my nipples and my nipples have always been very sensitive so she makes me moan, and then she pulls away and she smiles at me. “Nice,” she tells me. “Very nice.”

Well, of course, then I just have to do hers and her breasts are a lot bigger than mine but there I am, sucking away on her tits, and I like it, and I can tell she likes it, too.

“Are you sure you’ve never done this before?” she asks and I shake my head. “Well, you’re good,” she tells me, “but now, let’s see the rest of it.”

I know what she wants because even as she is saying it, she starts to undress herself the rest of the way so I do the same, and soon, there we are completely naked, and then we’re sitting down again and we’re stroking each other and we’re kissing and I am thinking how really cool all this is.

And then I’m sliding down and I’m kissing her big tits again and I hear her moan and then she just kind of leans back a bit and she lets me have everything I want, so I just keep licking and sucking on her tits and she just keeps on moaning.

I slide a hand down between her legs and I find she’s already wet there. I stroke her cunt and her clit just the way I know I like to be stroked and I hear her moan even louder and she gets even wetter.

I push my finger into her pussy and I can tell she likes that. I’m kissing her tits and then her mouth and her tits again, and she’s moaning even louder and then I know what I have to do.

She’s squeezing her tits even as I slide my mouth down and even as I push her legs apart. She’s moaning really loudly and then she moans even louder as I push my face between her thighs and push my tongue against her clit, and then she just keeps on moaning as I eat that girl’s cunt.

I can tell she likes it from the way she’s moaning and from the way her fingers are working her tits, so I just keep on licking her and she just keeps getting wetter and wetter.

I can tell she’s close and I know I want to make her cum so I just keep tonguing her sensitive, little nub, and suddenly, she’s screaming, and she just can’t stop. She just keeps screaming and screaming, and I can tell she likes what I’ve done.

Some cop yells out for us to keep it down in there, and so we try to keep it quiet.

Of course, then she says she has to do it to me, too, so we end up on the floor, with her on her back and with me riding her face. I am pulling on my tits as she squeezes my ass and licks my cunt, and then I just can’
t help it. I’m back between her legs, and I feel her gasp, and then I feel her tongue me even harder, and then there we are, the two of us,
just licking away at each other’s cunts.

I can tell she’s close and I know I am, and then she’s screaming again. She buries her mouth between my legs and then her tongue is savaging my cunt and I feel it, the feel of that tongue pushing me over, and then I’m cumming, too. A woman has made me cum, and I love it.

She’s lying there all spent and worn out but I’m not done with her yet.

Once again, I get down between her legs and once again, I lick that cunt. I can hear the woman groan. She knows her cunt is worn out but she knows I will make her cum again. My own hand is between my legs and I’m rubbing myself even as I’m eating her.

She’s moaning loudly, intermittently begging me to stop and then not to stop. I don’t pay attention to what she wants. I want to make us cum.

She’s ready and so am I. All it will take is just a little bit more to push us over. I pull my mouth from between her legs and I replace it with my cunt. It’s cunt against cunt now as I grind myself against her. It’s pussy against pussy.

She’s going to cum again and she knows it, but there’s nothing she can do about it. “Rub your tits,” I tell her, and she does. I am so close, so very close.

She’s cumming again and then so am I. She starts to scream again so I bring my pussy up to cover her mouth. Her screams are muffled by my clenching pussy, and she likes it.

When all was said and done, she ended up paying me and when you can get a hooker to pay you, well then, that’s pretty good in my book.

I’m still eighteen and I’m still out on the street, looking for cash, so if you see me, flag me down. I’ll give you one hell of a fuck, and who knows, if you’re really good, maybe we can get together after I’ve had one of my little round pills, and then you’ll see just how good sex can really be.

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