The greatest airline meal I ever Ate

It all began with a business trip to the east coast.  I arrived a day before my meeting to rest up. I couldn’t fall asleep until late at night, but that was all right because the meeting wasn’t until the next afternoon.  Unfortunately the next flight to the west coast wasn’t until the red-eye flight late that night.  Since it was a three-day holiday I wanted to get home to enjoy the weekend.

When I boarded the airplane I was greeted by the flight attendant who was a beautiful black woman with a dazzling smile.  Her nametag said her name was Claudine; she was about 5’ 5”, 125 lbs, and nice size chest.

After the flight took off, the crew turned down the lights for the long flight west.  As I was still early my time and I had slept late, I wasn’t ready to go to sleep.  I asked Claudine if I could move to the rear of the nearly empty plane to watch a movie on my computer.  She said no problem as long as I used earphones so as not to bother the other passengers.

I moved to the back and started a movie, but could get Claudine off my mind.  Since no one else was around I put in a porn DVD that had with me.  I was just watching a black woman taking a large white cock when Claudine slid in next to me and asked what I was watching.  She turned the computer before I could stop her and let out a gasp. While she was shocked, she didn’t turn away from the scene on the screen.

She kept watching and was starting to get noticeably arouse in her seat.  I decided that it was now or never, I slid my hand down to her leg and inside her skirt. Since she didn’t put up any resistance I continued to move my hand farther up her leg and moved her skirt up as well.  To my pleasant surprise she was wearing thigh high stocking and not nylons, so I was able to reach right to her panties.  She spread her legs apart to allow me access to her pussy, and moaned when I got there.  I slid her panties to the side and ran my finger along her pussy lips as she suck in a deep breath and sighed, “Oh yes”. I kept working my finger deeper between her lips until I reached her wet hole. Getting my finger wet with her juices I moved up and began to rub her clit.

By now she was so aroused that she reached over and unzipped my pants and pulled my extremely hard cock out.  She began to stroke my cock with her soft hands, until I thought I was going to bust.  I kept working on her clit with my fingers, and occasionally slid my finger up inside her flowing pussy.  Suddenly she stiffened and stifled a scream, as she came all over my hand.

During her orgasm she kept stroking my cock with her hand.  I could feel cum starting to boil in my balls.  She must have sensed it as well because she leaned over and sucked my cock into her mouth.  She stroked up and down on my cock with her hot mouth until I was ready to explode. As my cock started to swell she took my cock as deep into her mouth as she could just as I started to shoot a huge load of cum.  She didn’t hesitate for a minute and swallowed every last drop and kept sucking until I started to deflate.

She raised her head off my softening cock and smile with a drop of cum on the side of her mouth.  She said to follow her and we went to the aft galley where the restrooms were.  She told me to pull down my pants and sit on the toilet of one of the restrooms. She started to unbutton her blouse and unsnapped the front latch on her bra and let loose her beautiful chocolate breasts.  She then reached up under her skirt and pulled off her panties.  She then joined me in the restroom and locked the door.  She turned herself sideways and sat up on the sink; she then raised her legs and braced them against the opposite wall. She pulled up her skirt and invited me to a special airline meal.  I didn’t hesitate and slid down under her legs and up to her awaiting pussy.

Having already cum once she had a heady, musky smell that made me want to dive right in to this heavenly feast.  I ran my tongue right up between her pussy lips, which made her moan with passion.  She grabbed the back of my head and pushed my tongue deeper into her cunt. I fucked my tongue as deep into her wet hole as I could and tasted her sweet juices as she gushed into my mouth.  I moved up a little higher and started to pay attention to her hard clit. I licked and sucked and nibbled on her clit until she came with a scream. She came so hard that her pussy juices flowed down my chin.

By now my cock was rock hard again.  She had me sit back down on the toilet.  She then turned away from me, which allowed me a perfect view of her gorgeous ass.  She backed up and straddled my legs and then grabbed my cock in her hand. She then lowered her hot pussy onto my cock.  I don’t think I have ever felt anything better as when she had me buried all the way up her snatch.  Once I was all the way into her pussy she leaned forward and started to fuck up and down on my cock. By leaning forward she gave me an incredible view of her ass and I could see her dark pussy lips swallowing my cock as she rode it up and down.

After riding me like this for a while she leaned back and rode me from a different angle.  This angle allowed me to reach around and fondle her tits while she rode me.  Her nipples were as hard as erasure tips with excitement.  She reached a hand between her legs and started to work her clit as she continued to ride my cock. She became more and more frantic as she rode me until she sat bolt upright and came all over my cock. She started to pant as she spasmed against my cock, and then she sagged back against my chest in pleasure.

After three orgasms I thought she was done, but she had another surprise for me.  She lifted her pussy up off my cock and grabbed it with her hand.  She then shifted her ass a little and lined up my cock head with her pucker asshole. With a little downward pressure she pushed my cock up into her ass.  Taking about half my cock into her ass she stopped and caught her breath.  While I had thought her pussy felt great nothing could compare to feeling her tight asshole squeezing my cock.

She started to ride her ass up and down on my cock, taking it a little deeper with each stroke. She turned her head and said, “I want you to cum in my ass”.  That was all the encouragement I needed.  I grabbed her hips and rode her faster and faster on my raging cock. Finally, I felt my balls begin to boil and cum start to flow upwards. I grabbed her hips tight and pulled her ass all the way down onto my bursting cock.  This time we both screamed as I came deep in her ass.  Squirt after squirt shot into her tight hole until I had no more to shoot.

Now I sagged against the wall and she sagged against me.  My cock softened until it plopped out of her ass.  She grabbed some toilet paper and stuffed it between her cheeks to keep cum from dripping out her now loosen asshole.  She stood up and turned around and kissed me passionately and whispered a thank you in my ear.  She stuffed her tits back into her bra and buttoned her blouse; she slid her panties back on while making sure the paper stayed in place between her cheeks.  She the helped me get redressed and gave me a last sexy kiss.

I went back to my seat and fell into a very pleasant sleep.  As the captain announced that we were starting our approach, I grabbed a slip of paper and wrote down my name, address and phone number. As I disembarked the plane I handed Claudine the paper with a nervous smile. She gave me her brilliant smile in return.

I picked up my baggage and my car and drove home wondering if I would ever hear from this angel again. I got home and climb into the shower to clean up before going to bed.  As I toweled off I heard a knock on the door. After pulling on a robe, I open the door and there was Claudine with her overnight bag. She kissed me as she came in the door and asked if she could use my bathroom.  I showed her the way and after she sat down I could hear plops of cum dripping out of her ass into the toilet.  She took a shower and came naked out of the bathroom, her dark skin glistening, and joined me in the bed.

She slid into my arms, kissed me deeply and we fell asleep intertwined like that until late into the morning.  What happened when we woke up is a story for another time.

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  1. dungeonmaster

    Although I’ve never had sex on an airplane, I’m a white man who has had sex with black women, and I’ve never regretted it. Well told.

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