The Haunted Mansion

“Profressor Von Himmel, we are so glad you could come and take a look at … our little problem.”

“I am always willing to be of service, Frau Dettmeyer. You say you have a haunted mansion.”

“Yes, professor. It’s true.

“Tell me the story then. How did it come to be?”

“It happened nearly seventy years ago,” the woman sobbed, “when my late husband’s granduncle was the lord of the manor. The old man had only two possessions that he prized in any way, this house and his daughter Anastasia.

“Anastasia was said to be a real beauty and she was pure as the driven snow. She apparently turned quite a few heads in town but the only man she ever cared for was Reginald Gear.

“Gear was a striking man and he came from the seedier side of town but Anastasia was in love with him and when Gear proposed, she said yes.

“The old man was furious. He did his best to talk them out of it. He even tried to bribe the lout off but it was all to no avail. The young man had his eyes on the entire fortune and the old man was in very poor health.

“The old man died a month before the wedding leaving all his riches to the young Anastasia. There was some talk of putting it off but the young Mr. Gear insisted that they must continue to move on with their lives so the wedding went off as planned and very soon, he and Anastasia were wed.

“The frightful event happened the night of the wedding. The young man and Anastasia had had the reception and then they returned home to the mansion, but sometime that night, Anastasia fell dead. She was poisoned, Professor Von Himmel.

“Apparently, the young Mr. Gear had a lover, a tramp from the lower parts of town. With the old man dead and with Anastasia as his wife, Gear stood in line to inherit everything, so as Anastasia, still in her wedding gown drank a toast with her husband, the young girl choked and died.

“But the story is not all bad. It is said that the spirit of Anastasia reached out after Gear and just as he reached the top of the staircase, she caught him. He tripped and tumbled all the way to the bottom where he broke his neck and where he lay dead at the foot of the stairs.

“But ever since then, professor, it is said that Anastasia’s ghost haunts these halls. It is said that she makes an awful keening to mourn her loss. It is said that eerie lights make it impossible for anyone to sleep here, and it is said that the banshee wail is the worst, that it can turn a grown man’s hair white.”

The elderly professor removed his hat to reveal his bald pate. “There is little fear there, Frau Dettmeyer,” he told the woman. “What little hair I have left turned white long ago.”

“So will you help us?” the frantic woman asked the parapsychologist. “Can you help us?”

“I will do what I can,” the man assured her.

The man took his time to survey the old mansion and then he set about to set up his equipment. He took measurements and looked for other non-otherworldy explanations for the phenomenons that had been seen, and then he decided that he was ready to take the next step. He would sleep in the haunted mansion.

The man was awakened by the sounds of ghastly screams and horrible gnashings. He put his glasses on and looked at his watch. It was 10:00. Ghosts, as everyone knows, are nothing if not punctual, so he made a note of the horrible sounds that he had heard in a notebook that he kept by his bed, put in some earplugs, and went back to sleep.

The man was next awakened by flashing and strobing lights that sometimes shown at him and sometimes seemed to pulse out of the walls. Again, the professor donned his glasses and noted the time. It was 11:00. Ghosts, as everyone knows, like pretty, light shows, but the professor was interested in bigger things. He noted the time in his notebook, put on a blindfold, and went back to sleep.

The banshee wail was the next thing to awaken him. To the untrained, it can seem truly terrifying but the professor was a professional, and truth be told, he’d heard better banshee wails. He picked up his glasses and looked at his watch. It was 12:00. Finally, he thought, we can get started. Not for the first time, he wondered why ghosts had to work so late at night, but alas, that was the way of ghosts and it was just one of the hazards of his profession.

Something was out there. The professor peered into the dark. “Come out where I can see you,” the man said. “I am not afraid.”

“Perhaps you should be,” said an eerie voice.

“I have what you want,” he told the disembodied spectre.

“How can you know what I want?”

“Come and see.”

“Show me first.”

“All right,” said the professor as he rolled down the covers. He opened his pajamas and pulled out a foot-long cock. “This is what you want.”

Suddenly, she was there in front of him.

“Oh my,” she said, “I’ve never seen anything like that.”

“I didn’t think so,” the parapsychologist said.

“Can I … can I … touch it?”

“No, but you can let it touch you.”

“H-h-how do I do that?” asked the spectre.

“Come to me,” the man said, and the ghost did as she was told.

She was still wearing her wedding gown as she came to the man. Von Himmel’s first thought as he finally got a good look at Anastasia was that that Gear fellow wasn’t just a jerk, but he was dumb, too. Even in her ghostly state, it was clear that Anastasia had been a pretty, young thing.

Then, the profressor was working his hands over the wedding gown. It took time. Ties and clasps and hooks all had to be undone and sometimes, it wasn’t obvious where the catch was but the ghost was patient and soon enough, the wedding gown was lying in a pile at her feet and then there, she was in just her silky underthings, the same undergarments she had worn on the night of her wedding and her murder.

The professor’s hands carressed her body and the ghost responded. She almost seemed to shiver with his touch and when the professor finally removed her slip, she said not a word. And when the professor removed her bra, she only let out a moan, not a ghostly moan but the moan of a woman who senses she’s about to be fucked for the very first time.

The only thing she had left was her panties but the professor took his time with those. As his hands continued to caress her, the ghostly spirit seemed to become more and more lifelike by the moment. Her body was becoming warmer by the moment and while still transparent in places, it was becoming more and more solid.

The man caressed the girl’s panty-clad bottom and the man heard her moan. This was not the moan of a ghost. This was the moan of a girl, and this was not an ephemereal butt he held. What he held was a warm, round living ass. It was time.

The girl gasped as the professor slid her panties down but other than that, she offered no further resistance.

The man pulled her onto the bed and he kissed her and the girl kissed back. The man kissed her again and what he kissed was not a ghost. What he kissed was a hot-blooded, wet-pussied, all American girl.

The man continued to kiss her and she continued to reciprocate. His kisses got stronger and more passionate and so did hers. What had started as petting and soft kisses grew into passionate kisses and then into hot-tongued, open-mouthed kissing.

Finally, the man pulled back and for a second, the ghost looked hurt and uncertain.

“Are you ready?” the professor asked.

The girl didn’t need to ask, ready for what. She just nodded. She knew what the man was going to do to her.

The professor pulled the ghost onto her hands and knees. Since he was in the business, the professor knew certain things, and one of these was that when you set out to fuck a virgin ghost, it’s always best to do it doggy style. Anyone who’s in the business knows that.

Anastasia moaned as she felt the man come up behind her. She could feel his hands on her ass, really feel his hands on her ass, and it felt good. She could feel her naked bod
y responding to his and then she felt something else. She could feel the man bring his cock up between her legs.

Anastasia moaned as she felt that cock press against her lips and then she moaned again as she felt that cock push past her lips. Oh my, she thought to herself, he wasn’t just long but he was wide, too.

She felt the man’s cock move even deeper inside her and then it seemed to stop. She knew it wasn’t in all the way but she knew it wasn’t going any farther.

The man’s hands stroked her ass and then they slid down around her hips and as the young woman waited, suddenly those hands tightened around her hips and even as the hands pulled her hips back, the man shoved his cock forward.

The young girl let out a wail. It wasn’t a banshee wail but it might as well have been. The man was pulling back and then he was pushing forward again and the ghost girl sobbed as even more of his cock tore past her virgin barrier.

The girl was still sobbing even as the man pulled his cock back but this time when he shoved it forward, there was still a little pain, but there was something else, too. There was pleasure. That cock pulled back and moved forward again and there was no doubt about it. Where there had been pain before, there was only pleasure, and it was getting hotter and hotter.

The girl was tight, really tight, and that cock was long and hard and yet, once the professor got it going inside her, none of that seemed to matter. All that mattered was that cock in her pussy.

The girl moaned again. Her body was on edge. She needed something, something from that cock. Her pussy was on fire and every push of that cock inside her just made her even hotter than she had been before.

She was moaning almost constantly now and her butt was rushing back to meet that cock every time it pushed inside her. The need. The need. She needed to fill the need.

Suddenly, it was as if every nerve fiber in the young girl’s being suddenly cried for attention. She screamed as her pussy constricted around that cock and even as her pussy grabbed it and held it, she felt the cock unleash itself inside her virgin cunt.

A man was cumming inside her, Anastasia thought. For the very first time, a man was cumming inside her and she loved it.

The man kept cumming and cumming inside her until finally his cock had nothing more to give, and Anastasia felt the man slide his cock from inside her pussy. The need. The need. There was still the need.

The man pushed the ghost over onto her back and Anastasia looked up at him. He wasn’t nearly as long as he had been, she thought wistfully as she looked at him.

But then the professor was moving and his tongue slid between the young woman’s legs and Anastasia moaned as the man touched her there in her most private of places and then he touched her again and again.

The girl just kept moaning as the professor ate her pussy. Her hands went to her little, round breasts and she squeezed them even as the professor continued to eat her. Any moment now. Any moment now and it would happen.

But it didn’t. The man stopped just short of pushing the young woman over the edge and then he was moving over her body. His cock was nearly as hard as it had been before, the girl noticed, and in that instant, she knew where she wanted it.

But that was not where the man was going with his cock. He straddled the young girl’s chest and then he pressed the head of his cock against her lips. The girl panted slightly as she looked up at him with her young and innocent eyes and then she looked at that cock and she knew what she had to do.

She opened her mouth as the professor slid his cock inside her.

Almost from the moment she sucked on that cock, Anastasia knew that she would love it. She loved the feel of the cock inside her mouth. She loved the way her tongue felt as she stroked it and she especially loved the way she could make a man moan with just a few flicks of her inventive tongue.

And still there was the need.

The professor slid his cock from Anastasia’s mouth and the old man looked down at the young girl. “I think you are ready now, fraulein.”

He understands, thought Anastasia. He really understands. Finally, someone who understands.

The professor slid his cock down over the young girl’s trembling body until finally, he was perched over her pussy. The old man looked at the girl and smiled. “And now, he said, “we begin.”

Anastasia moaned as the man pushed just a bit of his monster cock into her pussy. She struggled to get used to the feel of it but even as she did, there was even more of it, pushing its way inside her.

Anastasia moaned again. She loved the feel of that big, hard cock against her tight pussy walls and still there was more of it to come. The man kept pushing more and more of himself inside her until finally and incredibly, the young girl’s pussy had taken all that it could take, and then the old man pulled his cock back only to again push it inside that young girl’s cunt.

The feel of that cock moving inside her was incredible. It seemed as if every movement of that cock inside her only seemed to ignite more fires of passion inside her.

Anastasia pulled on her tits as that cock continued to work her pussy. The need. The need. The incredible need. Maybe this time…

That cock was driving more and more methodically and Anastasia was moaning with every inward thrust and throwing her hips forward to meet the oncoming cock. More, she needed more. She needed to fill the need.

The man was grunting loudly as he fucked the girl and the girl was moaning just as loudly. Something was about to happen, she thought. Something was about to…

She screamed. Not the wails of a jilted and betrayed bride, but the wails of ecstacy as her pussy succumbed to that cock. Her pussy gripped that male invader and even as it did, she heard the man grunt and something wet appeared between her legs. The need. The need. That incredible need was being filled. She moaned again as her pussy continued to cum. The need was being filled, and it was being filled so well.


“Anastasia has moved on, Frau Dettmeyer,” the professor told the old woman the next day, “and now, about my payment–“

“But how do you know this?”

“I’m a professional,” the professor told her. “I know what to look for and I know what the spirits want. Anastasia didn’t really want to be here any more than you wanted having her here. It’s just that she didn’t know how to get to that other plane.”

“So what did you do?”

The professor smiled. “I simply gave her the release she needed so she could get off to where she needed to go.”

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    hahaha, Hilarious! I love your writing style, the semi-parenthetical asides (everyone knows that ghosts are sexually repressed!)

    Keep on writing!

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