The H.R. lady and I

The H.R. lady and I
By Anne

All of the names have been changed, but this is a true story.
Ok I admit it when this happened we called her the personnel lady.
I had heard the rumors that Dorothy was a lesbian, but I didn’t know for sure and all I needed to do was screw up and get fired. I had car payments and apartment rent and all that stuff to pay. Dorothy was a large woman, blonde with a huge set of tits and a nice ass. She was a heavy smoker and was generally disliked by most of the employees. One of the reasons was that she would only tell the truth about anything if she couldn’t think up a convincing lie. Since I knew enough about human behavior to understand that if someone is disliked people will start rumors just to be vicious I didn’t automatically believe the stories about her being a lesbian. I have been on the short end of that stick more than once myself. Being bi can cause problems once the word gets out no matter where you work. I tend to be careful about my private life at work.
I was working in a “clean room”, of sorts I had the midnight to eight A.M. shift . There were some strange people there.
It was a Wednesday we got paid on Wednesday that’s why I remembered the day.
It was during break and I was chatting with another BBW she was about my age.
“Say Anne did you hear that Dorothy said that she and her girl friend bought an Island up north? “
“No but I doubt she has that much money, they don’t pay that well here.”
“Well I heard that they were going to put up a sign that says No Men Allowed.”
“That is sad I like men. Just as long as they aren’t ego trippers.”
“Well she is s lesbian!”
“I’ve heard that but you can’t believe all the rumors you hear around here. Some one started one about me and that guy Rick. Unfortunately it isn’t true.”
“I knew that one wasn’t true because he was fucking me that weekend. He loves us big girls. Maybe we can have a three some? Would you like that Anne?”
“That sounds interesting do you think he would go along with it?”
“I’m sure he would. Last weekend he and I fucked in the boss’s office!”
“Cool! I’ll bet that was fun.”
“It was awesome. Rick and I hooked up a few months ago when he caught me playing with myself in the stockroom.”
“You were doing what?”
“I was fingering myself in the stock room and apparently set of an alarm and he came in and caught me. He laughed and turned off the alarm and called the police and told them it was a false alarm. He had some kind of code word so they would know it wasn’t a burglar. Then he offered to help me and ate me out great.”
“Sounds like my kind of guy!”
“I’ll check with him in the morning and maybe we can have a threesome this weekend.”
“That would be nice.”
We went back to work and I went home and masturbated thinking about having a threesome and eating Mary’s pussy while Rick fucked me doggie style. I went to work Thursday as usual and Mary said that Rick was going to be out of town over the weekend but he liked the idea of a threesome. We chatted and decided that we could have fun with this guy.
I was surprised to find a note on my time card saying that I should see Dorothy some time on Friday. I was worried that I had done something wrong. Our manager, Ed, Said it had something to do with the retirement program. I had been working there long enough to qualify.
Friday morning I called Dorothy and made an appointment. She confirmed that I just had to sign some papers about the retirement program. That was a big load off my mind. When I arrived she told me to come right in and close the door. She had her windows open and a cigarette going. She had no make up on but was good enough looking that she didn’t need any. The clothes she wore were, as usual, very loose to hide her big tits and belly. She stubbed out her cigarette and smiled and handed me some papers. I read them and filled out what I needed to and signed them and handed them back to her.
“I suppose you thought I was going to make a pass at you? I’m sure you have heard the rumors about me.”
“I thought I had done something wrong at first. I have heard the rumors but I don’t put any stock in rumors. There have been enough about me that aren’t true.”
“I’m glad someone around here doesn’t listen to every silly rumor that gets started. I will say that while I’m a lesbian it isn’t anyone’s business but mine.”
“Well I’m bi and don’t understand why men all want to fuck me but don’t want to be seen with me.”
“Men are like that.”
“I’ll tell you that I wouldn’t have minded if you had made a pass at me.”
“Really? Well maybe we should have some coffee and talk about things then.”
She got up and brought two coffees back to her office and closed the door. She handed me a cup and sat back in her chair.
“Tell me Anne how long have you known you were bi?”
“I have always known that I like women, ever since I was a child. I found out that I liked men when I was fourteen. I saw my sixteen year old cousin giving her boy friend a blow job by the pool. I was all excited and got myself off, then a little while later, I saw him fucking her and knew I had to try that.”
“When did you first have sex with another woman?”
“I was about ten a girl friend and I were having a sleep over and one thing led to another and before we knew it we were playing with each other. She and I are still friends.”
“I was eight and my sixteen year old neighbor was baby sitting for me and my younger brother. She thought we were sleeping. I snuck in to the living room to see TV and she was fingering herself. I was all turned on. She caught me and made me promise not to tell anyone. I promised and asked her to teach me to do what she was doing. She showed me and the asked if I wanted to try something even better. I, of course, said yes and she ate me out. It was wonderful then I did her and loved it!”
“There is a feeling of power getting someone off. We big girls are always picked on by the guys for a quickie but that’s all they want.”
“Damn Anne I’m getting horny just talking about it.”
I laughed and got up and went to her chair and pulled her slacks down, she always wore slacks never a skirt or dress. Her panties were damp and I pulled them down as well and licked on her hairy pussy gently. She moaned and pulled my head deeper into her crotch.
“Yes Anne that’s what I need.”
I slipped a finger into her wet cunt and sucked on her clit and she came hard. I wasn’t done I fingered her even faster and sucked on her clit and then gently nibbled on it. She came again and again as I enjoyed my self.
“Please stop Anne I’m ready to explode!” Dorothy pulled my head from her pussy.
I could see her nipples sticking out through her bra and top. She pulled her panties and slacks up.
“Now it’s my turn.” Then the Phone rang. She answered it after a few seconds hung up.
“That was the boss he wants a meeting now over budgets this could take a while. Lets get together for dinner and fun tonight.”
We agreed to meet at a particular place and time for dinner and I left.
I was there ten minutes early and she showed up just after me. We had a nice Mexican dinner and then went to my apartment.
We made out for a while kissing and fondling each other and undressing each other as well. Pretty soon we were naked on my bed and Dorothy was licking my pussy. She was great at it and I came three times in as many seconds. She knew how to tease a clit. Then I did her again. This time I used two fingers and she came so hard the last time that she squeezed my head so hard with her thighs I thought I was going to pass out.
It was almost 9 P.M. when she left so I could clean up for work.
What she didn’t know was that I had video taped the whole evening just for protection.

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